i should sleep more


bt uh, love this flannel, you jealous? yeah? it’s my mom’s, she was about to throw it out but i saved it just in time!


i had a lot of stuff to write about with corresponding pictures but i didn’t bring my own camera that night so i gota wait for the pics then i’ll blog about it i guess.

i honestly take pics for the sake of this blog haha.

i was at the library the other day, wasting time, of course, and reading NEW SCIENTIST magazine. My favorite science magazine! :D Well, the only science magazine that I read. I came across an article that’s similar to something I read on Fast company.com, This is your Brain on Architecture

(i am just here, looking for the article to link, i dont read the site for one day and they write 4/5 pages of stories, when i do read it everyday, they write 1 page, why is that. =_=)

It made a really interesting point in both articles which stated that, if one wants to perform task of creativity, blue is the color, or if one wants to perform tasks of memory (what i do ..mostly) red is the color.

I can’t paint my room but I can start using red pens!

I wonder how that’ll pan out.

So uh, is FASTCOMPANY.com not the best website you’ve been to since facebook? Yeah I thought so.

3 thoughts on “i should sleep more”

  1. !!! i finally found you! ive been trying your old link and it didn’t work ;___; and I had no idea you had moved. BUT, now that I have found you, all is good.

    and OMGGGG. that article…the picture of the Salk Institute…that’s where i went on saturday!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing this article!

  2. i just added fast company to my tabs of “websites” that i check daily…

    i own one big/oversized red flannel that i sport during fall/winter all the time. i saved it from my mum as well. i just realized that i always end up taking my mom’s clothing as i get older..

  3. Hell yes Disney shirt times!!!! I like yours :OOO

    I love flannel, I need to find a short sleeved one for summer. I only have winter flannel :( How could your Mom just throw it awawawawy!? Glad you saved it!

    Red’s my fav color. I hated it as a kid but as an adult it’s become my favorite. It’s powerful right!?

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