emma sitting on a tree

FUN FACT : I sometimes pre-write entries and saves them to be published at a later time; incase i stop having remotely interesting thoughts; not saying that they’re fabulously fabulous right now..

BADASS-ness I haz it

i’m loving this toycamera – analogcolor program (colorizes your photos) that riku recommended on her blog

13 thoughts on “emma sitting on a tree”

  1. Thank you for the fun fact. Actually that’s a really nice tip! During some days I have so many ideas on what to blog about that I could save some of those for the more boring and un-eventful days.

  2. i’ve never climbed a tree before!!!

    i have something like that knife. it’s thinner though. i use it to shave pencils ^^

  3. Do you guys get those hot sauce cms?? Frank’s Red Hot sauce, “I put that shit on everything!” They play over & over & over here in the DC area, hahahaa.

    That toycamera thing is cool!!! I might try it out once I can get on MY computer again XD

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