Alexander Wang for GAP (CFDA/VOGUE)

(i kind of look like a flasher don’t I? don’t worry I was wearing clothes underneath, no you won’t go blind today)

i don’t get to use my employee discount on this so i paid full price like everyone else ok =(

But before knowing that I tried on everything; including the two vena cava dresses and the other jacket which was too short for my liking. I was planning to buy both Alexander Wang jackets and a vena cava dress but in the end I just got this and this was probabally the more fiscally responsible idea; since no discount after all.

it looked sOOO plain when I googled pics for it! I was thinking, seriously? It looks HORRIBLE in pics~ very rumpled up and not at all what it could be in person.

But it was so great when I tried it on! yeah it’s kahki and yeah it’s kind of plain (especially from this picture) but there are really great details on the sleeves and elbows; the sleeves are a lot shorter than they would be normally; therefore it is very fashionable; or so i concluded!

amazing details; retails for about $100 canadian.

quality much better than regular gap stuff

I shoulda cleaned my room bfore taking pics =__=;

(sorry my room is so messy)

it looks bettern worn like this but with leggings or a really long top it looks really good zipped up too!


I was watching this korean drama called Brilliant Legacy and this character wore the VENA CAVA for GAP dress. THE VERY ONE THAT I WAS GOING TO BUY!!!

(crappy screencap sorry)

I will soon blog about this other jacket that I got at gap KIDS! it’s a fraction of the price of this but so chic; I wear XL in GAP kids boys! They have such cool stuff~! And kids stuff is a lot cheaper and when your friends ask you; hey where’d you get it; you can be totally awesome and just say GAP and they’d be like; no i didn’t see that!

yeah that’s right..



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12 thoughts on “Alexander Wang for GAP (CFDA/VOGUE)”

  1. hahahaha I do that too…i go to the kids section for clothes sometimes! it’s so awesome!!! we are smart!!!
    i really like the jacket…it’s very’s dressy yet casual…i like!
    I don’t shop at GAP much…haven’t been to a gap store in over two years!!! ahhhhh..

  2. *cry* I Am so jealous of your trench/coat! It’s lovely and worth every single cent!! I want GAP boo Australia boo! Also that dress is so pretty! I have a pair of trackpants from the kids section… seriously LOL I’m amazed it fit!

    Oh and I’m really bad with CSS haha but you can ask me for help anytime :)

  3. ahhh such a nice jacket D: I don’t think I can find something that nice here?! Or perhaps I’m just lazy and not looking hard enough :/

  4. you guys have QUBIC!
    and apparently they are having some 37% off sale
    uhh next time if you go to qubic; i think fRANK liew the guy who owns qubic is SUPER COOL
    if you see him (asian guy w/ glasses)
    tell him he has a fan in vancouver! :D

  5. The khaki looks so good with the blue & white stripes. Reminds me of being on a boat haha.

    Ahh, that’s so cool that you saw her wearing the same dress! That just solidifies your fashion taste even more. C:

  6. ah man i wish i was small enough to fit into the kids section, sadly my chest won’t allow that. i have a friend who constantly shops at the kids section at h&m, the boys clothes are really much cooler than most of the stuff there.

  7. The jacket is so cool. And yeah, you do remind me of the Flasher. lol
    I also have one jacket which I rarely use because it’s freaking hot in our country. I will look stupid if I wear it then sweating a lot. :) But jacket are handy especially when it’s raining.

    Too bad you didn’t get the chance to avail a discount bec of the employee thingy.

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