i am suppose to be sleeping but im not.

anyways! wonderwall! i think the japanese has it down, how consumers think and work. honestly, yeah, as much as i’d like to vacation i enjoy shopping just as much. the experience itself is worth it, not necessarily buying things.
but of course, when you go to cool stores it propels you to own things!
buy more MORE!!!

and it’s the same way with the staff; be nice, courteous and not crazy.

a store (cough where i work) that i know is going steadily down hill because middle management is doing a horrible job of connecting the consumer to the brand.

they aren’t even trying to establish brand loyalty and consumer experience and instead are crunching numbers and meeting goals.

so short sighted, can’t do great things if you can’t see far enough.

i may not have an MBA yet, but from all the shopping i’ve been doing, all the articles i’ve read, the dreaded hate of having to deal with CUSTOMERS and management, it’s driving me against the wall.

ugh, middle management ruins us all…!!!

their number crunch and “power” struggle.

babies it’s CDs!

we use to have a thing called CDs before ipods, mp3s and things you can’t touch.

i went to BOOKOFF yesterday with my friend not expecting much..but it exceeded my expectations quite a bit!

i forgot how good CDs sound. M-flo, Love Psychdelico and Lisa’s DOUBLE CD were only $3.50 each and I got the weird “headphone music” single for $1. I loved the cover so much. Its by a singer called SUENOHAIR and it’s apparently indie.

also got some AWWESOME limited edition DARUMA hi-chew for kids who are taking exams!!!

the following were taken with my friend’s nikon, not even a DSLR but it came out pretty good!

and from the other night…

YAYY it’s so beautiful there~~

went to nightmarket, it kind of reminded me of the japanese festivals and pretty much china at night in the summer. food food food!!!

and ended the night with!

because it was: DOUBLE JR. WHOPPER SUNDAYYY, something i’ve never heard of until then

yeah, you like my creepy night eyes right?

ANND now i’m sick and i got a 6 hour shift tonight, im gonna go anyway, if i feel worse i’ll just..jet! dont’ worry, it’s not h1n1, i checked my temperature like 4 times already and it’s less than 37 degrees everytime! lol. totally safeee!

back on track

ummmmmmmmmm STATS TIME!

One of my favorite quotes of ALL times (which I read off of someone’s MSN name) is:

“There are lies, DAMN LIES and statistics!”


(I am really going to make a layout today!!!!!!)

Top 10 cities that visit

  1. Vancouver
  2. Port Moody
  3. Singapore
  4. Steveston
  5. Sydney
  6. Osaka
  7. Kent
  8. Perth
  9. Ingolstadt
  10. Sacramento

I have had 243 unique visitors since May 8th and most of you use firefox and cable! Most of my traffic (78%) is from referral sites, with only 2% from searches and the rest are direct (20%)!

the top 2 searches according to google is: TSHIRTLIFE and 1.99 McChicken! YEAHHHH :D

excellent now onto other business!

i know you guys enjoy pics of me doing stupid stuff so here goes!!!

No I don’t live at McDonalds, but they grab me with stuff like $1 any size drinks OKAY?!

Harry Potter and I.

At a StarbUCKSSS

(album cover pose..)

i love the hundreds? I should go buy more stuff!! MORE STUFFFF?!

AND i wanted to show you how well my shoes correspond to my outfit in terms of colors. and my super flat nose that I was talking about.

AND i love old Navy hoodies, ha suck it american apparel!

moar photos here matey!

i wanna stop using the Pirate language on facebook, but i can’t, it’s too good but at the same time i don’t know what they mean so i’m clicking a lot of stuff and getting no where!

i should sleep more


bt uh, love this flannel, you jealous? yeah? it’s my mom’s, she was about to throw it out but i saved it just in time!


i had a lot of stuff to write about with corresponding pictures but i didn’t bring my own camera that night so i gota wait for the pics then i’ll blog about it i guess.

i honestly take pics for the sake of this blog haha.

i was at the library the other day, wasting time, of course, and reading NEW SCIENTIST magazine. My favorite science magazine! :D Well, the only science magazine that I read. I came across an article that’s similar to something I read on Fast company.com, This is your Brain on Architecture

(i am just here, looking for the article to link, i dont read the site for one day and they write 4/5 pages of stories, when i do read it everyday, they write 1 page, why is that. =_=)

It made a really interesting point in both articles which stated that, if one wants to perform task of creativity, blue is the color, or if one wants to perform tasks of memory (what i do ..mostly) red is the color.

I can’t paint my room but I can start using red pens!

I wonder how that’ll pan out.

So uh, is FASTCOMPANY.com not the best website you’ve been to since facebook? Yeah I thought so.

till it stopped

i bet you guys were thinking that i’m starting to become a little bit popular and a little bit hip, hip like a hipster with my straw fedora and suspender wearing friend.

but oh no friends, i’m the same insecure person on the internet as i always was.

i enjoy sending people fun links and messages and then not get replies. then i go and watch the entire seasons of 30 rock and sex and the city to drown out my pain.

and eating kit kats.

but what gets me off? are cat videos

and My Life is Average.

it felt like i would when i was hung over

so yesterday i met up with my friend tim to do vintage shopping, we ended up not doing much of that but much of else!

uhhh coincidently it was also free ice coffee from mcdonalds day!

we ended up each drinking 4 iced coffees EACH and going to 4 different mcdonalds!!!!!!



i thought i was going to have a heart attack from all the SUGAR and drinks.


more pics here

it’s also great to have a friend that is super positive and rarely says anything bad, positive affirmations is what everyone needs!

i like popeye

umm i got my hair cut,

kinda spontaneous decision, kind of not.

I had work today too, so there was a customer that I was talking to, but I left immediately when my shift was over. But then I saw him again at the train, it felt weird, so I pulled my hood on so he wouldn’t see me.

I didn’t do anything bad and he isn’t weird at all, but I hate it when people can relate me to the places I work, the school I go to.

Is that weird? I’d like to remain as the STRANGER that takes the train.


I also¬† got the hair cut because I have the HUGEST girl crush on this girl, she’s so cute, and stylish. Yeah, girl crush.


wanted to show u my new hat and top, i feel so french, like i should go going on some boat..or something.

ahhh im in a bad mood.

anyways i cooked the other day :D and i made really good sesame BBQ chicken, it was suppose to be sticky, because you’re suppose to add honey in there but mine didn’t turn out sticky, true since my honey seemed watery.

im in a bad mood becauuuseeeee people can’t take 3 seconds out of their day to reply some messages.

okay, yeah and the indications that come along with that message are very important to me.

yum yum, what’s better than that? CLEAN UP TIMEEEE

im also pissed because some idiots cheated on the home work assignment for english, and seriously, how dumb are you to get caught for a course that’s online?!?!

It’s okay to cheat, definitely not ok in a relationship, but assignments, it’s okay, but don’t copy each other directly, or at least change the font or correct the damn spelling mistakes. IS IT THAT HARD? Give the illusion that you pretended to try.

Now we get brand new assignments weekly, from the teacher, via email. I’m pissed about it.

Very much so.

p.s. i also get creeped out with emails that start with DEAR STUDENT…


you know today will be a good day when you get two eric hutchinson songs back to back on itunes shuffle in an ocean of 1838 songs. Today is also a good day because my mom is in nanjing, and there are two uniqlos in nanjing.

let’s do the math.

i have 24 eric hutchinson songs.

(24/1838) x (23/1838) = 0.016%!!!

I shoulda boughta lotttary, I will buy one tomorrow, the next jackpot is 49$ million!!!

I went out to study, not realizing that due to Victoria day tomorrow, the library is CLOSED! So I went to the mall and didn’t expect to buy anything but ask my manager if my cheque came in, SIGHHH I got new denim.

I’ll keep wearing it even when it goes out of trend ok?

it’s also hard to take pics when u dont have a full lenth mirror..like i don’t have a full length mirror right now :x

trekking tonight

i feel really unconfident about my nose so when i take pics i dont like to look directly at the camera and at the same time the profile looks really bad so i wear glasses a lot to take pics..next time i’ll show my FACE hah.

gonna go see star trek with a coworker soon.

and maybe have some JAPADOGS

Jen said she likes my photos! I’m so happy~~ i’ll try to post more then!

edit: back from movie!

i really wanted good seats to see the movie, and didn’t want a repeat incident of BORAT, so we lined up an hour early, though we were the 3rd and 4th person in line. That’s okay, I just hung out and took some pics instead! Gorgeous view from the waiting area, what’s that restaurant across? Looks cozy and delicious

more boredom, at least my shoes don’t look yellow here..

how i ended the night, + a mcChicken!

Ah Live Long a Prosper everyone!

i can never get my eyeliner / mascara fully off, that’s why I resemble L from death note, so fear not!