shake shake SHAKE?

my friend asked me about the shake to shuffle function on the 3.0+V OS for ipodtouch/iphone

i demonstrated, it demonstrated by not doing it, i shook again, and again, eventually it gave in and changed songs.

i listen to my ipod a LOT A LOT A LOT since i take the bus to school and it’s a pretty long ride.

in the mornings, it takes about 40 minutes to get to school and im usually very much so at peace, i can listen to any song on shuffle and i won’t angrily smudge my oily finger prints on the screen by repeatedly pressing “fwd”or the two triangles.

it’s a very different case on the way home, since the 40 minutes swelled up some water and expanded to 1 hour and more sometimes. it’s crowded too needless to say.

i am very bad at not noticing my environment so yes i do notice all the highschool students, talking, swearing, yelling…

i can’t be at peace, so there’s a lot of angry forwarding..which made me think

what am i skipping to? it’s not as if there was a song that i really wanted to listen to, i would be listening to it. instead, i am skipping songs in the hopes that something better will come along and pierce my boredom a little bit; it doesn’t happen. so the 1 hour + usually is spent skipping songs on my ipod..

i think that’s what i am doing lately too; skipping, skipping some more, waiting for better things, better people to come along. nobody, nothing comes along; not because i am unlucky or DOOMED because nothing better can come along unless I adjust to the current life that i lead.

so yeah, don’t bitch about life, just live it and be happy with it, at least you aren’t dead..

rmb that tshirt that i got??

so yeah, i can’t stop listening to TEGAN and SARA’s new album “sainthood” specifically their song “HELL”


i also am listening to this cool band called MONSTERS OF FOLK

i wish i could tell you a cool story of how i found this band, here we go, i ordered some coffee and while i was waiting at starbucks it was the pick of the week..

and there you have it

im not preaching, im just sayin’


hahaha i love this so much!

shiseido’s new UNO FOG BAR is telling you to switchh! no more wax and gel for guys, yeah actually it is pretty revolting

i love this campaign so much :D :D :D

adorable boys and good looking suits in ENGLAND!

i think they are supposedly portraying the beatles!!

(btw my site sometimes disconnects itself from the server, i dont know why and there’s probably no way to fix it other than waiting for it to go back up itself..)

ah swooon~

i dont know who Haruma Miura is but



and mr. perfect himself TSUMABUKI SATOSHI

can you imagine how much fun they had shooting this CM while in england?!

ahhh cuties

im such a girl today, :P it’s friday i guess

the underachiever!

i just finished reading this book (when i say just i meant a month ago) called THE UNDERACHIEVER’S DIARY by BENJAMIN ANASTAS

here’s the excerpt from the inside flap

this is the diary of william, a devout undrachiever. he lives by the following principles.

1. Alone in an age of increasing competition and dminished possibilities, the underachiever, when faced with doing battle, will forfeit rather than draw blood in the modern arena. He is powerless, and deliberately weak.

2. the underachiever is misanthropic by default. he will use negativity as his greatest weapon, and reserve the right to criticize all that is exalted in both secular and religiou society. he lives at a calculated distance from the mainstream, longing secretly to be included, while, at the same time, voicing his contempt for those who play by the rules, that is, achievers of the garden variety, and especially his nemesis, he overachiever.

3. Rather than saying “Yes, yes” to life, the underachiever will say ” No, thank you.” If pressed, he will turn belligerent.

4. Underachievers are not to be confused with younger, slower brothers of southern presidents, like Billy Carter and rogter clinton. these gentlemen do the best with whatver genetic leftovers they’ve been given, while the underachiever is entrusted with a master key to opportunity’s home office, and misplaces it.

5. If the underachiever were a mixed drink, he would be dry martini, one part obscurity (vermouth), three parts unhappiness (gin).

i really want to be an antihero like william and underachieve with my mightiest, but i can’t, it’s too hard, i can’t even achieve to underachieve.

on another topic completely unrelated

the dragonette “parodied” Calvin Harris’ THE GIRLS with their own version “THE BOYS”

i missed their live on saturday night because there was no one to go with and i was pretty sick.

(i can’t embed THE GIRLS, so i linked it above)

i like platinum blond boys. there’s this european looking guy in one of my classes, he’s SO european looking and yes he’s quite cute. but apparently he’s american! and i blink a few times too many when i see his platinum blond hair.


i really want platinum blonde hair, i dont thnk i can pull it off, but im very much planning to chop my hair off like spock, i mean tao okamoto

i also like red haired boys like calvin harris, at the beginning of THE GIRLS video, he looks so confused, like

uh, why am i here, who are all these wigged people, okay, we’re shooting a video, did we start? what okay. i’m not drunk, and yes im scottish. :D

ah calvin, you’re too damn cute.

i know no one wants to read my book reviews..

ack you guys

The conversation went like this the first time we saw these

Emma (E): So how come i’ve never seen these before?

Friend (F): uhh i dont know, these started growing after this area was fenced off…

E: we probably never saw them because art students took them and ate it

F: *snickers*

E: Should we eat them too?

F: No? maybe i should bring these to my pharmacy class

E: i bet you’ll be cool then..

F: hahaha, we’d better leave before we get into trouble @_@

E: ..but i want…. okay

These pictures are late, i never got a chance to take a picture of the GIANT mario mushroom, it literally looked like the power-up mushroom. yes it was that epic. And by the time i came around again w/ my camera, someone went and did this..

oh yeah i also went skating

never take me skating, EVER

i had fun though, i felt bad for my friend, all i wanted to do was not skate..

MODE: distress

i wish i bought more Beard & Bangs tees before they stopped printing..

personal note: i was in a bad mood last night, this morning i woke up with a cold and i have to go to work in a few hours T__T but i feel better, because i looked at a lot of art this morning.

art is amazing, it makes you feel good without even doing anything, it sits there, it stands there, even on a computer screen it widens your world.

and i kind of realized how insignificant my problems are, not even really problems. if you feel crappy or someone did you wrong, go look at some art !

that’s my suggestion, it was a cheesy day today huh, full of cheese and mushrooms. Time to make an omelette!

P.S. i’ve also been updating the domain like there’s no tomorrow. yeah go read, k thnx

the white tiger & the magicians

This is one of those entries that’s photo-less and i type a LOT so skip if you must!

i never read hype books, that means if i see this book recommended too often by half-assed bloggers and is constantly on amazon’s top 10, i won’t read it.

thats not true, new york’s best seller’s list is pretty much my go-to-list for novels nowadays. i mean if they live in new york they must know what they are talking about.

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wouldn’t it be nice?

so my friend and i went to Vancouver international film festival and saw CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (above trailer) and it was so funny, and yes it made me tear up a bit here and there.

then we went to this new izakaya called kakurenbou? it was amazing, the food was good but the ambience and the decor was just amazing. it was styled like traditional japanese izakayas maybe in the 30s? Everything on the menu was really old school and there was a faux roof of a parler on the inside.

ah i try to do so many jumping pics, although this one is in mid-air im not fully in the frame..

im pretty bad obviously, look at ALL THAT FOAM


tori karrage = chicken cartilage

grilled squid

SAKURA sashimi aka HORSE RAW!

something pork cheek

taiwanese ramen , i dont know what made it taiwanese but ok

vanilla ice cream (tastes home made) + some red bean thing

saw this weird shoe art thing at the station, i think my shoes can challenge that easy!

kanpai hope everyone had a nice weekend!

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

i know this movie isn’t new but i’ve seen the trailer at least 50 times.

im waiting for the DVD to come out because when the movie was in theaters i was in a bad bad phase where i didn’t want to go outside.

i am a cross between the boy and the girl. i am more like Summer in that i don’t believe in eternal but like the boy, i want a sweeping romance!


ah chanced encounter in the elevator, i’m waiting for you.