trekking tonight

i feel really unconfident about my nose so when i take pics i dont like to look directly at the camera and at the same time the profile looks really bad so i wear glasses a lot to take time i’ll show my FACE hah.

gonna go see star trek with a coworker soon.

and maybe have some JAPADOGS

Jen said she likes my photos! I’m so happy~~ i’ll try to post more then!

edit: back from movie!

i really wanted good seats to see the movie, and didn’t want a repeat incident of BORAT, so we lined up an hour early, though we were the 3rd and 4th person in line. That’s okay, I just hung out and took some pics instead! Gorgeous view from the waiting area, what’s that restaurant across? Looks cozy and delicious

more boredom, at least my shoes don’t look yellow here..

how i ended the night, + a mcChicken!

Ah Live Long a Prosper everyone!

i can never get my eyeliner / mascara fully off, that’s why I resemble L from death note, so fear not!

8 thoughts on “trekking tonight”

  1. STAR TREKKKKKKKKK~ Anyway, I love this pic!! You totally look awesome *_____* I think you look cute and I’ve never thought you nose looked bad, now my nose on the other hand *cough* Haha! MORE PICTURESSSSSSS PREASE~ :D

  2. What’s wrong with it? Don’t tell me its just the junior mcchickn in a box instead of a wrapper?o_- ingenious plan if that’s true

  3. hahaha, no thats not it.., i’m just saying you fell for their deceptive ads… its only trying to bring in customers… and judging by the large fries… you didnt only buy the mcchicken. hahaha.

  4. LOL maybe? but im a regular at mcdonalds, im a true advocate!
    i only got mcchicken and large fries and i took out!
    which mcdonalds do u work at, maybe i’ll visit u sometime?

  5. Waiaiaiai the top pic looks like it’s straight from 4chi or some other cool Korean shop site!! Woot beards & bangs!

    Yea even with eyemake remover if I use liquid liner it sticks between my eyelashes into the next day =Y.

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