new!!! new !! new!

yeah so what do i like to do when im feeling down is to get a hair cut

mind you im seriously paranoid about my hair so i rarely get haircuts, or at least to cut off this much.

but i love it!!!

i know what you’re thinking

omg she has a HAPPY BUNNY poster.

i know i am cool.

on my way to see blaise and maynard plant and 2 other guys of monkey majik!!!!!!!!!!!!

after yesterday

the second best part about halloween is all the discount candy you can buy the day after, or two.

I got it cause it was cute >0<

The monkey majik concert is tomorrow night. for some reason I don’t feel excited at all anymore.

I often complain about how no one invites me to stuff. Now that I think about it, people USE to invite me to stuff when I was more willing to go out. Now it’s more like, even if people invite me to stuff, I get excited about it but the excitement dies out and I don’t even want to go when the day actually comes.

I don’t know why that is but I’d rather just hang out at home doing nothing, or wasting time on the www.

But hopefully the concert will pull me out of the slump?


maybe i’m going through a quarter life crisis? …………

THE notebook

I have a weird obsession with buying notebooks. And here is one of them that I splurged on. It was quite expensive as I remembered, more than a moleskin because I really really wanted a moleskin too!

I got it at The Loft in Japan. It’s a journal and each page is divided into 3 sections. This notebook is good enough for 3 years of rants, and one is suppose to write about one day in each page and after 3 years you can compare the same day over 3 years.

and look how fancy it is!

I can be kind of extreme sometimes, since I really really really REALLY love modern designs, the more minamlist the better. But at the same time, I really really really love 18th century style too. I just finished reading a novel about Marie Antoinette and therefore had to dig up the Kirsten Dunst version. At least it was beautiful…