i saw this video on BH’s blog today.

I’m a BIG TH fan even though I don’t own much; i’m sorry nothing much fits.

the reason why I’m a big TH fan despite the fact that I’m not a HUGE fan of their apparell is that they’re really cool people; and really down to earth and fun and interesting and a bit nerdy, okay i’ve never met any of them and this is merely through their web presence…but at least cool people attracts other cool people. Like Verbal said “exchange freshness for freshness”.

I really like how the kids did the campaign! And it looks like a really important campaign, i feel very fortunate that my daily troubles dont include war or bombs or missing body parts. After my biochem exam (TOMORROW) I will definitely read and learn more about this campaign.

I feel like a lot of brands/ businesses are “doing good” by being “eco friendly”, just today my ice coffee cup informed me that it was made with 15% less plastic than before and that starbucks are reducing their carbon footprint by 45%.

And that my supermarket started using green plastic bags than white paper bags.

Although it is a misconception that plastic is less eco-friendly than paper. the best thing to do is to bring your own ecobags of course; but paper isn’t less wasteful than plastic. since plastic is now bio-degradable and can be packaged more into less than paper and many other aspects that i’m not going to talk

Okay I digressed.

When you do good, please actually be doing some good, Louis Vutton donating 15% of their online purchases on earth day to environmental organizations doesn’t feel like it’s doing much good but increasing the worlds’ unnecessary need for its monogram handbags; and really it’s about themselves.

Green is in, but really it’s just “in”.

probably should have cleaned my room before attempting to look cool

I was browsing on 4chi and I saw this LOVELY SKIRT!!! Which reminded me of a skirt that I have. I wish I could buy on 4chi . . . korea is so far away.

Every time I dont know what to wear to match a certain bottom; I just put on my CDG shirt, I don’t even care and it looks good. I can’t really put my finger on whether it’s that CDG made a FANTASTIC tshirt with a versatile design or because it’s CDG it automatically makes me think it’s a great ensemble.

(yeah that’s my duvet cover; from ikea; probably should have made my bed or something before taking this photo..)

Whatever, the debate of h y*pe vs substance will go on forever.

Recently, i’ve fallen in love with leggings. Yeah I know, I’m like three 14-year old girls behind. When everyone was wearing leggings as pants, I was honestly thinking, WTF girl, put on some pants.

I can see why now; they are warm and very fitted (duh) and incredibly comfortable; but still I won’t wear them as pants (or with uggs, the horror).

But I do love leggings with men’s extra large tshirts or extra long cardigan! At least it covers your bottom ^_^


I should go back to studying about the kidney and urine!! But not before I rave about my new favorite tv show.

THE BIG BANG THEORY. OMGGG THE NERDSSS they are dead-on. I have friends that talk like that; maybe less exaggerated but none the less halarious. I truly feel that physics is probably the coolest nerd science of all; no one’s gonna be impressed if I start talking about how the beer you just drank is a diuretic and despite it being a liquid makes you dehydrated.

oh crap; embedding this video just made me want to go watch the rest of the first season of the big bang theory!!

look what you made me do x___x;


i lost my “wallet” last night.

Its not really a wallet; it’s a card case with all my important identifications; it functions much like a money clip. And no I don’t carry cash.

But I lost it; my jeans were probably too tight and they slipped out somewhere between drinks and more drinks.

I got pretty emo about it; it’s just a few cards but I had to cancel my credit card today. And I can’t drive cause i got no license!

I’m just pissed off about being careless.

but it’s the first time that it has happened.

I gota start being a girl and carrying around a bag. BLAH

i learned last night that I’m not much of a girl; I sit like a boy, i talk like a boy, i walk like a boy.

no wonder boys don’t like me LOL . . .

nails against cement

i can’t decide if it’s a good day or a bad day; it had bad components but also good components so it’s just a day that stuff happened.

so; i had a review session today for genetics; it’s those ones that you pay for with a “private tutor”. but not really private since there are other students there. Normally I wouldn’t go to these things but I attended this tutor’s session during midterm season and he’s very good and he summarizes the concepts very well, totally worth the money…


in my calendar that i’ve took the time to input into my new ipod; it said; thursday night 5 – 9 pm and friday night 5 – 9 pm. Two sessions, two very important sessions, session 1 being the more important one.

So I show up tonight; thinking I’m attending the first session. This girl asks; hey emma, where were you yesterday?



F? ?!?!?

I totally mis-read the email thinking it was a thursday/friday while it really was a wednesday/thursday. Out of my ENTIRE life; i have never made a mistake like this where i mixed up days. It sounds hard to believe but I’m serious; i’m slipping here guys, just like how house saw a dead lady…

Notes for my lab exam; this is a PORTION OF IT OKAY OMFG, it’s open book, and it makes me wanna cry just thinking about it.

i LOVE MY SEXY WALLPAPER!!!! But I find wallpaper a useless term on this since the ONLY time you see the wallpaper is when you get ready to into the menu. . . not much of a wall is it.

i got it at this awesome site called POOLGA

These are my audio-technica headphones; i got these in japan and have used them for about 8 months. And; yeah the left earbud is dead. It’s not dead as in sound comes through only if you twist on it continuously; that’s a hassel okaaay….

so i went back to my sony fontopia earbuds, good thing i have multiple pairs of earbuds lying around…:D

the bad thing about the sony earbuds is that the rubber tip falls out very easily, and which translates to loosing them and crying about it. but my audio technica earbuds are so air-tight; so i just switched the two. I remember I couldn’t do this with my aiwa ones (hands down; best brand for earbuds) but these two switched fairly smoothly.

but im pretty pissed about the audio-technica ones; it’s only been EIGHT months =_=

no mo’ complain’

i posted two entries back to back about how unpopular and socially inadequate i am.

yeah honestly; nothing else was on my mind for those days.

so uh, i got an ipod touch! 16G. i’ve been inching and edging waiting for it go to on sale (yeah right it’s apple) or for my ipod nano 2g to die. Either way I was getting myself some feely, touchy. But whatever; i just gave in and bought it.

The whole process of buying it took literally 1 minute; i felt kind of unnerved . . . i handed my credit card and boom the process was over. i was trying to savour it, but suddenly im out the door and 350$ less.

so do i like it so far? yeah of course i do; how can i not. but there are a few complaints on my part; it doesn’t fit in my hand; not saying that it normally does; but i have very small hands and I have a hard time manouvering it with one hand if i have something else in my other hand. As well; the back “chrome” got scratched up SO BAD!!!!! I don’t have a case for it yet, i ordered a bunch of itouch accessories online and hopefully it’ll come soon. but I made a little bed for it to rest in while it sits on my table, from its original case. . lol..

but i really like checking email on it; it’s like a brand new experience!!! PLEASE SEND ME MORE EMAIL!


also; since i’ve previously stated that i got rid of facebook; this thing (le touch) is like the ultimate; omfg-is-something-happening-somewhere-that-may-be-remotely-related-to-me-machine? I HAD facebook on it till about 3 hours ago and I got rid of it and re-de-activated my account.

Yeah, I don’t need that kind of annoyance.

I also enjoy reading news on it very much; the BBC reader is kickass!

and and and what else?

oh the difficulty with typing. I had a hard time in the beginning but i’m starting to get a hang of it. i realized that you have to show the damn thing that you’re boss; cant be constantly looking at your fingers to see if it’s hitting 3 letters or 5 but just keep on going; usually the it ends up being better that way; at least for me.

okay here’s some music that i’m obsessed with lately;

i would embed but it’s disabled



and such good music~~

eric hutchinson’s rock & roll is my wake up song :D

socially akward on the internet

yup i’ve finally done it; something i should have done a long long long time ago.

so here i am sitting; on my chair; my arms reached far across my desk; across my genetics textbook; in an attempt to cover the fact that i am again online; playing hexic on facebook.

i love hexic, it’s such a good game; there are so many colors and the cute sounds are irresistible!


what have i finally done?

deactivate my facebook account.

i realized im not a socializer; especially not in the internet. because i am a what? i am a jumper!!! a Jumper to conclusions.

if this were an olympic event; id win gold.

and facebook and twitter (although i don’t use that) is the ULTIMATE vice for conclusion jumpers like myself.

my facebook feed is full of crap i dont care about; but once in a while u see something that makes you do a double take.

and yeah; this double take does me in.

i shouldn’t be double-taking; i should be readingĀ  studying something!

and while i am double taking; my brain is working the fastest it has ever worked; im adding together msn conversations; face to face conversations, text messages; any sort of wall messages i’ve read in the past month!!

im jumping to the conclusion of ________________.

even worse when i am in in the middle of a crush; the guy i am swooning over for the week did something; changed something; wrote something; added something, something something ?! and i could feel like the piece of crap that i am not; which probably has absolutely nothing to do with me.

i think i enjoy staying out of the loop, but my generation has forced me in.

i am not popular and i dont really even like socializing anymore; at least not via the internet.

although i say that; i’ll succumb to it soon enough.

the only good thing that happened to me all day?

new episode of house.

socially awkwardness

im NOT that outgoing; it only seems so b/c im half drunk ALL THE TIME. im actually INCREDIBLY INSECURE!

anyways; studied today, a bit..

my friend got these for me as a gift; i ..ate ONE EYE :D

a cute little guy that i worked with about a month back

but was still shit scared to hold him in my hands

this photo = my level of maturity

edit: i realized the amount of work and the distance of my computer from my bed is directly correlated. when my computer (laptop) is on my desk; i get bored watching movies and chatting (not that i do that anyway) and i end up doing at least SOME reading while today i moved my laptop over to my bed and i never got up since…

im kinda fed up with waiting for my ipod touch, maybe i’ll just go buy it; since it’s jailbroken andddd skype?!

andd lastly

“no matter how long someone leaves for, they are still the same annoying bitch that you remember them as!”



it was kind of a wasted effort as the sun made it kind of yellow; i have yet to figure out why

i guess i’ll just wear them as “dirty” sneakers..

it still makes me sad though -_-

DRAWERS n’ shiz

sorry that im not visiting much recently, been pretty busy with moving

my closet is sMALL, OMFG it’s small, if i were carrie brad*shaw i’d be crying pain tears. But I got new drawers; I GUESS that evens it out. I hope I can maintain my tshirt drawer!! *crosses fingers*

my friend showed me this yesterday; it was an april Fool’s joke on campus

it’s a play on ELLE magazine with a bunch of funny parody ads like HUCCI (GUCCI) and VICTOR’s SECRET (Victoria’s Secret) I thought they’d have a website with full pdf file for you to download but apparently not; when i find my scanner i’ll scan it !

and yah i got a new bathroom!!! hahahahahahahahaha

AND im a GENIUS for getting wheels on my new desk, it can move freeeeeeeeeeeely nowwww