back on track

ummmmmmmmmm STATS TIME!

One of my favorite quotes of ALL times (which I read off of someone’s MSN name) is:

“There are lies, DAMN LIES and statistics!”


(I am really going to make a layout today!!!!!!)

Top 10 cities that visit

  1. Vancouver
  2. Port Moody
  3. Singapore
  4. Steveston
  5. Sydney
  6. Osaka
  7. Kent
  8. Perth
  9. Ingolstadt
  10. Sacramento

I have had 243 unique visitors since May 8th and most of you use firefox and cable! Most of my traffic (78%) is from referral sites, with only 2% from searches and the rest are direct (20%)!

the top 2 searches according to google is: TSHIRTLIFE and 1.99 McChicken! YEAHHHH :D

excellent now onto other business!

i know you guys enjoy pics of me doing stupid stuff so here goes!!!

No I don’t live at McDonalds, but they grab me with stuff like $1 any size drinks OKAY?!

Harry Potter and I.

At a StarbUCKSSS

(album cover pose..)

i love the hundreds? I should go buy more stuff!! MORE STUFFFF?!

AND i wanted to show you how well my shoes correspond to my outfit in terms of colors. and my super flat nose that I was talking about.

AND i love old Navy hoodies, ha suck it american apparel!

moar photos here matey!

i wanna stop using the Pirate language on facebook, but i can’t, it’s too good but at the same time i don’t know what they mean so i’m clicking a lot of stuff and getting no where!

7 thoughts on “back on track”

  1. *kinda pissed my city didn’t make it!*
    I need to visit you obsessively damnit!! Hhaahah

    “1.99 McChicken! ” hahahha EXCELLENT!

    Your friends cute, :P

  2. ummm… we have $1 apple pies…?
    just change the font / colour~ I like the simpleness of this layout~
    I want to change mine too~

  3. lol i wish! my TA is an *********
    he cancelled on me, three times and im pretty sure they were all lies
    uhh those two guys are just friends, plus, they both swing not my way but towards each other :p

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