my bleeding eyes

i had registration today; at 7:30 AM in the morning. It’s a race to see who has faster fingers and faster computers. i lost.

i am on so many waiting lists it’s ridiculous. i know that most of these people WILL drop out before class starts so i am now going to obessess over my schedule until i am in everything that i want to be in.

my eyes hurt; its so early; the sun…..

but i’ll probably go eat mcdonald’s breakfast which i rarely get to do.



BONUS: i’m being really asian and eating miso ramen! yay!

15 thoughts on “my bleeding eyes”

  1. YAY we talked yesterday!! haha~ it was fun~

    those glowing things are cool….and cute~
    i hope you get into all the classses that you need. I hate being on waiting lists. School is very stressful…from passing tests to signing up for classes. UGH!

  2. One – Wickedly awesome glowwy tentacle things, seriously fun stuff!

    Two – Yay for being super awesome and eating a nice bowl of miso ramen!

    Three – Love your nails and their alternate red/black colour combination! I wish I sould stop being lazy and get my nails done up nice. But, yea, procrastination is my best friend!

  3. i remember when i had to register for the Aus Med Students’ convention 2 years ago and i was up all night waiting to see if i got the ticket ~_~;;

    hope you get into those classes!

  4. UUUGH registration is just the biggest load of BS!! I remember having to do it on DIAL-UP!! Needless to say the slow load time hurt my course choices extremely. LOOOL

  5. those light up things are cute!!

    and ugh, i HATE waiting lists. i dont even bother cuz i start worrying and obsesssing…..

    and I LOVE MISO RAMEN! lucky you. hehe you look kawaii!

  6. Those little shakers look fun. I don’t know how I would feel about miso ramen, I love ramen but I hate how miso tastes. Ah, stuck -_-

  7. i gave in to twitter, so now u will have to add me emma.

    juliosparkles =P

    hope u got into the classes u wanted.

  8. I love miso ramen! Ramen is soo filling and warm though :D
    Oh man, those glow ball thingys are cute… rave, anyone? I hope you get into the classes you want though… wtf @ there being overflow + waiting lists, that sounds unfair :/

  9. The shaker pictures are very creative. c:

    That is a huge bowl of miso ramen. It looks delicious. If I had $$ I would go out & eat one. :c

  10. yeah i use to be a lazy mofo when it comes to nails but once you get used to it, you’d have to do it often because once it chips it bugs you and you end up just cleaning it off and starting new

    just do it when you watch TV it’s not that time consuming at all
    though it does take a ridiculous amount of time to dry

  11. hey! I bought those spikey rubberfied glow things for my baby nephew about two weeks ago!

    we have good taste yes we do!

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