you know today will be a good day when you get two eric hutchinson songs back to back on itunes shuffle in an ocean of 1838 songs. Today is also a good day because my mom is in nanjing, and there are two uniqlos in nanjing.

let’s do the math.

i have 24 eric hutchinson songs.

(24/1838) x (23/1838) = 0.016%!!!

I shoulda boughta lotttary, I will buy one tomorrow, the next jackpot is 49$ million!!!

I went out to study, not realizing that due to Victoria day tomorrow, the library is CLOSED! So I went to the mall and didn’t expect to buy anything but ask my manager if my cheque came in, SIGHHH I got new denim.

I’ll keep wearing it even when it goes out of trend ok?

it’s also hard to take pics when u dont have a full lenth i don’t have a full length mirror right now :x

5 thoughts on “er..?”

  1. Aahhah i love that Tee!

    I think the jeans look great but I know what you mean. I bought pink jeans recently and some ppl have expressed their “dislike” for them but I’m just like WHATEVER I’LL WEAR EM TILL I’M OVER EM! ;D

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