Saturday People

BLUE RIBBON! –> LOL, it’s cheap..and i like domestic beer. I don’t care if my friends make fun of me *__* I can’t afford heineken!

Drove down to the casino so we could (well i could) take the new train to the airport! I got off at the wrong station and was separated from my friend =_= I had to wait 10 minutes in the dark night ALONE! While everyone on the train laughed.. “HaHA SHE DIDNT MAKE IT!!”

Apparently the train is made in korea~~ now we can re-enact all our favorite korean drama scenes, esp the ones from my sassy girl :D

doesnt it look like the talking tree in Pocahontas??

My friend had a coupon for the new ANGRY WHOPPER!

Ended the night with some kick the can!

outfit if anyone cares: Shoes – Vans. Pants - Vena Cava x GAP Tshirt - Beard & Bangs Cardigan - random Bracelet – present from inner mongolia :D Necklace – Vivienne Westwood

good looking street accessories

i think FASHION SNAP is my favorite japanese street fashion photography website! Because it has less of the usual “weird” and “unique” outfits that you may see murdered by people like gwen stefani and more of the well executed everyday basics that could be fashionable in any city in the world! The site is also great because they actually have links for certain brands instead of just listing them. Very useful if you have a certain brand in mind and might want to see some of their goods.

And Just good looking boys (and well dressed!) :D Here are some of my faves :D

Click on the photo to go to the original page.

i love the jacket and the bike, it says it’s from American Apparel but i’ve never seen anything so non-metro sexual there before. He looks like he is…strong but very sensitive! Probably would catch him reading novels at a bookstore!

Looks like he’s well prepared for the winter! A hippy look without going too far. Ironic that he rolls his pants while wearing such a thick scarf, totally something that I would do! I also really like the accessories he has on his belt. He looks like he is the type that would go to a poetry reading, also probably enjoys napping more than anything else. Only has to go outside if necessary.

yellow shorts are hard to pull off, not to mention SUCH short shorts. He does it with cleanliness and ease! Also like the new balance and the good looking size headphones. He looks like he is … easy to talk to and probably knows a lot of good record stores and indie bands. Or perhaps he likes rap.

Asian people should not dye their hair blonde!! which is the usual case. but it looks natural and effortless here. I also like the extra black shorts which doesn’t make him look stout, but goes well with the batman tshirt. With anything else, the tshirt would have looked too small/tight but it balances well with the longer shorts. He looks like he is..good at basketball!

Cool looking gaijin. He wears a lot of dark colors but without looking bland. Using a lot of diffrent textures and materials (the scarf and the leather jacket) can bring together the over all look. Also love the light mustard yellow bag, something neutral but colorful! He looks like he is ..good at drinking, and will probably challenge you anytime!

Very clean cut! I normally do not agree with the rolled pants x socks showing. But he does it reallllly well here, probably because his socks has a blue and yellow stripe which can be seen right below the cuff of the kakhis. I also like his hair style and glasses. his outfit was probably also the cheapest! Saving money but not style :D He looks like he is … the cool guy everyone wants to befriend, probably also a good listener.

annoyed but alive

i’m not really busy or anything but i can’t find a good topic to talk about. Other than the usual: social awkwardness, quitting facebook, difficult people at work, etc..

do you say etc in real life? sometimes when i talk, it’s like..blahblah etcetera and people ask me, ETC WHAT?!?!

and im like, oh, nothing??

did you know FOREVER 21 in canada is called XXI forever? for some reason it feels like a real grand gesture to use roman numerals.

either way.

dead or alive

hope everyone’s doing well.

P.S. I am sitting on my toilet, and yeah that’s my roll of toilet paper


The 12 most annoying types of facebook users – which one are you?

(i can’t believe CNN made a “quiz” on this)

Not much of a quiz but I think all of us have contributed in more than one way to the junk that is internet status updating.

ahh okay, yeah i’m really bad, REALLY BAD when it comes to status updates.

it’s different for me on twitter because it feels safer, less IRL people, and more internet savvy folks that enjoy le musique et le art, so i can tweet about stuff like, giant gundams.

facebook is horrible for me because it has real life people in it, real life people that has seen you falling asleep in class, drinking a water bottle then laughing then all the water comes out of the nose and so on.

and there are people that i fancy on facebook!!!

so i do a lot of emo status updates then delete them immediately, so fast it might not even show up in your mini-feed. it’s so bad, im like a half-closet emo.

my problem solving to facebook is logging out of it on my ipod touch, so if i have to log in i have to use its horribly cramped keyboard and type in my extremely long login email which i really don’t want to; thus avoiding SOME embarassment.

oh here’s a tip for everyone: don’t block people on facebook!!!! because if you regret it and you unblock them they don’t automatically go back to your friends list, they aren’t your friend anymore then there’s the extremely awkward question of “why’d you delete me?” so in the end people that i block then end up regretting is blocked anyway because i don’t want to deal with the “hey how come we aren’t friends on fb anymore” possible conversation, ESPECIALLY since the person i blocked last night i have deleted once and i have HAD the “why’d u delete me?” convo once already and 2nd time around makes me look like the most petty person on earth.

anyways, so the person that i blocked really don’t like me, i’ve attempted some MSN-ing which never goes anywhere because i never get a reply. a lot of people dislike me, but this one just avoids me, which pisses me off.

i prefer real talk, like “hey emma, you’re soooo effing annoying, leave me alone OK?!?!”

and i’d be like “yeah sure you douchebag.”

and everyone’s back to normal.

ok that’s enough, i think im going to stick to twitter and appear offline MSN-ing, safe, no indecent exposure, no more wanting to talk to someone then regret doing it.

because believe it or not, im smooth as smoothie in real life, and absolute FAILURE on the internet.

yeah i just said smooth as smoothie.

how to deal with difficult people

there was an episode of The Office where Phyllis googled “how to deal with difficult people” and tried the tactics on Angela, who makes me cringe every time she appears on screen and i forgot how the episode ended.

there are so many types of difficult people, i need countless tactics to deal with them, more than all the moves on street fighter IV. but i think the way i do it is pretty good, mostly ignoring and indifference and plus most people dislike / are scared of me.

i wasn’t going to blog today because i dont have an interesting and conversation provoking image to post. I wish I took a picture of the jar of smashed jam outside the train station, it was perfect but i only had a crappy cell phone cam at the time and it was hot.

so if you follow me on twitter (which you should !!! plug plug plug) you’d know that i didn’t get the job with apple =(

i really dont think it was any fault of my own, my school schedule collided heavily with their training schedule. if it weren’t for that i’m a shoe in, i would be the perfect apple employee, here are some reasons why.

  • i look excellent in blue OR orange
  • i have a variety of excellent, limited edition sneakers that are attention grabbing and directed to the apple customer demographic
  • i have 3 years of experience in dealing with angry pissed off customers, which do not speak english, are over the age of 50 and will refuse to listen to reason.
  • apple gets quite busy and i am really small so i take minimal space
  • i have a sense of urgency and i speak incredibly fast, showing customers that not only their computers not lag, nor their employees.

but alas, school > apple job and apple hiring team pwned me.


i saw Watchmen and 17 again

meh on both, whoever said 17 again had an AMAZING storyline doesn’t know what the story was about but that zac was in it. Ok zac looked FINE in his white tshirt and audi R8 but the story wasn’t amazing and yes zac was FINE!

Watchmen was so long, and the sex scene was so unnecessary, i was embarrassed because my mom was right beside me cooking dinner, ok i honestly didn’t even pay enough attention to follow the storyline. The only thing that remotely kept my attention was the girl that played the nasty sister in 27 dresses, she had brown hair in this one!


i still have to post a picture

“how good one is playing mario kart while drunk”

i wrote a few things about my favorite / scorn-worthy books here

ok i earn less than $10 an hour

this picture pretty much sums up last night, oh also which was the first time i drove to and back without anyone else, it was safe and i think that’s all that matters.

work was pretty bad today, not customers, but the usual other shit anyways, that’s ok, i work and i know what the world is like.

i read on twitter about people watching this show called NYC prep it’s like reality series of the gossip girls.

Here are my favorite quotes from the first episode (not verbatim).


“Like I HAVE to get into harvard.”

If you can’t get in, then we’ll make some phone calls and make it happen.”

“But I want to get in based on skill!” yes i am sure your family name does NOT matter AT ALL!

“We’re not rich rich, like we’re not billionaires, but we’re probably in the top percent, maybe top half percent.”

“My mom doesn’t understand that I need to socialize, I need to like, maintain my status.” — says what I assume is the only poor girl in the series that goes to a prep school?

“This pattern was two seasons ago, everyone knows it, this HAS TO GO.”

“Wow these clothes are really cheap, like 300 dollars.”

“I have a credit card, I don’t know how much I spend in a month. My mom has never worked a day in her life.”

these kids all need a beating, im not remotely rich and i am grateful for what i have…

but damn the show is addictive!

back to school / back to work

i recently found out about this blog called FASHION TOAST. She has amazing shoes, AMAZING!!

It doesn’t hurt that she’s kind of pretty too, so needless to say her blog is popular. i’m sure she has someone helping her with photos. But man, it’s tiring to take photos for a blog, of yourself that is.

So I thought i’d try and do an entry like hers.

I’m not as hot as rumi, sorry and all my clothes are non-designer and generic!


Baseball shirt: OLD NAVY boys (yes go to the children’s section) Shorts: Banana Republic Knee-Highs: Vivienne Westwood Shoes: Nike x Nylon Glasses: Urban Outfitters Prop: carbon ring

BACK TO WORK (or never left)

Denim: Gap premium Always Skinny (my new love) Shirt: Men’s at BLUE NOTES Suspenders: random shop in japan Pearls: “Chanel” Glasses: Urban Outfitters Prop: useless softbank phone =((((


I’d buy pretty much anything endorsed by jackie