European girls are unreasonably stylish

In the midst of all the hustling and bustling of failing every single course of fall term 2008 – 2009.

I manage to find a new favorite blog.

Her name is Lisa and she’s a blogger / model from Sweden. And bar none, she has one of the best styles i’ve ever seen, in real life and on the internet. (I found her blog through

Only because she does not use quantity to suggest quality. From her pictures, you can see she has a few staple items that she uses over and over again to create totally different, and really really awesome looks, and okay she’s really pretty with hair that i wish i could have.

A pair of well worn raw skinnies, white chucks, a long plaid shirt, a long grey scarf, a grey? American Apparel hoodie, graphic tee, black blazer, a black classic chanel? bag, black pants and short laced booties. Oh and a marc? large tote bag.

(and probably few others..)

AH simple items that one can get anywhere, but put together so effectively!

And her blog is simply awesome too, albeit in sweden.. but a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Go be inspired!

(oh and she’s 14.. )


(P.S. I had a dream about acid wash jeans, I dont know why I can’t get them out of my head, despite my hatred for them..)

sales are o_o

I’m sorry I write about trivial things, haha like this.


We don’t really have a BLACK FRIDAY here in Canada but none the less I got these salvatore ferragamo Varinas for HALF OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It still burned a hole in my pocket like¬† California’s forest fires but HALF OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay fine my mom paid for them..since she got a pair of pumps too TEHEHEHE)

The color is a bit brighter in real life, but it’s so pretty right…?!!!!!!!!!!????????

If only the weather would get better so i can actually wear them <3 <3

And cakes from Ganache Patisserie! The design itself is worth it.

mmmm . . . . cake

i’d like some tea please


i decided to reinstall windows vista / format my laptop today. not a smart plan after my mom suggested i move all my important files to D drive, so that if C drive gets wiped it’ll be okay.

but who knew that the computer decided to partition and i lost everything including my 4000 word lab reports with my beautiful data that i slaved over.

i’d really like some of that vista calming tea right now.

vista is really a piece of crap, i mean, im not that into mac either but the hell it put me through today was unbearable. and installing office enterprise edition 2007 was no piece of cake either and even mozilla fox is giving me smart snarky comments today..

i lost alll my music, and im using itunes 8 with a retarded sidebar called the GENIUS side bar, it’ll make playlists for ME! like it knows me that well..

okay, i need to calm down and drink some tea..


eat a kit kat

giggles all around

im sure if you’re our usual fashion blog peru-ser (perusing..-er) you’ve seen the youtube videos of the MADNESS that was H&M x CDG

yeah i know what i said about the collection, but still, no hate for marketing geniuses.

no it’s unfair to say that i didn’t like the collection, a lot of the pieces were great, i just thought the use of fabric was…wrong.

now adorable tavi and her style rookie fashion blog had this to say about it.



Untitled from Tavi G on Vimeo.

now can you get the chorus out of your head?

love ! alex !

i dont really look into designers unless something grabs me, today was alexander Wang. congrats on winning the recent vogue/ CFDA award and a 1/5th of a million prize money!

i like his style so much, and i like how he relates to the person who’s wearing it.

couture is too’s not realistic on a daily basis. and i think a lot of fashion is missing the point of the everyday person. im sorry but we don’t all wake up looking like leighton meester.

i would totally wear what alexander wang has designed (despite its hefty price tag) because it’s gorgeous and comfortable.

i’ve recently also come into a liking for black / white / grey and navy palates.

i use to want everything in color, more color MORE COLOR, that was my everything should be A bathing Ape phase. Now I prefer more subtle details.

Heres a video on how to fall in love with Alexander Wang!

Just adore him!

In 2009 alex will reveal his T by Alexander Wang diffusion line, hmm, cheap (and i mean American Apparel tshirt cheap, not marc by marc jacobs cheap) basic tshirt collection! so excited !

edit: was totally procrastinating so re-watched the video, didn’t hear this the first time, but alexander wears cheap monday black denim~ which other up and coming early 20s designer wears cheap monday skinny denim? Christian Siriano!
This was before cheap monday was ruined by some unnamed local boutiques, where their label is now just a skull (dont know why) instead of the full cheap monday label on the waist.
and the best part about their denim is the incredibly affordable price! about $70 a pop!
(i love their italian unwash though after half a year of wearing it.. it still looks raw..o_o)

shopping is falling in love

(To my friend, I’m sorry you’re out $500 because of me lol…)

Today after school and after my tutoring session with my grade 9 math student. I went off to gastown to shop with my friend. I only see this friend every half a year when he needs new clothes. i take him to all my usual places and help him pick out denim, tshirts and shoes. and wow, we hit only so many stores but found good stuff in everything!

Actually, we visited H&M first, for my sake, for the CDG release that I previously mentioned. I totally forgot that the release was yesterday and expected some stuff to be left over today. Instead, only a few shirts was left.

As I had expected, the clothes are made in hideous polyesters and non-natural fabrics. It was so disappointing that Rei Kawakubo’s first step into main stream market was with H&M, a low quality albiet big and cheap shop. I was so disappointed by the material that I didn’t even bother looking at the limited collection.

No matter how limited this CDG x H&M is, I still don’t want sand paper for clothes.

Putting that distasteful touch to my skin aside, we ventured onwards to the new STUSSY VANCOUVER location. The new location is very well done, the wooden , well, everything was beautiful and does indeed look hand crafted. The staff was lovely and we got 2 shirts! Well nothing there was for me, but my friend got 2 shirts, including a 100 limited copy hand numberd vancouver based artist collaboration tee.

Thenn, we crossed the street to GoodFoot~ My friend got a pair of 50$ dunk lows, what a great price!! I was trying to convince him to get some purcells but he didn’t feel them. ha ha. . .

The whole time, the staff at these kind of shops were awesome, totally unlike the behavior i got in japan. The more prestigeous the brand, the worst I was the treated. . . yes, i am talking about you NBHD.

Last stop is denim, the staff were incredible at dutils, it was a bit pricy but it’s totally worth it. I and the lovely staff there convinced my friend to get a pair of APC new standards. They looked really great on him and I hope he keeps wearing them everyday.

After totally being exhausted from all the fun shopping, we went to eat at Happa izakaya, i really love it there because of the daily? new menu. Super delicious raw and fusion food.

We also got super delicious drinks~ um I had something called Hello Kitty, and there was Momotaro (peach flavored vodka/spirit) and the most delicious blueberry vodka x calpis!

I am exhausted from that trip and my recent lack of sleep due to this..disgusting schedule

but these things have been cheering me up, my friend got these candies for me from SEE’s last time they went down to the states ~~

ANDD my lovely new moccassin styled shoes!!!!!!!!!! They kinda remind me of visvims but, er I like these more and these probably cost 1/6 the price of visvims.

(sorry all cell pix)

it’s a hype thing

Rei Kawakubo’s comme Des garcon collection at H&M were released today? in Japan. And will be released on Nov. 23rd everywhere else.

Hmmmmmmmmm, what do i think about the collection.

First of all, when I was at the CDG flag store in shinsaibashi, I was very intimidated by the staff so I bought 3 tshirts and ran out of there. I can’t say I got a really good look at the collection but I enjoy CDG Homme a lot, but not its price tag.

The H&M CDG collaboration is, weird to say the least.

You definitely can’t get a CDG tailored jacket for 300 USD but you can get it at H&M. I dont own a single piece of clothing from H&M but every time I go in there attempting to shop I leave pretty much immediately after. The quality is atrocious, the materials are atrocious, and the price tag isn’t good enough that I don’t care about the first two factors. So do I feel like paying 300$ (which to me, is a lot of money) for a H&M quality, Rei Kawakubo designed jacket?

COMME des GARCONS for H&M Japan Release – from on Vimeo.

But, this being said, i definitely will go check out the collection when it hits stores and i may be pleasantly surprised! Hopefully I won’t have to line up for 15 hours with 2000 other people to get the goods.

P.S. I share the same birthday as the mastermind behind A Bathing Ape NIGO!!!!!!!! Okay, you can hate bape or you can love bape, but we all have to agree that he is a marketing genius. Please, one day, let me be as rich and glamorous as he is!

what do i do when you forget?

so i went clubbing for the first time ever last night.

um i’d like to say that it wasn’t that fun, not because of what i was doing but perhaps of some other minute details.

but i’d like to go again, SOON!!!!


but yeah the club was kinda le crap so we ended up going for BBT then sing K though only sang for like 1 hour because they closed at 3 am…

i came home at 3:30 am with my ears ringing and not really wanting to sleep, but i passed out ..pretty quickly after that!

I am feeling a lot better about myself and my life and what i am doing.

so yay for self confidence!!!!

And this really brightened my saturday, the ever-so-lovely winniey, helped me buy this adorable agnes b purse ( i used it last night, good thing i didn’t loose it) and a birthday present! SUPOKEN!

apparently supoken is a discontinued character from san-x? why! he’s adorable and he’s an advocate for healthy living~~~

oh wells ;__;

to talk about good and bad

Last night I went to the monkey majik concert!! (more photos here & here)

What can I say about the event…? THAT IT WAS REALLY GREAT?! Unfortunately they didn’t sing Picture Perfect, even though I knew it’d be hard to perform without Verbal. I think the best part about live music is the atmosphere? They sang a lot of songs I’ve never even heard of, probably from previous albums that I am not familiar with but the atmosphere was really great. and it really helps that the performers were some really down right decent guys. Maynard (thumbs up in the 2nd pic) seems like a great guy. He was super nice and funny during the concert! I wish I could’ve talked to him >: Oh wells….

I really wished the concert was longer~~ but it was good that I went home early although I still missed first class .___. I didn’t mean to not wake up.

But for some reason for me, a good day usually is followed by a very very bad day. Today was a pretty bad day. I failed an exam that only 8% of the class failed. I know that it doesn’t mean that I am stupid or something. But, now that I think back about the material I didn’t really understand a lot of it. Sigh…¬† I am pretty depressed about it.

But yeah . . . I am trying to be positive ? But it’s really hard these days.

I don’t want to be a downer but I don’t remember a time of contentment? I don’t know how to be happy. I think I know how to be excited (like last night) and I certainly know sadness and frustration (like after I got my test back).

But, being generally content is a hard to obtain, and I feel akward even thinking about such a thing.


U.S. election today! I think we all know who the next president will be!