im addicted to this feeling, the RUSH of meeting someone new.

it doesn’t hurt that you’re so stylish and cute

my smudged eyeliner and awkward posture

while you were SO articulate and cool

too bad we won’t even be friends

but i’d like to meet you again

unfortunately looking from the outside in


p.s. i always develop crushes on the most unlikelist prospects..!

p.p.s. yes i like lady gaga quite a bit


14 thoughts on “BAD ROMANCE”

  1. i adore your rings (& lady gaga too; did you know bad romance was about falling in love with your friend)

    i’ve forgotten what that “rush” feels like.

  2. (im sorry that the replies dont work anymore so i’ll just type here while i’ll fix it during break)

    BUT NO i didnt know that BAD romance was about that..

  3. Also miss the rush of liking someone *SIGH* We’re all destined to be lonely souls! Haha. Also LOVE your owl ring, I’ve been looking for one and hot dang I’m going to find it!

  4. How crazy! I’ve had Bad Romance stuck in my head all morning.


    And I have one of those To-fu thingies, too :D Mine is Evirob!

  5. My sister is obsessed with Lady Ga Ga at the moment, so I’m at the opposite end cause it’s getting so annoying with her wanting to play her music all the time haha~
    I love your rings~ and I’ve told you already how I love your colorful keyboard….jealoussss

  6. i currently have celebrity crushes… impossible haha.
    but i also have a crush on this guy who probably will never think of me that way D: whatever, theyre just crushes (:
    those are real nice rings youre wearing !

  7. Oh, ho, ho!! In love with the possibility of being in love! Seriously the rush is the hardest & best part. People spend lifetimes in marriages reinventing that feeling again & again. Sometimes, I miss the rush. It’s harder to find when love actually settles in, hahahaaa

  8. i used to not be able to gather up enough guts to tell someone i liked them.. and in a way, just decided that having a crush on them is the best way to deal with it..

    because if its one sided, then its meant to stay a crush.

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