Being 3 meters away from Daniel Hen_ney

okay I am a normal person that never NEVEr does this and I dont even know why I went along with it anyway.

So tonight I went to have coffee with my friend at starbucks when she got a phone call from her sister saying that Daniel Hen ney is at UBC (my university) shooting the new action flick Wolver_ine. And obviously my friend got uber excited and we dashed down there after 2 hours (they are very slow girls….=_=)

To jog your memory again, this is him.

I do have some pictures to show you guys but nothing fantastic, sorry to disappoint because this is my level of photography…

Anyways, continuing on..

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baby gators

my uni is a research uni / research hospital / teaching hospital / money grabber, tha’s why we have our own gators and seals..

mehwehehe SO CUTE AND SO SOFT!

they duct taped her so she wouldn’t bite us hahaha~~ she was a good sport for putting up with 100 people touching her and holding her!

Thanks to our prof for beinging something so cool in to show us!

suddenly crocodile and python handbags are really really really evil :x

watch and laugh if you’ve already seen it watch it again!


i am in dire need of a new desk, or maybe a new house.

i hate my desk so much, it’s too small for me and it’s just awkward period. I am looking at desks online and im not really that picky but i need something with LOTS AND LOTS OF ROOM which means I don’t need or even want drawers, I just need a huge work space.


but at the moment it’s impossible for me to get a new desk because of how small my room is. And I’m even willing to get rid of my bed for a desk, yeah I can sleep on the floor somewhere, I am not kidding. But while saying that I need heated hardwood flooring as well, and currently we have a dodgy carpet..


It’s dirty, it collects dust way more easily, it’s a playground for disgusting creatures that give you skin blemishes unless of course you have your own maid that can do the vacuuming every single day.

there was this episode of Gos sip girl where Seren a (Bla ke Liv ely) studies for the SATs on her bed with her gorgeous blond hair in her face. Um, does anyone study like that? I would love to and I’m sure her parents would spring a new work room for her anyday.

=_= all these small things really frustrate me and i can’t concentrate at all.

If I am uncomfortable in my work space that I can’t work at all.

Which means I can’t get anything done.

I guess I’ll just go out for studying from now on.

I hate staying home anyways but my laziness and the temperature prevents me from going outside.


i procrastinated all day and finally got to my biochem homework :x

and 7. hannah montana has synthesized a new peptide called Doh and wants to perform binding studies on a series of compounds.

um =_= =_=; =_=;; =_=;;;

I appreciate their effort. I wonder what my funny TA will say about this tomorrow…

P.S. I get to see a live alligator in lecture tomorrow, will definitely provide pix!

a note about the enviroment

This term I am taking a class called Earth and Ocean Sciences: introduction to biological and geological Oceanography. Needless to say I learn about oceans and i’ve also been learning a lot about greenhouse gases and the environment.
The class sucks because the prof is a nut job, but otherwise it’s good.

So today before I went to take a shower, my mom told me to refill the conditioner bottle.

Um, what? You REFILL the conditioner bottle? YES THATS RIGHT!! I love the shiseido conditioners and I bought a bunch of these refill packs at the local super market when I was in Japan. They are priced at about 500 yen and the bottled ones are about 700 yen. After you are done with the conditioner, you can refill the bottles with these bags and save money and the environment!

A country like Japan where its resources are incredibly limited and land fills are incredibly limited, everyday life means to save and conserve and create as little waste as possible. And the conditioner bottle refill is just ONE example of many things companies can do to save the environment.

And in north america, we have, what, LAND! We got tons of land that means we can be wasteful? Definitely not.

I really get pissed when I see corporate GIANTS are “saving” the environment by doing these minute things that aren’t really helping anyone but themselves, by being “green” so they can advertise in this way. Having worked as a small fry in a HUGE clothing company, I can assure you that we are extremely wasteful and we don’t recycle. I can assure you that all of our clothing is shipped in individual plastic bags with layers and layers of tissue paper that eventually gets thrown away. As well as individual ONE TIME use plastic hangers that gets thrown away. and I ask my manager why we don’t recycle the things and she says “we just dont?!”

I haven’t done any research but Ikea has been pretty innovative. And example that I can think of off the top of my head is how they ship their products, obviously not everything fits perfectly into a box, they design their boxes so that it fits the item perfectly without any wasted space that could be used for other goods. This saves cardboard, and shipping costs because you can pack more for less!

And what else do I hate, celebrity endorsements about saving the environment. It’s great that they’re using their fame for good. But celebrities are some of the most wasteful human beings EVER. So even if you brush your teeth while you shower (which by the way probably doesn’t save more water) it’s kind of annoying to hear all these things when off the camera who knows what they’re doing.

Okay so here’s my list of how to save the environment:

  • TO STEVE J OBS FAN BOYS: stop buying every new product that apple puts out, use your 15″ mac pro for a while the 17″ is still gonna be there in a year.
  • TO the money grabbing devils (aka university administration): STOP changing the edition of the textbook every year, it’s a waste of students money and PAPER!!!!
  • TO PROFS: make condensed notes, sucky notes with crappy graphs = more wasted paper and ink.
  • To Starbucks: 10% recycled material in your paper cups isn’t good enough, and 10 cents off when you bring in your own cup? Um think up a better incentive than that.

I had better ones thought up earlier, but they slip me.

Personally I will start printing less notes, I am a huge notes printer and i got a laser printer a while back so i print like mad. I dislike being on the computer to read notes, because I get easily distracted but I will try to fight back this distraction and print less!

Anyways, learn from Japanese consumer products, save by using less.

p.s.I finally got around to watching the 2007 keynote speech by Steve Jobs at Mac World. Makes me wanna buy many many apple products hahaahaha.. But i won’t! Because I am saving the environment by buying less!

p.p.s. i really wanna move out, i thought parents are suppose to get more bearable as you grow older? or was that the opposite…?


monkey majik rocks my sockssss
i wish i studied their music more before going to see them live
i was only familiar with recent releasesssss nooo such a gooddd songggg

movie binge

in the past few days i’ve seen

  • yes man
  • vicky,cristina and barcelona
  • the dutchess
  • how to lose friends and alienate people
  • high fidelity (already blogged bout ..)

i felt so hyper when i watched Yes Man, which really added to the atmosphere and theme of the movie. But i agree with some online reviews, that it did end up feeling like a romantic comedy, same with How to Lose Friends and alienate people, kirsten dunst can’t act that well, meh, she was in spider man, she’s set for life. And, Vicky Cristina and Barcelona made me really want to go to Spain.

And whos Gaudi?

Right, so the other day I went shopping downtown, hoping to ‘buy stuff’. In the end, I just looked around and felt uninspired.

Shopping isn’t really fun here, everyone already has whatever you have. And I don’t have the patience to dig for stuff at vintage shops. I would like to go back to Japan, and pay insanely high prices or very VERY reasonable prices and feel extremely EXCLUSIVE.

And why are all the girls at American Apparel so snobby, I just wanted a pull over…

And so instead I decided to save my money, and jump on the band wagon and get a DSLR.

my friend RIDICULED me for 40 minutes when I told him i wanted to get a Nikon D40. Apparently that’s some noob camera that only the most newb of the n00bs use. He suggested I get an Olympus E520.

Now mind you, I am totally a band wagon jumper. I don’t know that much about it and I would like to learn about cameras so I dont want to start off too steep.

If there are any camera fanatics, share SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS? I would like to spend under $700, preferbly around $500…

An awesome DSLR beats a stupid Chanel Classic flap anyday (i can’t believe it costs $3000)

(apparently a 10.5mm fisheye lense costs $600 alone!)


this is a post about my life / feel free not to read it

if i go deaf i’d definitely know who to blame, why do people talk in an angry manner very loudly and even though i am using very good quality sony studio headphones i can’t block them out.

i must invest in some better headphones so i don’t have to turn the volume up too high.


today i watched High Fidelity with that guy, John Cusak.

It was a good movie, but it made me depressed after watching it.

I learned many things about music, and mix tapes and what not. And that John Cusak has this nerdy hotness that can’t be described. Ah, John Cusak is the ideal college boyfriend. Not so much for marriage though…

I adore awkward guys that are really nerdy and weird and is kind of a loser, but this hotness is so hot. Like, they have obscure knowledge about pop culture, and reads a lot and listens to bands that are before I was born and not a wannabe hipster that listens to bands that don’t even exist.

(note: I saw a tshirt that said ” I listen to bands that aren’t even formed yet.” Muwahaha, hipsters go die)

I’m currently listening to very high tempo music so that I can block out the sound, the noise, the horrible noise.

Anyways, so after watching the movie. I was thinking…

I am a contradiction to my life, I want things of opposites that make me so very confused and really unhappy.

For example, I am an inner wild child, I have dreams about wearing leather jackets, smoking, spending shit loads of money on expensive jewelry (I just threw that in, I dont know why it’s an indication of badness), hanging out with those weird looking kids that work at American Apparel, being snobby, listening to random live bands that I don’t even like, and maybe getting a boyfriend with a motorcycle (i know, I live in the 60s)

But in fact, I am the opposite of that.

I study biochem at the library and I come home and sleep and read books and go on the internet and that’s actually pretty much it. My friends are are in some sort of medicine related studies, and I like main stream radio with occasional electric indie from Korea. My idea of a fun time is pigging out on something deep fried and then watching a lot of movies, then MAYBE getting hammered and passing out because it would mean that I am not waiting to fall asleep.

So I dont know, I needed to write something.


awesome new app

i found this application a while back but it was only available for MACs back then so I couldn’t try it out and blog about it until now!

As digital media becomes more ubiquitous, photo taking is less and less about paper and film, gone are the days of polaroids.And it’s recently announced that production will cease.

So! There’s an awesome new app that gives you the illusion that you are taking polaroids and lets you drag and drop photos onto it’s cute interface, and then which allows you to ‘shake’ the photo and save it whenever you prefer. That means before the photo is “developed”, right click “give me a sample now!” and save it in which ever hue you prefer.

It’s really easy to use and awesomely FREE! so go download it now and playyyy

Here is the interface that I screencapped off my desktop

and some samples of what i mean by “before developing”

I shall miss thee, even though i’ve never used a polaroid before!

AND does anyone have any idea how to print these so that the polaroidness will stay?!?!

i’ll learn how to use a syringe

just browsing on news sites to pass time so i don’t pass out

So this article caught my eye IS LOVE JUST A CHEMICAL COCKTAIL?

We actually studied this last year, regarding oxytocin and its effects between a mother and a child. A mother, well in the example, a rat would give less care for its young when oxytocin is removed from the animal.

I remember watching this super old movie where this cynic stated that “love is just a bunch of biochemical reactions in the brain” and that it’s not real.

Well according to this article

[…] it will be possible for scientists to develop aphrodisiacs – chemicals that would make people fall in love with the first person they see.

And for those who have fallen in love with someone they shouldn’t have fallen in love with, an antidote to unrequited love.

Even though it’s probably more than just oxytocin, but I have someone I’d like to try it on!!!! I have access to oxytocin because this lab I work in has some that I used for experiments. A bunch of my friends are in pharmacy and they can easily get me syringes.

Did that sound creepy?!


But yeah the article mostly stated oxytocin’s effect on females, not so much males since it’s not present in male.

But seriously, if this is true, I can think of at least 4 girls that are willing to stick syringes at the guy that I like. Wow, he’s gonna have a lot of bruises..

edit: oh i almost forgot! tiff asked me to describe some korean drinking games. The plural is used very losely as I only remember playing one game.

  1. Have a few friends sit in a circle at a table or something
  2. Everyone take 1 full shot and place it in front of them
  3. A person is selected to start the game, this person taps the shot glass once, the next person in the counter clockwise direction continues to tap, and so on.
  4. When someone taps twice, the direction changes and now the taps are continued clockwise.
  5. **Usually the first person is not allowed to tap twice
  6. ***At any given point, unless someone is pouring a drink or taking a drink, anyone in the circle can clap twice and everyone has to stand up, and the last person to stand up must take a shot
  7. This game requires serious concentration which could be hard when you’ve lost a few times. And the clapping thing really gets at you when your muscles are super fatigued because you just had to down 3 shots of crown royal.
  8. And i think there are some rules if you spill the drink but alas I do not remember

Super easy and super fun when everyone is drunk! Actually more fun when everyone is drunk!