how it turned out?

my childhood dream was to be a youth delinqunt. Im not much of a youth nor a delinquint. but one of my hopes for the new year is to be more spontaneous and bad? I didn’t get home that night till 9 am. then I had work at 1 pm. Normally I would never be this irresponsible and go to work with no voice and no energy.

We are hardcore scotch and whiskey lovers. I dont really like rum. While I passed out and puked my guts out they finished the 750 mL.

a lot of fun korean drinking games. and goodbye to our friend that left for korea and never returning..we drank for your memory.

My fave pic of the night b/c I don’t rmb this happening!?

When you are the one that’s the most wasted there are the most number of pictures of you, well me in this case.

PROPS to my friends to for taking care of me and not leaving me messed up in the washroom alone!!

No one else threw up that night except for me.

And it’s not a party without mario kart ok.

This is what I learned that night: my friends are kickass, I play mario kart better when I am intoxicated, I finally threw up after drinking, oh yeah and eat more than soup before going all out. And don’t take more than you can handle!!

one of my really good friends left for toronto the next day. I already miss her..

I hope this year will kickass, because January 2nd proved to be an awesome night and I hope for much more of this in the future.

10 thoughts on “how it turned out?”

  1. Haha, looks like you had a lot of fun! If you can call throwing up fun…. lol! Being irresponsible one time doesn’t hurt. :) To more spontaneous is good! ^^ I like spontaneous persons! And bad, it’s not bad to be bad sometimes… @.@ Happy New Year! I hope it will be kickass like expected for you.

  2. Hhahaa – Oh dear Emma! Oh well, looks like you had great fun anyhow! I have also realised that I play video games better whilst intoxicated! /highfive! I agree with Rebecca on the 2nd picture being tops ;p

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Oh, and a very belated Merry Christmas —- :0) my best wishes to be with you over the new year!

    jayne :D

  3. i’m a vodka and tequila girl :x

    what kind of drunk are you??

    i think i get really sleepy and complain that my head is heavy. haha~

    it looks like you had a really fun night!
    more of those to come eh?!! :DDD

  4. AHHAHAHA LULZ at photographic evidence that shit actually happened!! Sorry you had to puke though D: Sometimes drinking a LOT of water before, during, or after helps keep you from praying to the “porcelain God” at the end of the night.

  5. That sound so much fun. I love nights like this with friends with nothing else on mind but getting ourselves wasted. :)

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