when my hair cutting person was snipping away;

a train of thought of something like this was going through my head

what is happening =_=;;;; I said to keep cutting but I guess she really isn’t stopping huh?

i want layering! LAYERING, is she layering? i can’t see behind my head

okay she stopped

ok work on the bangs

nooo, why is it so frigid, this isn’t 1980s anymore?

was incredibly straight bangs even in fashion in the 80s?

ok it looks not that bad now…

hmm even reminds me a bit of tao now

ok it looks good i think..

is it over yet?!

and on the back it looks like someone who doesn’t know how to use a lawn mower, mowed too much and there is a part missing, although i think it looks kind of cool like that.

i dont think she did it on purpose…

my ‘stylist’ is this middle aged lady that charges 8 bucks for a hair cut so no she didnt know what she was aiming for but her technique is superb but you gota give her some direction to begin with.

hm ok

9 thoughts on “adventurous!”

  1. O.O what happened with your hair?! you should take pictures of it from different angles ok?! but i think you can work through it. thats why i cut my hair…..the last stylist i got really didnt satisfy my taste.

  2. Is it bad that I think it’s pretty edgy of a haircut and it suits your face well? Perhaps I’ve seen enough shaved heads this week to appreciate a haircut! I love your blog :)

  3. i think unruly hair that looks like it’s .. i guess cut randomly looks very cool :) like you cut it yourself..but in the picture, it looks really good :O

  4. YAY! how exciting! my hair is super long, so there is no way i can cut it that short…expecially since its not straight like yours…but if i could i would!!!~

  5. I think it suits you! You’ll prob like the back more when it grows out a tiny bit.

    I always bring in a print out of what I want b/c if I don’t like it I at least feel i did everything possible to control the situation LOL.

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