what do i do when you forget?

so i went clubbing for the first time ever last night.

um i’d like to say that it wasn’t that fun, not because of what i was doing but perhaps of some other minute details.

but i’d like to go again, SOON!!!!


but yeah the club was kinda le crap so we ended up going for BBT then sing K though only sang for like 1 hour because they closed at 3 am…

i came home at 3:30 am with my ears ringing and not really wanting to sleep, but i passed out ..pretty quickly after that!

I am feeling a lot better about myself and my life and what i am doing.

so yay for self confidence!!!!

And this really brightened my saturday, the ever-so-lovely winniey, helped me buy this adorable agnes b purse ( i used it last night, good thing i didn’t loose it) and a birthday present! SUPOKEN!

apparently supoken is a discontinued character from san-x? why! he’s adorable and he’s an advocate for healthy living~~~

oh wells ;__;

3 thoughts on “what do i do when you forget?”

  1. you went clubbing? without the rebecca? how is that possible!!!! i will show you a good time when exams are over. you just didn’t go with the right people ;) which club did you go to?

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