quickly, but painfully

ok so i just watched this chinese movie ( it was so artsy and weird; but the women wore louboutins so it’s ok i guess) called “ALL ABOUT WOMEN” and it was about women finding love; and this one woman who is a doctor / scientist made pheormone patches so that this guy would fall in love with her.

naturally; from what i read (on wikipedia) pheromones don’t really work in humans like how they work in animals; so i think her invention won’t really work in real life.

but the moral of the story is basically; if a woman is willing; she’d sacrifice EVERYTHING and make the man she loves fall in love with her; if that means patching herself continuously for the rest of her life so the pheromone won’t wear off.

i remembered this other quote in this other movie (with that guy from american pie) and someone poignantly pointed out that “love is nothing but a bunch of biochemical reactions”.

Naturally; I wikipedia’d that shit!

yeah it is isn’t it? ( click for diagram! )

We learned in physiology labs that if I inject oxytocin and acetylcholine in a rat smooth muscle; the neurotransmitters would induce contractions while if i inject doses of epinephrine; contractions would decline and eventually halt.

i think it doesn’t work like that with “feelings”.

i dont know how but i always manage to send the “wrong message” to people.

my feelings of friendship and care are always interpreted as “love” which is HELLA ANNOYING!!!!

someone told me that if i want to receive care from friends i need to show it first; so that’s what i do and they end up running away from me thinking that i’ve fallen for them.

um no; asshole =_=

p.s. i’ve become a loner; it’s official!!

p.p.s. looking for other loners to hang out with and be loner-ish together by rejecting facebook and MSN but not twitter because only awesome internet people are on twitter and not people that make you feel bad in real life. yay!


my ‘work space’ contents (only a portion; the left side of the laptop which is somewhat centered)

i’m writing this merely because of microserfs; as i read more; im more & more curious about their work spaces; which is vaguely revealed during the novel.

1. origami paper to fold turtles; which is suppose to bring you peace.

2. Nintendo DS lite; pink

3. Sharp EL-510R calculator; the only calculator approved by the faculty of chemistry.

4. Wallpaper magazine subscription cards from the MADE IN CHINA issue; damn my non-US address to be able to save 65% off the cover price!

5. stack of post-its from staples

6. Uplifting Mandarin body lotion from the body shop; doesn’t work that well but it smells like long island ice tea.

7. Free Frank’s REDHOT’s original sauce (19 mL) that I recieved on the street; pretty cool if you ask me

8. cards? from uniqlo UT tshirts that I recently recieved.

9. Daruma Hi-chew; dare not eat!

10. Blistex Lip Conditioner; the shit;

11. Glasses (pair 1; pair 2) from urban outfitters; meh hehehe

12. A journal that I should write in every day but instead i summarize my weeks instead.