till it stopped

i bet you guys were thinking that i’m starting to become a little bit popular and a little bit hip, hip like a hipster with my straw fedora and suspender wearing friend.

but oh no friends, i’m the same insecure person on the internet as i always was.

i enjoy sending people fun links and messages and then not get replies. then i go and watch the entire seasons of 30 rock and sex and the city to drown out my pain.

and eating kit kats.

but what gets me off? are cat videos

and My Life is Average.

5 thoughts on “till it stopped”

  1. I love that kitty! I made Mike watch the video XD. It’s the only user I’m actually subscribed to on youtube LOL

  2. I love anything about cats. Animals in general just make me feel better. I get along with them moreso than humans, which worries me sometimes but oh well.

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