yeah ok like this


VENA CAVA x GAP DRESSS , I bragged earlier about purchasing the Alexander Wang jacket, and my want of the dress but it was expensive and i’m financially challenged so i chose the jacket over the dress.

it looks pretty good on me eh? I’m not one for dresses but i love this design.

My mom poignantly pointed out (while I was trying it on) that this is the first time that i’ve looked like a girl.

I thank her for her brutal honesty.

Also here’s a reallllly coooool look at Lisa Mayock (one half of Vena Cava)’s AWESOME apartment! so grown up, so chic, somewhere that they wouldn’t let me in.

I said that I love bookshelves, i also have a fanboy like fetish about work spaces.

I don’t know why but I like looking at people’s desks and the contents of their bags and how they write in their planners, perhaps it’s just because im incredibly nosy….. O_O!

(photo via fastcompany)

Out of sight, Out of mind may be true in some occasions but having clutter helps the mind to be creative (read full article here)

Whether it will be or not I don’t know but I like not having to de-clutter.

all my stuff makes me who i am, I need my STUFFSS!!

(yeah, ixnay on the friends…who needs IRL people?) (insert emoticon for smile)

BONUS: a music video / song that portrays a real life situation and or problem.

12 thoughts on “yeah ok like this”

  1. *cries* You have no idea how insaely jealous I am of you right nowwwwwwwww! You look fantastic in it! Totally love biege with your skin tone :)

  2. the dress is lovely :) the design is nice
    i LOVE looking at people’s desks :D i just like to look at what they have too. i look at my mom’s desk a lot and my brother’s too.

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