to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

i know this movie isn’t new but i’ve seen the trailer at least 50 times.

im waiting for the DVD to come out because when the movie was in theaters i was in a bad bad phase where i didn’t want to go outside.

i am a cross between the boy and the girl. i am more like Summer in that i don’t believe in eternal but like the boy, i want a sweeping romance!


ah chanced encounter in the elevator, i’m waiting for you.

11 thoughts on “to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die”

  1. Ah, I can’t wait to go see it! It just came out today in NZ! There was a special preview earlier this week but didn’t go coz was busy with uni~ >_<

    I’d also like to get the dvd! :)

  2. Oh man I am waiting for the DVD too. I am not one to sit in a theater for 2+ hours, a DVD is so much better. I wanted to see the movie for Zoey, but after seeing several trailers, I fell for the story as well :D

  3. I had free tickets to see this last Tuesday.
    I can definitely side with Summer with the cynism and all.
    But I wish Tom was a little more aggressive in showing HIS love to Summer, that HIS love was all she needed.
    He had her right under his nose, and then she disappeared. =(

  4. Haha I always get nervous about movies that feel “too stylish” for their own good – like they worry more about the soundtrack than the film. But I think this one really is more than that (waiting for it on dvd, too!)

    Yay elevator encounter!

  5. I’ve wanted to see this movie for the longest time but nobody wanted to go with me! I think I’m more like the guy though I wish I could be cool like Summer. I’m going to get it on DVD as well.

  6. ah~ 500 days of summer. good movie, but i can’t exactly say i loved it. though i love the soundtrack. :) idk. i’m not a big fan of girls like summer..

  7. SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!! I’m like the guy.
    “ah chanced encounter in the elevator, i’m waiting for you.”
    me 2 waiting… & WAITING..

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