new eye

i found this camera while cleaning; or more like i found it after my mom cleaned :D

since we’re moving TOMORROW (omfg) we have to, you know, pack.

this camera is OLD SCHOOL, maybe older than me, it has no brand, a random pre-capitalism china brand called qingdao, its a city in china or a famous beer in china..i miss chinese beer.

it’s called a dummy-camera because anyone can use it without having to learn, but i dont know how to use it, im not sure if im adjusting the lens correctly or not.

pretty busy with moving; so not studying =( or at least that’s my excuse for now.

I also found a NEW WANT; a gorgeous and SIMPLE commes des garcon tote bag. i’ve been looking into luxury handbags recently and felt that I needed to invest in one, less than a grand maybe more than 5 bills. But honestly, I liked nothing, everything felt too prissy to me and I dont have clothes to go with half of them but this item is totally me and totally great! I love it, but it’s still too expensive for what it is =(

and plus, i  would take CDG over LV or Marc Jacobs anyday!

i’ll give you a big mac

those are some sick trousers
i bet those girls didnt know who he was..

i think i need to go work at a mcdonalds now . . . .

P.S. huge fan of mcd’s, all your FAST FOOD NATIONS (was in my book pile but decided to not read it after all) and SUPER SIZE ME, I don’t care, still heart mcds !!



more than 10 degrees…!!!!!


P.P.S. I started my pokemon Platinum adventure! I am lame and always gets the cutest starter pokemon (as I did for diamond)

It’s going to be an amazing pokemon adventure but will put off for a while, but at least I got my pokedex!! :D:D

do ya do ya?

got new glasses from urban outfitters today, i’ve wanted these for a while, finally got them! And then had delicious sushi, good good. This was all done while ignoring my lab report…

been listening to this “band” / girl group a lot more recently, can’t stop listening to this song. I listen to it when I feel bitchy and pissed. So that means I’m mostly feeling bitchy and pissed. Yes, that’s my life story.

I read an excellent and interesting blog entry? about the word “bitch”, read it and be enlightened!


“don’t hate me because I’m so popular” <3

one of many

the weather:

i wanna wear this outfit! but i can’t since the weather’s so shit and i can’t wear a blazer over this or a jacket without it looking too bulky. ADORE this vest, love ZARA for having cheap items (my lovely purple stocking ripped, feel sad for me).

the music:

mostly listening to BoA’s new album to and from school, still not tired of it yet. Some people think it’s not very good example of her, while I think she sounds amazing.

the book:

currently reading THE CANON, it is a new york times best seller, one of the few reasons I pick up books from the library. I read somewhere that some Book Elitist thinks best sellers are nothing but a waste of time as it doesnt mean that they are really good books, it just means that the people who buy them “can read the back cover.” I’m sure being a best seller takes more than a good summary. I’m fully enjoying The Canon while I went on amazon and there are a lot of haters saying her writing style is too much prose and not enough science, and she’s bantering on and on for the sake of herself. I like her style and that’s good enough for me. I highly recommend this book!

the school:

le crap…i got my midterm back, my arrogant DOCTOR of a professor gave marks like 0.1/ 5 because he felt like it was a mark that I deserved. Our main instructor for the course sent an angry yet professional email to him asking why this is so while he replied stating that she didn’t bother to look at the data related to the marks. For a third year course, most people shouldn’t be between 30 to 50%.

the news:

who else is angry at AIG and their board of executiveS?!?!?!?! I was so appalled that people who probably have had excellent education, live a life of luxury while most people barely get by at this time dare to take this much money from the tax payers, who allowed them to indulge in this ridiculous bonus?! I’ve never heard any of my family members receiving a bonus, EVER. And I think they deserve even less since they drove one of the riches and powerful country to a RECESSION, which in turn is affecting the rest of the world. Oh you poor little millionaire, does your manhatten penthouse need a new coat of paint or something? I hope all the death threats will come true. Never have I felt so angry towards people I don’t even know. But as we learned from previous experiences, Teddy Roosevel’ts NEW DEAL means what, shopping. Hmm, maybe I do need a Balenciaga bag after all.. kidding =_=;

the shopping:

i’ve decided to wait a bit longer before purchasing my itouch, since they just announced a new OS for the iphone i’m sure a new edition will hit stores soon! Then I’ll just get the old one because it’ll be a lot cheaper! hehe….

there i got it ALL off my mind now I can study the hemoglobin content in fish blood happily now, well maybe not happily.

moar asian invasion

B oA’s best & American debut album is released in Japan.

Um, first, she looks AMAZING on the Japanese release cover, she’s so fierce!!! I really admire her for debuting in the US when the competition is so fierce and her native language wasn’t english, and english isn’t easy to learn. The actual english album cover is really boring, wish they went with something exciting like this. Same with Ut ada’s album, so boring =_=;;

I wonder how the album is doing on the japanese charts?

I’ve listened to the album twice from beginning to end anddd it’s a dance album and it’s very americanized, compared to Uta da’s album. I dont know, it feels so different, I hope they both succeed. But I want it a bit more for Bo A.

I think the Bo A on the right is the US version and the one on the left is the Japanese version. They keep her really tamed singing faux dance songs. Everything’s kinda sugary and sweet but not real dance, not real hip-hop. I think Bo A feels better in the US because it’s a less repressive country.

Anyways, best of luck!!

no not yet

it finally came!!!

i even emailed the SUPER NICE PEOPLE (best customer service evar?) at Print Liberation to ask how come it hasn’t come yet, and they were nice enough to offer to send me another one if it still hasn’t come. But it’s all good, it came today, or yesterday i guess.


I think I enjoy wearing tshirts with bold graphics and bold words because i am a bit of a wimp, and I kinda dont dare to say what I want to say.

Anyways I LOVE IT, this is a men’s medium and it fits so weLLLL!!


my first email from a lovely reader:

from K. Y.

I burnt my tongue on coffee,
So then my whole tongue went numb,
And I couldnt enjoy my waffles & cheese…

hmmmm . . .

wants some waffle and cheese now… <3

keep ‘em coming!! [ ]

seduce me with your british accent

on the cover of the most recent issue of GQ

he looks so goooood, the clothes fit him so well!!!!!!!!! only someone like him deserve to wear Dior Homme, not lindsay lo han’s lesbian gir lfriend! Seriously, you have to wear the clothes and not let the clothes overwhelm you, like every single piece that mar y kate and ashley o lsen owns.

anyways if anyone cares

i think bella (kristen blegh stewart) is staying at the Sutton hotel across from scotia bank theater in vancouver. maybe edward is there too ?!?! even i have to admit that he’s pretty hot.

apparently he likes to hang out at yaletown, yum yum, beer!? all the carbohydrates will go where?!

if its your first time visiting my blog, my life is normally not consumed with twilight actors, i am pretty normal and hates mylie cy rus. so

there you go.

p.s. uta da’s new album is disappointing, but seriously, downloading really declines sales, i thought this was a definite buy, all the hype and the 40 second previews got me all addicted now i don’t even want it, im diappointed, hugely disappointed. the only song that got my attention was Poppin’ and only because it makes me think it’s something that britney would sing. i think i had more fun listening to her disastrous exodus album. I think she tried too hard again. The first time was to be “out there’ and be ‘sexy” and this time was to be “mainstream”. Who makes an album with the goal of being “mainstream”, no matter what, she’s asian she’ll never be mainstream. She’ll never be headlining large arenas, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s not saying that I hope she wont, I hope she will, but I dont think she will get the chance to. Well so far, the initial listen is kind of bland but I think I’ll like it more as I listen to it more.

the only album that pushed me to buy after i heard it is Lupe Fiasco’s the Cool, so it’s not about trying to prevent pirating, it’s about making high quality music.

But the funniest part is all her fanboys on the fansites going crazy. It’s so funny how their tune changes with her tune. When she was experimental, they were all about experimental, mainstream music an go and die for all they care but now that she’s trying to be mainstream and i.e. be famous in the states, they are all leaving comments like “what’s so bad about mainstream, why’s everyone hating?!” Seriously, grow a spine, we all know you live in your mom’s basement.

and someone mentioned on the fansites that some of the verses in rhyme scheme as Desti ny’s Childs “Say my nam e” and Riha nna’s “umbrella”, they all jumped the gun and was saying hi kki would NEVER do that. LOL, you kids make me go LOL. I think fanboys are worse than fan girls sometimes…maybe less violent.

p.p.s. i got an email from a reader, best email evar.

i wonder if i’ll post it.