i’m (not) yours

i haven’t felt really alive in a while.

i disconnected myself from twitter, facebook (lies) and MSN (truth).

i dont really know how i am passing my days; i dropped my other course that i’m suppose to be taking so i can chill out for a bit.

nothing bad has happened but nothing good either.

i’m spending my nights watching movies and reading Douglas Coupland novels (only fiction; no real world crap here please)

it’s kind of making me awesome; only in my mind.

i wish i had more followers than pure bots.

i hate bots; i get a little ring from gmail telling me that i have new followers; but it turns out it’s spam…

i got a new laptop today; correction; i got my mom a new laptop today; it’s bigger, cleaner, faster, but worser speakers; did i say worser speakers? yes i did.

my mom will destroy the new laptop less than i would so i think she should keep it instead of me.

Douglas coupland’s novels makes me feel like i’m drowning.

drowning in my lack of life.


i think a lot of people are mad at (or hate) me; like A LOT, more than the number of pennies in my wallet. honestly? i don’t care.

I am thinking seriously about moving; moving in a bit more than a year;

it’ll make me seem heartless to not say goodbye properly to people that i’ve known for a while.

i dont think they’ll notice if i’m gone. so im kind of excited

self indulgence without having to kill yourself.

today i sat in the car while waiting for my mom to buy something at 7 – 11 i began to text my friend a “what up, r u dead” msg but my mom came back before i could finish.

i say “ru dead” because when i phone people 3 times in a row no one calls back. .

i am kind of a bitch because i talk too much and i talk shit about everyone; people need to know that that is how i am and i need to tell myself to stop doing it.

i couldn’t care enough to finish that text; instead i had a really good burger.

back to douglas coupland.

i wonder if those pages with repeated words like “ramen” is to fill up pages.

oh i also found a cheque in the book (the books are from the library)

next author to destroy is David Sedaris.

i don’t know the word for “discography” for books; so i’m just going to say that i am going to complete David’s “discography” next.

my mom’s making me drinks “green bean soup” it tastes like it sounds; not really actually; it tastes like water; really thick water. apparently it’s good for my kidneys

apparently i have a really bad kidney.

deserving of its own post

i don’t understand why people think anna’s a ‘bitch'; they even used the word  on 60 minutes! how rude!

she’s amazing; and no i dont just think that because she’s the editor-in-chief at vogue. i think that because she’s good at what she does and she demands no less from others. she doesn’t care if she’s liked or not; she wants to be respected! and that’s much more deserving than just being a ‘nice person”.

i am so stoked for the movie it’s not even funny; i’ve seen devil wears prada like 100 times and that’s a much more toned down; family-friendly version.

it’s really funny that people think Anna is the way she is; because she is the way she is but no!

ok that sentence didn’t make sense.

what i mean to say is; if you want to know the other forces that support anna; go read the June 8th issue of NEW YORK magazine; the cover story talks about Si Newhouse; who owns Conde Nast; which Vogue is apart of (as well as new york magazine). the fact that anna can spend tens of thousands of dollars shooting and reshooting is simply because Si newhouse spares no expense on his magazines! He wants to show the glamour and luxury of it all, and he did a pretty fine job.

Conde Nast owns everything; including style.com and epicurious.com (both sites which i love)

Si Newhouse likes characters; people who are crazy and my favorite quote from the article being

“She’s a fucki ng bitch!”

Si Newhouse: “Well she’s our fu cking bitch.”

HAHAHA brilliant!

sometimes i feel like i need to tone it down to blend in; but at the same time, i really don’t need to do i. only boring people tone it down; and do they every get anywhere?


and the fact that anna represents almost near perfection! i think i really appreciate the fact that she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery done (maybe?) because you can see all the wrinkles in her neck. That’s good; she ages naturally.

also; tavi looks exactly like anna. . . but tavi’s 13 years old.

eat eat eat

i’ve been feeling pretty blah so all i’ve been posting are videos from youtube. but NO MORE!

because today, i got awoken by a phone call, i could tell it was from the university because it started with 822-abcd. so you know that’s a university extension.

USUALLY phone calls from the university are of nothing too kind. BUT! TODAY HELD GOOD NEWS FOR ME! Someone dropped my ‘stolen wallet’ in a post box and it eventually found itself to the university.

i am excited to get it back! maybe my credit card is still in there; so maybe that means i can get my tickets for the veronicas?!

okay, photos of food from monday night/tuesday morning.

went to gyu teppanyaki (they dont have a website =_=) for a friend’s birthday.

it was boring until they started cooking xD

chef was so fun and chill; she made jokes at us which is always welcomed!

and she lights stuff on fire!!! :D :D

and let me cook; though i failed! the only bad part of the night was the awkward outfit that i wore! talk about awkward and vancouver’s “it’s not really summer” weather.

and i dont know how; but at the end of every night we have to hit mcdonalds. lol . . .

i hate crying at movies


and it’s embarassing

i cried buckets and buckets when i read the book; i hope they wont’ show the super gruesome details of (sensored).
I don’t know how I feel about Eric bana as Henry and Rachel McAdams as Clare.
I like both actors but like all fans of the novels over movies; it’s gonna be awkward.

AND i think eric bana is too hunky to play a librarian. i imagined henry to be more nerdy?

at least so far; from the dialogue it feels that way.

yeah i’m still gonna go and watch it.

oh you japanese papparazzi

I now have to go get an issue of figaro or something now! i’ve seen UNO and what not but never bought it because i’m like ..umm o__o

but now, YES!

and today i was in a really bitchy mood the whole day
mainly due to the fact that someone stole my wallet yesterday and i’ve lost everything, ONCE AGAIN!
this time isn’t my fault; well it is partially for leading my bag unattended but i was literally 2 minutes away and that hideous person stole my wallet and all its contents.

10 minutes later when i went to report it; they had already used my credit card.

but it’s ok i think.

but i am once again on the look out for a new wallet. i am wondering what i want, Vivienne Westwood?! but in the end i think i’m going to use my muji cardcase (my mom got me another one, thank goodness, but she’s not back from china for another week) and maybe get a small coin purse :D

edit: win said she’s viewing my site from her ps3?

but; what the hell is the konqueror?

made in china

i wouldn’t say im patriotic but i wish people would broaden their point of view just a little bit.

i often read really negative comments about china on youtube or various websites; saying that chinese people have no taste and have no real value; kind of annoying because i wanna smack them and educate them.

last month i was at the library reading magazines, and wallpaper* was going to do a “made in china” issue for june where the entire issue is made in china’s temporary offices; at shanghai and beijing.

wallpaper* is a great magazine, a bit on the expensive on the side, and thinner than i’d like it to be. but i felt like their made in china issue was great, and very relevant.

when people in north america think of china, it’s mostly negative things such as, food poisining, low quality pirated goods, and communism.

a world leader in export; the words ‘made in china’ seemed haunting, an automatic stamp for poor quality.

i can’t not agree that china does ship a lot of below par goods; but there are a lot of fairly good quality goods for extremely low prices; no other country can do this; well it’s mostly because we have so much people isn’t it.

i think people in china want to live the good life, like americans, drive cars and have houses, that their greed and ambition runs a little far. Westernized products rule the nation; and their price point is the same as it is in america, but china’s yuan doesn’t run as far as the dollar. there is a large amount of poverty, while there is a lot of greedy government officials who only knows how to take.

wallpaper* made good points about how design can change how the world view china and how china views itself.

at this point; china is stuck in a phase where it wants what developed countries have but is running too fast to get it and has lost oneself.

revisiting tradition is key; i think the chinese people need to find their own idenity.

a funny insert that shows how chinese people have conqueored the world. i’m surprised that there are more chinese people in vancouver than new york, that’s ridiculous! i bet most of them are illegal in new york, that’s why they aren’t in the census.

diffrent brands of chinese cigaretts that china has, the top tier being the more expensive while the most bottom being the cheapest. the cheapest runs 70cents US for a pack. My dad is snobby and only smokes imports, like seven stars from japan or some korean stuff; i should tell him to start smoking local stuff or better yet, QUIT.

BONUS: new nail color same as mango mousse cake!! :D

Random: my last tattoo want was a barcode, but everyone told me i’m a n00b and it’s really cliched and 80s. now i want the words “made in china”. i am made in china after all.

gliding along

YVR last night at 3 am ( wearing my DIY tshirt :D )

i wish i could get on a plane and fly to somewhere

yesterday was a good and bad day, today is a better or worst day; i haven’t decided yet

i’m really tired of the way things are going and im just tired.

im always putting my best foot forward, but then being strung out to dry

i’m sick of it, but i am so insecure that i think it might be me, that’s over reacting.

the only thing that cheers me up is a really good burger

or something funny happening; like someone dumping a bottle of detergent in a public fountain with wonderful (or disastrous) results.

good night good night

edit: i’m not eMOooo as many people say i am; but thanks natalie for making me feel better.

yeah i just linked someone from youtube as a person i pretend i know.

(i love you natalie! and i wish we were best friends!)



my face is swollen from too much sleeping

many weird things happened today, i won’t go in to detail but it was weird and honestly i dont know how to react to it.

i have so many things to post about

i am soooooooooooooo lazy about posting if i have to do screen caps, which is what i thought i had to do when these two videos first came out. (i saw them on the same day) And by now you guys have already seen it everywhere, goodness for youtube, where would i be without you <3

Ok, i just realized the youtube version doesnt have the amazing animation in the beginning

so watch it here” The Beatles: Rock Band CINEMATIC

I dont know that many Beatles songs, but I can imagine how FUN THIS ROCKBANDWOULD BE!!!

i’d have to be singer OF COURSE, since i can’t even play video game instruments.

The best part of this video is the animation style, reminds me of paradise kiss or something.

Also this, the SUPER FLAT FIRST LOVE by TAKASHI MURAKAMI x louis vuitton

I suggest watching it at LV site (which i linked above) instead of streaming it.

i wish i was high when i saw it, i bet it has an incredible effect if you’re high ;D :D
And if anyone know the name of the song / artist please pass it along!

I was never a huge murakami fan, i was like “WHat? this guy’s wack, all japanese people can draw what he draws.” I kinda understand all the hype behind him now. The collaborations the museum showings. i am, in lust with louis vuitton cases, not hand bags, but giant giant luggage sets.

I saw this movie called SPEEDY SCANDAL recently, it’s with that guy that was in My Sassy girl.

The movie wasn’t amazing, but apparently it was a big hit in korea. I CAN KIND OF SEE WHY

HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE BOY?!?!?! They just decided to find the cutest kids in korea and stick them in a movie.

where they both see the women they fell in love with at first sight

the two play a korean gambling game “go stop”

and the older guy getting owned

and this is his expression when he caught him cheating


ok hope everyones doing good

smile :D