i like popeye

umm i got my hair cut,

kinda spontaneous decision, kind of not.

I had work today too, so there was a customer that I was talking to, but I left immediately when my shift was over. But then I saw him again at the train, it felt weird, so I pulled my hood on so he wouldn’t see me.

I didn’t do anything bad and he isn’t weird at all, but I hate it when people can relate me to the places I work, the school I go to.

Is that weird? I’d like to remain as the STRANGER that takes the train.


I also¬† got the hair cut because I have the HUGEST girl crush on this girl, she’s so cute, and stylish. Yeah, girl crush.

6 thoughts on “i like popeye”

  1. I really like it! Looks fresh for summer!

    I feel the same when I run into TRAIN strangers outside of the train. I just stare at the floor LOL

  2. very nice~

    i know what you mean. i feel weird when i have seen a patient and then i see them on the tram/train. it’s like “ahhh you’re seeing me out of the mould!”

  3. That girl has got great style. I’ve got a girl crush on the model for saigo.kr I wish I could be built like her :(

    I’ve only liked it once where a customer has recognized me. I used to work at a dry cleaner and dealt with this guy who was around 25, he was kind of cute and what not. He visited my new job and was the only one out of all my dry cleaning customers to recognize me. Like I said, he was pretty cute so I didn’t mind ^^;

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