how to deal with difficult people

there was an episode of The Office where Phyllis googled “how to deal with difficult people” and tried the tactics on Angela, who makes me cringe every time she appears on screen and i forgot how the episode ended.

there are so many types of difficult people, i need countless tactics to deal with them, more than all the moves on street fighter IV. but i think the way i do it is pretty good, mostly ignoring and indifference and plus most people dislike / are scared of me.

i wasn’t going to blog today because i dont have an interesting and conversation provoking image to post. I wish I took a picture of the jar of smashed jam outside the train station, it was perfect but i only had a crappy cell phone cam at the time and it was hot.

so if you follow me on twitter (which you should !!! plug plug plug) you’d know that i didn’t get the job with apple =(

i really dont think it was any fault of my own, my school schedule collided heavily with their training schedule. if it weren’t for that i’m a shoe in, i would be the perfect apple employee, here are some reasons why.

  • i look excellent in blue OR orange
  • i have a variety of excellent, limited edition sneakers that are attention grabbing and directed to the apple customer demographic
  • i have 3 years of experience in dealing with angry pissed off customers, which do not speak english, are over the age of 50 and will refuse to listen to reason.
  • apple gets quite busy and i am really small so i take minimal space
  • i have a sense of urgency and i speak incredibly fast, showing customers that not only their computers not lag, nor their employees.

but alas, school > apple job and apple hiring team pwned me.


i saw Watchmen and 17 again

meh on both, whoever said 17 again had an AMAZING storyline doesn’t know what the story was about but that zac was in it. Ok zac looked FINE in his white tshirt and audi R8 but the story wasn’t amazing and yes zac was FINE!

Watchmen was so long, and the sex scene was so unnecessary, i was embarrassed because my mom was right beside me cooking dinner, ok i honestly didn’t even pay enough attention to follow the storyline. The only thing that remotely kept my attention was the girl that played the nasty sister in 27 dresses, she had brown hair in this one!


i still have to post a picture

“how good one is playing mario kart while drunk”

i wrote a few things about my favorite / scorn-worthy books here

10 thoughts on “how to deal with difficult people”

  1. sorry about not getting the apple job. i know what you mean when school interfers with work. no one likes taking on med students b/c they know we are only available for a wee bit of the week and are only there for short term until we become doctors.

    OMGosh i saw watchmen on the plane from italy to australia and nearly died. it was sooooooooooooooo bad! i was so shocked. the storyline was all over the place and it could’ve ended at so many points. it was sooo bad i had to call my friend from 2 seats down and he sat in the aisle while we chatted about its epic crappiness in the dark D:

  2. I crap, I need a interesting and conversation provoking image to blog then??? Fail on my part, hhahahaa.

    It wasn’t any character flaw as to why you didn’t get the job. So many people interviewed, I think it just boiled down to statistics & chance =Y.

  3. Oh believe me, the sex scene is just as awkward in the comic too, but thankfully one can read that privately. I’ve always wanted to work with apple too, but customers are just as rude there as they are at my job, and I am slowly losing patience with people on a day to day basis so that is a no go for me :(

  4. Oh man, I do some color work for comic books and whenever a comic book movie comes out people are all like “WHAT DID YOU THINK”

    Watchmen is so depressing – the entire graphic novel makes me just sad! Seeing it with real people doesn’t help at all haha

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the job – Don’t give up! I’m going to follow you on le Tweet, I’m moduslotus :)

  5. LOL! One of my favourite Office quotes. It didn’t end very nicely:

    Phyllis: I want to understand what you’re saying, but it’s difficult for me when you use that tone.
    Angela: Phyllis, these are spoons. Spoons have rounded tops and are used to scoop things. What we need are forks, which have prongs or tiny spears on top. And we need knives, which have blades. Do you understand me now?
    Phyllis: Yes.
    Angela: Goody.

    Once again, sorry about not getting the job! I’m sure there’s something much better for you out there. Keep looking ’cause you have lots of experience and heaps of companies would love to have you on board!

  6. It’s okay Emma~ you tried your best and ehhh apple~ ^_________^ cheer up~~ I love your reasons why though..hahahaha they are great~~~

  7. Yeah, school schedules tend to ruin things like that ;_; Is there a work study program at your school?

    hehe thanks for reminding me not to watch those movies XD *hides*

  8. You’re right, school is a priority! Go to school, get a nice degree, and get a BETTER job and show Apple what’s up! Or just get a job at Microsoft and rub that money in their faces.

  9. LOL!! yes that’s right microsoft has MONEY MOOLAHHHH!! who cares about all the haters on youtube or all the stupid hipsters and their stupid macbooks, we have money and we are gonna be the uncool kids with the money
    but i still want an iphone lol..

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