A few days ago

Sunday July 26th

I am never hanging out with another person that i feel awkward with so that i can test out my ability to make small talk, and patience. Because, I have neither. I don’t care, screw social etiquette. I am going to go out with people that can make me laugh obnoxiously in public and not those that question the validity of my witty remarks.

Monday July 27th

I worked all day, honestly, I don’t remember anything else that happened.

Tuesday July 28th

Worked, yay the END!

(wait not yet) It’s starting to be mind numbing-ly hot. all I want to do is eat ice cream, which is just phonetically called “Ice” in Japan.

Wednesday July 29th

I worked, then went to the library attempting to catch some A/C. I failed, since the library has horrible A/C. If one thing that south eastern asian countries got right, it’s A/C.

It should be omnipresent, like …. Wi-fi, well, at the moment it isn’t

im looking at you, starbucks, with your paying wi-fi.

Thursday July 30th

Incredibly busy at work, had scallops / shrimp Spaghettini, that’s thinner spaghetti y’know.

On the ride home from the restaurant, had sudden flashbacks of /appear offline/ MSN conversation after a glass of red wine.

Purpose of conversation was lost on me, but I remember words like “I am a phone call away.” and “don’t think too much, I just want to be a good friend for once.”

towards someone that is clearly not the intention of.

oh crap.

7 thoughts on “A few days ago”

  1. Hah I am very terrible with small talk. I’m horrible at it. I just feel socially awkward. I also spent time at the library on Wednesday but the A/C was wonderful.

  2. lots of working huh?! enjoy your day offs alright?! ^^ and i suck at small talk too. i also wish there’s A/C blasting in front of now! and i mean blasting!!!!! xD

  3. It is very known that finnish people are bad at small talk. I think british might be the best at it. Talking about the weather ;)

  4. Urgh, I’m horrible at small talk too… I usually ask way to many questions blab and blab untilt he peson’s eyes glaze over and they think, “Gee… this person is a nut job.” LOL

  5. not a big fan of small talk but i have to do it a lot now since i have to see patients every day =_=;;

    wow you’re working ALOT!

  6. Seriously. Life’s too short to deal with self-indulgent pricks. And empty supportive statements?? That’s just douchey ;(

  7. I totally agree…i am the only one in my family (besides my dad) who doesn’t care what others think of me…i wish my mom would be less stressed out by this…
    i suck at small talk btw..

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