i’ve been busy and been too tired to blog; i didn’t ever think i could be too tired to blog but apparently so!

i’ve been working more; starting at 9:45 AM in the morning; that doesnt sound that bad except that i can’t sleep at night even when i feel like my arms and legs are about to fall off. i have a bit of insomnia . . a bit

p.s. i think i’m gonna be a workaholic when i grow up

i mean i hate am not that enthusiastic about my job (i’m a student so i work retail atm) but it’s ok; im hoping that i can find something that i love and just work work work! work somehow feels very liberating, don’t need to worry about life but just work.

did that sound really sad?

what else; oh since harry potter is coming out soon; i’ve been trying to marathon the first 5 movies with my coworkers; we only managed 2 the other day; tomorrow night hopefully we’ll finish it off (given that i get off work at 6 pm and they’re 3 hours EACH!)

the other day I was at the library; and saw this article; despite it poorly written it was kind of amusing.


I can’t help but agree a little bit (even though I do buy into the culture quite a bit)

I also bought NUMERO TOKYO today; I felt thoroughly unimpressed by it; especially it being a Japanese magazine, or maybe because it had a very westernized format; editorials; some shopping sections and nothing like the usual magazines that we find; like SOUP or CUTiE.

It’s a really old issue; December 2008 but there are still gorgeous photos that i’m very willing to scan sometime when I get a chance to! Though this is much more high fashion than Japanese fashion.

I went to eat kimchi hotpot soup today; this stuff is awesome, even in the hot weather it’s AWESOME. It’s not even legit korean style but it’s so goooood!

and i’ve tweeted about this; but i’m gonna ask this here again; what do you guys think about this hairstyle? btw the model is the lovely tao okamoto (her ameblo); very hot property right now! she’s super adorable and walks for Alexander Wang and the likes.

is it too runway? ?? ? incase you forgot what my hair looks like..

something like this.. yuck, and i’ve tied it up so it’s kind of short as it is..! i’m going to recolor it for sure; probably dark brown and i need to cut and cut and cut some more! also~ my hair is super thin so probably won’t be good for a cut like that, but what do you guysss thinkkk?

Also if you have any suggestions of short/chic/cute haircuts that you think i would look good in ; please link an image! though not perming; i can’t perm right now :/ it’s called being poor and that japanese salons charge an arm and a leg for it.

and i’ll try to visit everyone soon!! :D

12 thoughts on “workaholic”

  1. i’m all for the short/cropped hair as you know! :D

    i like the hairstyle; it is almost pixie-cut-like but not quite. i think you can play the hair up to be really edgy and it definitely suits your clothing style.

  2. For some reason the model reminds me of Faye Wong o__o idky
    The style could work on you? I don’t see why not? your face is thin enough~ (well not fat)

  3. Hmm… I think you could potentially pull off the short hairstyle… it looks hot. Nice and clean-lined. But the biggest problem with haircuts like that is the maintenance though? As for HP … saw it last night :D

  4. Haha wouldn’t we all love to find a job that we actually enjoy doing?

    If you find one, let me know, ’cause I’d like to try it too :P

  5. HARRY POTTER~ i liked it better than the other ones~ had to wait in line for many many hours ;_______;

    don’t cut it that short!! i like the lenght you have now!!!

  6. oohhh a harry potter marathon >3 i did that too when i got back from cali LOL! ill watch the movie on monday though~ *sighs* anyway…just dye it…but not cut. maybe trim a few bit of inches? it looks good on you ^^

  7. Your nails are so long!! & prettttty

    I totally know what you mean. You’re just so exhausted you can’t be bothered to type, let alone edit photos!

    I don’t think it’s too runway at all. Just do it!! Or you’ll always wonder XD

  8. That hairstyle will definitely suit your face shape :). But i’m not sure if the hairstyle is too short (to me it is), but if you are into short hairstyles then thats something new and refreshing, so go for it :D.

  9. I stumbled on your blog & I’ll probably be a regular visitor now!
    I read Numero Tokyo sometimes. There’s not a lot of content, but I like it for its editorials.
    As for the haircut, I think it’ll suit you very well :]

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