love ! alex !

i dont really look into designers unless something grabs me, today was alexander Wang. congrats on winning the recent vogue/ CFDA award and a 1/5th of a million prize money!

i like his style so much, and i like how he relates to the person who’s wearing it.

couture is too’s not realistic on a daily basis. and i think a lot of fashion is missing the point of the everyday person. im sorry but we don’t all wake up looking like leighton meester.

i would totally wear what alexander wang has designed (despite its hefty price tag) because it’s gorgeous and comfortable.

i’ve recently also come into a liking for black / white / grey and navy palates.

i use to want everything in color, more color MORE COLOR, that was my everything should be A bathing Ape phase. Now I prefer more subtle details.

Heres a video on how to fall in love with Alexander Wang!

Just adore him!

In 2009 alex will reveal his T by Alexander Wang diffusion line, hmm, cheap (and i mean American Apparel tshirt cheap, not marc by marc jacobs cheap) basic tshirt collection! so excited !

edit: was totally procrastinating so re-watched the video, didn’t hear this the first time, but alexander wears cheap monday black denim~ which other up and coming early 20s designer wears cheap monday skinny denim? Christian Siriano!
This was before cheap monday was ruined by some unnamed local boutiques, where their label is now just a skull (dont know why) instead of the full cheap monday label on the waist.
and the best part about their denim is the incredibly affordable price! about $70 a pop!
(i love their italian unwash though after half a year of wearing it.. it still looks raw..o_o)

3 thoughts on “love ! alex !”

  1. OMFG I WAS TOTALLY GONNA TELL YOU ABOUT ALEX WANG B/C I KNEW YOU’D LOVE HIM AND THAT’S THE CLIP I WAS GONNA SEND! I loved how he went off about women who buy size 4 or w/e but his women will buy a 10 so it’s comfy~~ Hahahahahah I found out about him a few months ago b/c I was gonna buy his $60 tank top off the Obama site but then I thought it might look bad on a non-flat chest girl & forgot about it… lol

  2. The boutique that I work for has a lot of his clothes. I don’t mind his clothes but I really want one of his clutches. I also like his pants, they look so comfy~

  3. i agree. sometimes fashion designers forget that we don’t have make up artists and stylists at our disposal every morning or every second of the day.

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