HAPPY new year?

i’m too busy and boring to post.


here’s a cool video


edit: i may seem like a cynical unhappy person because of my previous post. but uh im feeling a lot better and believe it or not, i am REALLY looking fwd to the new year. I have a lot of changes that I want to make and I am looking forward to making them!

angry, do you know how?

um merry xmas! this post has nothing to do with xmas but a rant for me.

i am a very loud and expressive person, in a LOT of people’s eyes I am a big bitch. I say what I want and if you throw a hissy fit at me and i’m gonna throw a bigger one back.

This is how I am, I am passionate, when I am angry I want to show it. I refuse to be passive about it. And a lot of times this is taken as pure bitchiness.

As I understand, I will probably die earlier because of all this.

Everyone tells me “calm down” all the time. Don’t you know how annoying it is to hear that when you’re absolutely pissed off beyond possibility. A lot of people are “passive” about shit, not because they are actually cool calm wise people. They’re too fcking shit scared to do anything about it.

There’s a manager at my work place that bullies me quite a bit. She’s such a bitch and might I add, a bore. She is like a freaking doormat, oh i’m sorry did I just say that? I think your ugly uggs and lack of of a real personality rock n’ republic jeans and absolutely FAIL LV bag is so loud I can’t hear your personality.

She bullies me and favors other people. Actually that happens a lot. I think because I’m really hot headed I get bullied because that might come off as irresponsible but it’s NOT TRUE. I work really hard and I can be fake like them too if I wanted to.

But, people are living without passion. Getting angry is passionate too. A lot of people can’t be fucked to get angry.

Maybe when I am more mature I can “calm down”. By then I’d like to think that I am absolutely in control of the situation and I can make snarky remarks at the bitches and hos without seem like I’m loosing myself.

Maybe because I live in canada. people here are like plain bread, they are boring and passion-less. They don’t get angry when people cut in line, or cut you off when driving or even beep their damn horn when people are being assholes on the street.

Anyways, I don’t really care about my job. I am going to be as sarcastic and bitchy as I want.

oh and because im an asian girl, I should timid and pure? I got asked out once because I seem “innocent”. Omfg, asian men, you disappoint me.

but yeah, that’s my story. if my bitchy manager gives me any shit im gonna go off on her and then report her.

merry xmas !!

Men’s Non No June 2008

i was being all emo and trying to find something to fill up the void that is getting a D in genetics which I am sure is a mistake. I dont know why I always think I am good at school. Not one instance do I remember being particularly smart or getting As. I got mostly Bs and some As and some Cs in high school. Yeah I did the IB program, so what. I think I should straighten my head. why do I have such high expectations about my marks when I think I am not trying as hard as I could be.

And these marks, they dont determine who I am.. (yeah i know only the ppl with crappy marks say that it’s like losers that says “winning isn’t everything”)

Anyways I decided to scan June 2008 issue of Men’s Non No. I wanted this issue when I was in japan but when I went back to buy it, it was taken off the shelves. I got a copy from a local asian super market because they sell back issues. And I decided to scan this magazine instead of other women’s fashion magazines because Jen scans a bunch of them so go thank her for her hard work because scanners are created to enslave interns…And and I like this magazine so much because it’s more relatable for me? I like the women’s magazines too but this one mostly talks about denim / sneakers / tshirts which is more for me?

And look who’s on the cover *drooools*

And I was gonna scan the entire magazine for you guys but man, my scanner is so inefficient and because of vista I can’t use the original scanning software I ended up using the windows photo gallery thingy and it’s damn inefficient. So 53 scans and maybe 50 or so next time till I finish tackling the entire magazine. Some of the scans aren’t really great…so if you want a higher resolution one, just leave a comment and i’ll try to scan it for you.

DISCLAIMER: please don’t take these and call these yours? Feel free to repost them somewhere else but please link back to http://mint.ayvuir.net THANKS! and some of the scans are pretty bad..sorry =_=

even if you dont wear or are interested in men’s fashion there are TONS of GORGEOUS EURASIAN BOYS!

emma’s favorite items from these pages!

black and white tshirts are MAJOR WIN!

everything about this guy is win! love his looks, some are really street and some are really parisian chic!

denim aside, these pants are great! I think chinos should be a staple in a man’s wardrobe! and a good fit is really important.

ok i talked alot sorry lol

download the scans here.


so today i woke up to an email saying that a bunch of the marks are up.
I got 4 subjects out of 5.
So this one class that I thought I did pretty well on the final for, I ended up getting 50% on it.
I know I didn’t do SUPER but 50%?
I have to go see my final after.

And then kill myself if it’s true

My marks are really really bad this term and it’s stressing me out.
I tried pretty hard actually, how did they all eff up like mad?

win you over

you know the few weeks before the break begins, you sit there procrastinating and thinking about all the wonderful things you’ll get to do when you have the free time? Yeah I had a ton of things I wanted to do too! But I am mostly not doing much but sleeping, watching random movies and playing with my DS.

Anyways, I started going to work again. I say that as if I have a choice with my jobs. But yeah, the gig I really wanted fell through so I am back at *cough* banana republic for holiday season. First day of work…(i posted this on lookbook,*grin*)

sorry for the weird expression it was early in theĀ  morning. And believe it or not this is all from Banana republic. I think a lot of their items are fantastic but their stylists SUCK and everything ends up looking really boring and the same year after year. So I was looking at the photo after I uploaded it onto my computer, guess what I realized.

I LOOK LIKE THAT GUY FROM DBSK (at least my hair, I think his features are more feminine than mine..)



Wii + beer + friends + korean drinking games w/ 40% whiskey = WIN!

p.s. i realized i dont blog much bout xmas or presents or shopping for that matter. I kinda, how do I say this, I choose not to acknowledge this holiday because I am disappointed every year. I choose to believe that this is a winter break that has nothing to do with any holidays. We have a tree up, but it has nothing to do with me. It’s better to have no expectations than to get disappointed later on (and im not talking about gifts here haha).

kids are all packrats

i no doubt, was a huge packrat. i kept EVERYTHING! And I still have a ton of it now, but I threw some crap out today. I think as I get older, I am becoming as minimalist as possible so I try to get rid of useless things as much as possible and to save the environment, and purchase less useless things…

Anywho, as I was cleaning today, I found some nice ..stuff.

POKEMON CARDS, okay admit it, you guys all have some. This is all I had, I wasn’t that into it I just wanted to have some so I wasn’t uncool but, yeah I only got some cute ones…

Chinese textbooks. After we came to Canada, my mom wanted me to continue to study chinese and not be lame and end up like all the normal kids *snickers* and learn addition in grade 4. Psh, my 4 years of math in China OWNED the gr7 kids. No kiddin eh…How did I almost fail calculus? I’d have to blame the math teachers here..

And naturally, as part of my Chinese heritage I HAVE To know how to do calligraphy. this isn’t very good as you can see… I wish I could show you more but this is the only page I did in the entire book…I can’t even hold a brush correctly now. =(

I studied French for 5 years okay? (I couldn’t find the other two workbooks) Now I know how to say, BONJOR, je’mappelle EMMA. *silence*

This is a MY CULTURE project I did in grade 6. you talk about where you live and what kind of food you eat. Basically it’s an art project…

Sadly I think I was better at arts and crafts when I was a kid..

Look at those mad pencil crayon colorings…

OH NO I DIDNT! The house flips open!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I’m throwing away some crap but definitely keeping the MY CULTURE book that I made. I think I had more pride when I was younger. I was more secure of myself and had mad amount of confidence. I can’t say I am ashamed of how I live but I don’t particularly enjoy it. This doesn’t mean I had a kickass childhood. I had a crappy childhood and I think my life now is better.

But it feels really different.

Anyways, I enjoyed reminiscing. . .

were you guys huge pack rats too?

Okay I am off to watch more of THE WEEKENDERs, PEPPER ANN and DOUG !!!!!!!! Life is good…

please ask me how i am?

this is how the exam was today…

needless to say i was pretty mad about it..
but at least it’s over and that means im on my extremely short but 2 week break!!!!

On a personal note; there always has been this person in my heart that i could not get rid of. No matter how hard I tried, by replacing this person with other people, or going far away to another continent, I couldn’t forget him. Even though the feeling was NEVER mutual. I’ve always held on this tiny tiny sliver of hope.

I don’t know why I’ve had so much hope for so long. But today, is the last day I compliment him in front of my friends while they roll their eyes at me saying i’m stupid and i put him on a pedestal that he doesn’t deserve to be on. Because he’s just another guy.

There was a phrase in a song .. “I’m not afraid of loving the wrong person, I’m afraid of never loving.”

I never gave up on him, because I thought if I gave him enough care and attention and understanding, maybe one day he would turn around and look at me. But, it’s never going to happen.

I’m sick of waiting, tired of being so nervous about my every move, and rejoicing at the tiniest comment he makes about me. I am sick and tired of him telling me “you are one of the few people that understand me” but really end up just ignoring me.

I hope this is REALLY the last time I say, “I give up” Because every time I do I end up running back to him and in complete infatuation.

I’ve reasoned with myself and said that it’s enough to be friends and that I am strong enough to stay by his side as just that.

I can’t do that, I need to get rid of him, he needs to disappear from my life.

And today, he is gone.

My goal for my winter break and new year’s resolution is to forget you.

6 pm

This is a Daruma Doll It has a low center of gravity, so if you push it over it’ll come back up again. There’s a Japanese proverb that goes along with it.. ???? ?Nana Korobi Yaoki – if you fall down seven times, get up on the eighth try).

The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” – Paulo Coelho, quote from introduction to THE ALCHEMIST

hmmm interesting…

AND some people said that THE ALCHEMIST is cheesy and lame. Haters they are, but read it! I don’t want to say it’ll change your life, no it WILL change your life, so hop to it!


i’ve been lingering with the idea of doing video blogging! Mind you I dont have a video camera or a mac with preinstalled software like iMOVIE part of iLIFE. I am gonna do it through my webcam, which after today’s testing worked out okay.

And I say i’ve been LINGERING with the idea of vlogging is because of this dude, KEVJUMBA. Okay to be honest, I’ve been watching his videos for the past 4 hours instead of studying…and being called out occassionally by my mom to look at how effing hard it is snowing.

So I am probably not gonna record anything now since it’s 1 am. But definitely expect some videos from me in the coming days!! And like I said, no music, no editing, no thing until I figure out how..

but while you’re bored, check out kevJumba! not to be lame or whatever, but er, the dude makes some good points. DO NOT BE SCARED BY THE MAN AND THE WORD WHAT? WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE!

I hit publish more often than perez hilton and my visitor count is in the negative percentages (as told by google) COME ON WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE? Well mostly because i dont really visit other blogs or leave comments. I DO read a lot and I dont always comment because my comments aren’t worth leaving.

BUT! I love and respect my readers so if anyone actually reads this damn post! ANYTHING you would like me to talk about on my debut vlog? Of course nothing disgusting or inappropriate?!


and some of my friends, whom I’ve known for like… MANY YEARS (5? 6?) have never heard my voice! Except Win, since we use to chat on msn with mics..oh and b/c i go to school with rebecca..but other than that, my loyal following (….i wish) have never seen me doing stuff in 3D? well not 3D..but you know what i mean.

so DEFINITELY comment and maybe i’ll talk about what you want me to talk about

ramen? anime? genetic translocation (b/c i’ll talk about it like there’s no tomorrow).

now i know why her career didn’t take off…

do you guys remember VITAMIN C? when i was in grade…7? she was popular and she had a song called “Friends forever (graduation)” and that was a pretty big hit. But other than that, she wasn’t very well known. One of my favorite songs off of her debut album (which I OWN, man I bought so many CDs back in the day) is SMILE (among others, UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARY is a great track too), and I’ve never seen the music video until now.

O M G, pink jump suit and awkward group dancing. Now we all know why she’s not popular, this video would have not even impressed the 12 year old me. Back in the day, dancing in a group was cool, all the boy bands did it. I liked Vitamin C because I THOUGHT she had a “fxkk you” attitude. I guess back in the days of backstr eet boys and N’s ync, her music was KIND of badass…in the very conforming kind of way.

the album cover was not that bad too..

+ I finish my exams on TUESDAY, today’s went either REALLY well or REALLY BADLY.