i am suppose to be sleeping but im not.

anyways! wonderwall! i think the japanese has it down, how consumers think and work. honestly, yeah, as much as i’d like to vacation i enjoy shopping just as much. the experience itself is worth it, not necessarily buying things.
but of course, when you go to cool stores it propels you to own things!
buy more MORE!!!

and it’s the same way with the staff; be nice, courteous and not crazy.

a store (cough where i work) that i know is going steadily down hill because middle management is doing a horrible job of connecting the consumer to the brand.

they aren’t even trying to establish brand loyalty and consumer experience and instead are crunching numbers and meeting goals.

so short sighted, can’t do great things if you can’t see far enough.

i may not have an MBA yet, but from all the shopping i’ve been doing, all the articles i’ve read, the dreaded hate of having to deal with CUSTOMERS and management, it’s driving me against the wall.

ugh, middle management ruins us all…!!!

their number crunch and “power” struggle.

2 thoughts on “wonderwall”

  1. UGH! my work is exactly how you described yours….middle management DOES RUIN ALL!

    to make up for the lame ass economy, i am only working THREEEE hours this week. HOW LAME

  2. galen weston junior is making us work like slaves and people still buy our shit because it’s cheap D:

    that shop looks like an entire MALL of clothes! so neat!

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