i’d like some tea please


i decided to reinstall windows vista / format my laptop today. not a smart plan after my mom suggested i move all my important files to D drive, so that if C drive gets wiped it’ll be okay.

but who knew that the computer decided to partition and i lost everything including my 4000 word lab reports with my beautiful data that i slaved over.

i’d really like some of that vista calming tea right now.

vista is really a piece of crap, i mean, im not that into mac either but the hell it put me through today was unbearable. and installing office enterprise edition 2007 was no piece of cake either and even mozilla fox is giving me smart snarky comments today..

i lost alll my music, and im using itunes 8 with a retarded sidebar called the GENIUS side bar, it’ll make playlists for ME! like it knows me that well..

okay, i need to calm down and drink some tea..


eat a kit kat

7 thoughts on “i’d like some tea please”

  1. I cry for you :(…… t__________t;;

    I feel SO blessed to have gotten my new PC through mike’s job b/c Dell only allowed XP to be installed on business-only computers. I was just too nervous to upgrade. D:

  2. i went on a deleting spree and accidentally deleted something i shouldn’t have =_=;
    i should probably reformat too sometime…
    …but it’s such a hassle D:
    lol my compsci friend told me macs are for those who don’t mess around with comps ie. those who have their system files hidden from them? :x
    i might be needing one soon OTL
    but i dislike apple too much to use them =_=

  3. I got really mad when my mac decided to upgrade to itunes 8. I had about 20 playlists all for different things and it WIPED THEM ALL OFF ;________; I had playlists for various moods and what not. needless to say i was very unhappy~

    and i’ve heard about the problems with vista, but then again, i’m a mac gal so i don’t worry about it too much

  4. Wow, I didn’t know Vista was so troublesome! I really love it, except when it asks for confirmations D: That sucks that it wiped out your work :( I hope it doesn’t give you anymore trouble because it’s being very good for me!

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