it is what it is

ahhhhhhhhh bloggging again

okay i have some stuff to blog about, maybe, i think.

i gave myself a mental health night, and i chose to watch the movie RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. Now, as you all know, i am a pretty big anne hathaway fan, i’ve seen devil wears prada like 100x. well also because i love merryl streep. but i think kate winslet did deserve this year’s oscar, it’s her time. it’ll be anne’s time soon.

anyways, what did i think of the movie; anne hathaway’s hair is awesome, so is her leather bag, her dad’s house is so beautiful, i love that refrigerator that kinda looks like the cabinets, the dog is really cute, makes me wanna be responsible and get a pet, anne makes smoking looks so cool,

i am a social smoker, i smoke when i get offered, i suck at it, and i dont look cool doing it, and i dont inhale.

back to the movie,

i couldn’t watch it straight through, i had to shower, HAD TO, but it was good, it got better later, i got bored during the parts where it’s just family stuff, but it felt really realistic, the script was well done and naturally everyone acted their part really well ! i dont have that much to say about it, and it wasn’t NEARLY as dark as i thought it’d get. but i think it’s a good movie, worth watching, but rated R, so er kids, go home, or grow older. . .

part 2: book

i finished that book that i was talking about a few days ago.
if you think about it, it’s really just about two people meeting by chance and talking, just talking.

i would say this is in my top 10 books list, but i can’t think of much other books that I LOVED LOVED. But I did learn this, if you fall in love with someone by accident, dont get drunk and go to their house and offer them money for sex.

oh yeah, A partisian’s daughter by Louis De Bernieres

part 3: best website ever i need it intravenously

during physiology class today, after i was brutally slaughtered by my biochem exam… i couldn’t concentrate so i was looking at people’s laptops, and these two girls were on this website called FMYLIFE.COM and it looked like some twitter-like blog, and i went on it tonight and it’s basically a website where people talk about how they f *cked up their life in some horrible HORRIBLE WAY.

it’s so good because it’s funny, ironic, and it makes you feel better about yourself.

yay for other people’s misery!!

dumb shit you do when you’re young

im here writing notes but i can’t get this thought out of my mind and i wish i didn’t do it when it happened; i only regretted it now, does that mean there’s something wrong with me?!


last year? i think i was 19, i wasn’t that young i guess..

i just finished an INTENSE boxing day shift and i got off early enough to go shopping, horray, since i work in a damn mall.

i went around with my friends then i saw my classmate from le horrid organic chemistry and i asked him how he did. So he’s the security guard at zara, u know when it gets really busy he decides how many people go in and stuff?

anyways so we were talking..and i wasn’t planning on going inside to zara. but since i was talking to my friend anyway i asked him if we could go in, me and my friends, in to the store, WITHOUT STANDING IN LINE.

okay that sounded like a lot of dumb shit but yeah  i didn’t even realize what i did until my friend (not the security guard) was saying how a lot of people were giving me nasty stares.

i was in a “can’t be fu*ked” mood and i said, what are they so mad about?!

man, it was really immature beahvior and i didn’t realize it was bad until much MUCH later…

anyways, sorry to all the people that i pissed off that day…!

i would never do that again !  !  !

im waiting on this tshirt to come from print liberation, pretty sweet, found the site from george’s blog.

i got it in a men’s medium, whatever, it’ll fit.

edit: omg im such a noob, i could’ve just dragged the corners of the above pic and made it smaller instead i resized it in photoshop then uploaded it again. .. yeah WP noob right here.


if this doesnt guy win at life i dont know who will

photo from DROP fashion street SNAP

OMG THIS GUY IS AN EFFING GENIUS. I would kill for that light up riders jacket. Actually I am willing to kill for a really good real leather riders jacket (even the n00b non-light up ones). Are those fingerless gloves I see?! With pom pom for an animals nose? I bet it’s a chipmunk, $50 on that’s a fingerless chipmunk glove!.

And lady gaga, your hair bow is nothing compared to this THREE DIMENSIONAL HEART HAIR THING (really it should be in the 4th dimension)!

been busy being sick (again) and writing a lab report about resting metabolic rates and rats and humans and mice and studying for biochem, though i am harsh slacking off right now. Only one more day to cram…

i have a crush on my biochemistry TA. so i wanna do well, but his cute akwardness isn’t enough of a motivation for me to study, sorry.

haha, did i tell you guys the story when i facebooked him and he found out that i facebooked him then i sent him an awkward email saying sorry for facebooking him? well that’s the whole story actually…

i really need a leather jacket, not need but REALLY WANT, which exceeds need much much more. I saw one I liked on the urban outfitters website, but it’s not real leather, booo . ..

here’s a fun fact, or maybe i was the only one that didn’t know this.

so fake leather is pleather right. apparently pleather isn’t PLEATHER as I had thought but it’s PU LEATHER, and when you say it, it sounds like pleather?

i had to google it. . .

also, NYC fashion week on now.

nothing to do with me really, just saying…

also! due to new shoes being released in march, and other things i want and super-sized credit card bill, i went back to my old job. i am going to be providing top notch customer service at bana na republic once again.


reading is cool 8-)

being emma,  i can get random anxiety attacks, especially by myself for honest to god no good reason. i always feel peaceful when i go to a book store or a library where i can flip through books! magazines! periodicals! at my leisure, and that calms me down a lot.

this book caught my eye at the library (yay pay taxes so we can have books to read plz!) What a gorgeous cover, despite its content, LOVE STORIES blegh, I hope it’s those type of love stories with dark humor and the forbidden kind of love with awkward people who aren’t very looking. Who’s sick of damn good looking romeo and beautiful juliet?! *raises hands* ME!!!

And I picked up this random book up when I was studying biochem. Really interesting book, it involves two main characters Roza and Chris. Every chapter alternates the first person. One chapter is in Roza’s point of view and one is in Chris’ point of view. It sounds kinda lame and try hard but it’s really really good. Well it’s because the topic that revovles around it.

I also love this book (thus far at least) because it revolves a lot of the rambling about aging, and what love is.

When you look back afterwards, you can always find another way of putting it. You say, ‘ I was obsessed, it was really lust, I was fooling myself,’ because after you’ve recovered from being in love, you always decide that that wasn’t what it was.

Everytime you fall in love it’s a bit different, and in any case love is a word that gets used too lightly. It ought to be a sacred word that’s hardly ever used. …

page 8, A partisan’s Daughter by Louis de Bernieres

i need you?!

i’ve been kind of a lazy mofo with job searching and what not

then i saw these, i’ve been off the sneaker game (nor was I never really into it) but I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. I’m gonna avoid looking like a burnout so i’m gonna pass on the slipons, and I already hve a pair of JP release Eras so I’m gonna get the Chukkahs. I have always feel wanting a pair and this is perfect effing excuse.

i’m so excited, i’ll even work at starbucks (plz hire me thx)



do you guys ever feel like you’re looked down upon by other people due to your obsession with denim or sneakers or tshirts or clothes in general? that’s the feeling i sometimes get from people, like, they think i am shallow? or waste when i buy so much clothes and im always dont have too much money to spend! it’s called, saving, not eating sometimes, and not going clubbing as much!

but yeah, it’s stupid, it may be in my head but it’s what i feel like =(

pix via HY_PEBEAST

pre-singles awareness day

somehow WP managed to delete this page…


i decided to make a little digital valentines day gift, and some physical copies…

(i thought the ones that would receive the physical copies would get a kick out of these 8 cm discs i found in my drawer that are unused. edit: no one is getting the jewel case, i have like FOUR of instead!)

more after le CUT

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street > runway

japanese street fashion is elite, it’s so much epic win that we don’t know what to do with all the winnings. Well not we, but them.

I dont know any other website other than DROP FASHION STREET SNAP for legit japanese fashion snaps, there used to be this other one but i forgot what it was called, because it had a really normal name. Also the SARTORIALIST is also full of win, but the people that get snapped knows that for sure.

The following pictures were off of the DROP FASHION STREET SNAP website and I do not own them and am not affliated with the website in anyway.Click on the photo to link you to the original.

Why this guy is a winner, the old grandpa cardigan, the casual shoes, half way through cigs, hat and raybans with full on suit, incredibly well cut unpressed pants with enough stack that it seems like denim. As well as this most important point. This guy knows how to use a LV bag. This particular bag, the Louis Vuitton never full is made for this kind of thing, carrying files, carrying groceries and should not be used as an item of luxury (i know it’s 700$). This is what rich people use to carry their oranges. I think a lot of people are missing the point, same goes for the Goyard St. Louis. But naturally, us poor people think of it as a valuable item. But no kids, it’s a grocery / file bag.

i ljust love this look! and the vending machine how i miss thee..

I love her boots, because they look like they can’t actually handle any rain/snow or any extreme weather conditions. Her hat, because it’s effing awesome and the tartan skirt, anything tartan is really win right now, cute vest and arm warmers ( i am wearing the ones that jenny made for me with love!!)

When i first saw this pic, i felt like something was off. Yes, something is off. Um this dude is doing what a lot of asians are neglecting when they dye their hair all platinum blonde, EYEBROWS, this guy dyes his eyebrows. That is MAD dedication!!! And the awesome awesome supreme 5box hat. crazy bike with stickers, and that denim thingy he’s wearing across his chest, since he has such an awesome bike, i assume that’s made from old denim and an old tire. And those red shoes look like VANS that i’ve never seen before, either way, he’s pretty awesome and you wonder what his life is like huh? I do anyway.

anyways, that website is pretty sick, check it out for your daily out of this world, wish i lived there fashion dose!

never again ?

i was reading this interesting article about sid and nancy, actually the first time i heard about the sex pistols was from NANA. But the real sid is way more better than any animated version of him. I don’t wanna go all fan girly (because honestly haven’t heard much of their music, but according to all the stuff I read he doesnt play much) but SID IS SO effing ADORABLE!

Photo by Bob Gruen

The infamous interview where sid fell asleep and nancy had to wake him up.

Unfortunately, they both died when they were very young, a bit over 20. A bit older than I am now.Sid and Nancy will forever remain as they were, glamorous, dangerous and young. They’ll never age and their image will never fade and will remain punk legends forever, unlike the rest of the sex pistols…

I don’t know why I’m comparing a dead punk rock star and an animated character. But the real Sid seems like a good little boy who could have grown up to be an accountant or something, but he bought into his own legend so much that he became the bullet that basically shot himself, I’m sure nancy helped a bit here and there too. I guess Ren just looks like Sid and wears the same padlock necklace, but is much more mature and level headed which is kind of boring.. . Shin is still the best character in NANA.

And they popularized Vivienne westwood and tartan! TARTANNNNNN

and i’ll get around to watching the SID & NANCY movie soon enough, but I feel uneasy afer scanning through bits of it. It felt really fake, but reviews of a good performance were given, so I guess I’ll give it a chance.