it’s a hype thing

Rei Kawakubo’s comme Des garcon collection at H&M were released today? in Japan. And will be released on Nov. 23rd everywhere else.

Hmmmmmmmmm, what do i think about the collection.

First of all, when I was at the CDG flag store in shinsaibashi, I was very intimidated by the staff so I bought 3 tshirts and ran out of there. I can’t say I got a really good look at the collection but I enjoy CDG Homme a lot, but not its price tag.

The H&M CDG collaboration is, weird to say the least.

You definitely can’t get a CDG tailored jacket for 300 USD but you can get it at H&M. I dont own a single piece of clothing from H&M but every time I go in there attempting to shop I leave pretty much immediately after. The quality is atrocious, the materials are atrocious, and the price tag isn’t good enough that I don’t care about the first two factors. So do I feel like paying 300$ (which to me, is a lot of money) for a H&M quality, Rei Kawakubo designed jacket?

COMME des GARCONS for H&M Japan Release – from on Vimeo.

But, this being said, i definitely will go check out the collection when it hits stores and i may be pleasantly surprised! Hopefully I won’t have to line up for 15 hours with 2000 other people to get the goods.

P.S. I share the same birthday as the mastermind behind A Bathing Ape NIGO!!!!!!!! Okay, you can hate bape or you can love bape, but we all have to agree that he is a marketing genius. Please, one day, let me be as rich and glamorous as he is!

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  1. nitrolicious huh. hahaha i’ve met that girl before wendy, and i actually just came from office last night. but damns 40 hours… i aint doing that.

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