im addicted to this feeling, the RUSH of meeting someone new.

it doesn’t hurt that you’re so stylish and cute

my smudged eyeliner and awkward posture

while you were SO articulate and cool

too bad we won’t even be friends

but i’d like to meet you again

unfortunately looking from the outside in


p.s. i always develop crushes on the most unlikelist prospects..!

p.p.s. yes i like lady gaga quite a bit


Having beef for dinner; but not boeuf bourguignon

Please listen to this while you read this

(kind of gives you that floating on clouds feeling huh?)

I dont know what I was thinking and I ended up watching JULIE & JULIA after school today.

It was absolutely brilliant, a literal feast for the eyes!

the Julie part was kind of boring for me, I didn’t really care for Amy Adams or her unconvincing hair cut.

I mean if you’ve seen her animated, as a princess, rescued by a prince (played by Patrick Dempsey no less) and this was all produced by DISNEY? She just doesn’t seem like the tomboy type..!

Her husband WAS too good for her. I wish he did leave her (and people say I’m bitter! LOL!)

But Merryl Streep! Was every convincing bit as she could be! I did remember watching Julia Child when we use to have Food Network. The way she talked was talking from the stomach, kind of like santa.

Either way, it’s a pretty feel good movie, another kind of “you can do anything if you love it and have passion” and sure enough, i think it’s true.

you know i had to

i LOVE satoshi tsumabuki…!

you already knew that though right…

he’s featured on the recent issue of Men’s Non No AGAIN! That magazine is godly

he looks SO SMEXY and grown up here…

(note: i NEVER EVER talk like this, so yeah. smexy)

did i mention that he’s perfect reincarnated?

scans from here

and on another note…

exciting bit starts after 3 minute mark…

for BBC; they inadvertendly? advertised a German car (note: the NEW GOLF)



every time i passed by a book with the word jade in the title, you know that the author is an eastern asian person.

asian authors, who write in english, focus mainly on the experiences that a normal north american might encounter but in an asian perspective

and the stereotypes all roll out

or perhaps a lot of asian authors write books that are about everyday Americans, whether Asian or not, but because of their inherent heritage, it would seem unconvincing for them to write about something that they may not have the full capacity of?

If i ever write a book, i should use a pseudoname, just because in case i decide to not write about my attic house above our grocery store in chinatown, it would be more convincing for the readers…

( i kid, i live in the suburbs.. )

i brought this up because i finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK today.The book is about first impressions, or thin-slicing, and your unconscious being incredibly judgmental. One thing that you gota love about Malcolm’s work is that he writes so convincingly, whether you trust what he’s saying or not, he makes you believe it, at least all that while.

and here’s my mini rant about kindle

i think it’s a good idea, that and digital paper or electronic ink or whatever technology they are hiding behind doors over at Xerox.

not killing trees, saving paper, maximize the number of books you can carry without increasing weight, all good stuff

But kindle is a freakin’ piece of plastic, you can’t proudly display your book collection in your damn kindle, you can’t make cute marginal notes in your kindle (on post-its of course).

i can’t feel the anticipation of flipping pages in a kindle, i assume you press some kind of touch screen button.

Reading for me is all about ANTICIPATING the unknown, and i can feel the pages getting thinner and thinner, but that damn piece of plastic will ruin it for me.

i guess kindle is better because people are really buying it, they BUY IT and they BUY books, because now it’s at a fractional of the price and it’s send wirelessly to their machine and you can get free books too!

But, until I have to, I will not succumb to kindle!!

you hear me?!?!

edit: i may have spoken too harshly about the kindle / sony reader / the ALEX? / nook by B&N? everyone’s got one nowadays. i think the kindle and such e-readers are great fro disposable books (like jenny said in commentS) and TEXTBOOKS!

i think the university (at least the ones i go to) is too greedy to adopt such a system where they can sell books for less, so much for wanting to be a ‘green’ university :/

im willing to purchase a e-reader if all future textbooks will be able to be bought on the e-reader, further more they can’t charge full price of the textbooks as an electronic edition, FURTHER MORE they can’t force students to buy an e reader if they don’t want to

i guess that sounds like a pretty big investment and a lot of admin works, but at least No more lines at the beginning of the semester!


MUWAHAHAHAHA! Does any other city have Absolut edition vodkas?

this made me so psyched that I ran out and bought it :D I still have a 1.5L bottle of Smirnoff left in my kitchen, shhh don’t let the Absolut hear (it lives on my desk)

I was sleepy then I thought, yeah it’d be a good idea to sleep Non?

but then i started to read over some notes, then i couldn’t stop and here i am, blogging at 1 am because i dont know what tired means.

oh yeah!

i got quite a few reactions when i posted the 500 Days of Summer trailer and I finally saw the movie a few weeks back.

what can i say, if i met a boy that behaved like Summer, he’d never have kids (if you catch my drift)

Perhaps this isn’t the reaction, or the point of the movie, it is after all a Story about Love and not a Love Story, but no matter what her excuse is.

and yeah i agree perhaps GJL (gordon-joseph-levitt) could have been more agressive; but summer could have been less of a bitch ( i love you zooey! :D)

i just felt like summer lead him on, on and on and on, while clearly knowing how he feels about her, and that’s pure untained love, albeit he was blinded by love and it probably wasn’t what he thought it was..

honestly i dont think fighting for her would have made the problem go away.

it’s not right to treat someone like that, and i know, and I KNOW.

yeah, you know who you are, asshole

and good night :D

P.S. SHOUT OUT to my 2 new subscribers on RSS! I went from sad digits of 22 to 24! Thank you for making me so happy!

how was your night?

look what i got, Rebecca, Carol + LOK got this for me for my 21st birthday! I have been eyeing for a lomo camera but i’ve been too cheap and too poor from all the clothes purchasing to buy one for myself.

what lovely friends they are!

i had a blast, it was seriously ridiculously fun, i always feel awkward about inviting people to stuff, what if they don’t come? or worse, just say no to my face?!

ah rejection, you’re a harsh friend, more harsh than Trouble (cue Trouble is a Friend by Lenka)

this photo pretty much summarizes up the night, but since you want more, go here

(and now i feel conflicted…)

are you guys self-conscious about posting unflattering pictures of yourself on facebook or the net?

i use to

then i adopted a new outlook

so now i don’t

i dont want to sound like a hallmark card but moments are fleeting so you better not care about loosing face or pride

i know i must seem really strange because i use to be the queen of emo posts but now im so positive.

maybe positive isn’t the right word but more like indifferent.



btw, the jacket is SOLD OUT even the baby sizes, so no stella for me =(