it felt like i would when i was hung over

so yesterday i met up with my friend tim to do vintage shopping, we ended up not doing much of that but much of else!

uhhh coincidently it was also free ice coffee from mcdonalds day!

we ended up each drinking 4 iced coffees EACH and going to 4 different mcdonalds!!!!!!



i thought i was going to have a heart attack from all the SUGAR and drinks.


more pics here

it’s also great to have a friend that is super positive and rarely says anything bad, positive affirmations is what everyone needs!

13 thoughts on “it felt like i would when i was hung over”

  1. Wow why is everything free? First it was free two pieces of chicken from El Pollo Loco, then KFC, now McDees?

    lol craZy!

  2. LOL I figured as much. It hyped me up more than my usual starbucks iced coffee or even my grande starbucks hmm what do you guys put in there?

  3. FOUR iced coffees ahaha oh no that can’t be healthy but HEY it was free (i’d totally do the same thing ahaha)

  4. well you see… one pot of ice coffee has 2 packages of coffee… so it’s like… double the caffeine.. however, each pot gets mixed with 32oz of ice… so it gets watered down…. but still it’s like… caffeine-high!

    i remember drinking one at 5pm… and i couldn’t sleep the rest of the night… it’s quite the powerful kick. lol

  5. What?! FREE ICED COFFEE?! Insanity! They would never do that here~ Also four in one day?! LOL I am so surprised you don’t have diabetes or something :P Positive friends are always the best :D

  6. awww it looks like you had an awesome day!!!! love your hat, it really suits you!

    i’ve been on the search for a fedora since last year and can’t seem to find the right one. i have a feeling it’s because i don’t have a “hat head” :(

  7. I like your bag! It has both strap & handle?! Nice! 4 iced coffees!? How is there NOT a photo of at least 1 of you barfing? Hahahah

    Yea too many negative ppl in your life can really bring you down :(

  8. hey! i haven’t heard of free iced coffee day at mcds! okay maybe they are just too stingy in australia! mm but wasn’t it too much sugar and caffeine??

  9. eeps.. mmm its weird okay its :) its actually locked though. just create a random livejournal account and add me!

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