how was your night?

look what i got, Rebecca, Carol + LOK got this for me for my 21st birthday! I have been eyeing for a lomo camera but i’ve been too cheap and too poor from all the clothes purchasing to buy one for myself.

what lovely friends they are!

i had a blast, it was seriously ridiculously fun, i always feel awkward about inviting people to stuff, what if they don’t come? or worse, just say no to my face?!

ah rejection, you’re a harsh friend, more harsh than Trouble (cue Trouble is a Friend by Lenka)

this photo pretty much summarizes up the night, but since you want more, go here

(and now i feel conflicted…)

are you guys self-conscious about posting unflattering pictures of yourself on facebook or the net?

i use to

then i adopted a new outlook

so now i don’t

i dont want to sound like a hallmark card but moments are fleeting so you better not care about loosing face or pride

i know i must seem really strange because i use to be the queen of emo posts but now im so positive.

maybe positive isn’t the right word but more like indifferent.



btw, the jacket is SOLD OUT even the baby sizes, so no stella for me =(

10 thoughts on “how was your night?”

  1. Those pictures are awesome! You can’t look bad in a pic you’re so pretty!

    I used to worry about lots of silly shit – once you just forget about it, life is so much easier.

    Have fun with the Diana, I’m still trying to get a decent roll of Holga pics to develop! X/

  2. I’ve found that embarrassing pictures are just that, embarrassing. Photos can be unflattering but not embarrassing though; instead they’re hilarious.

  3. TAKE PHOTOS. And show us :)
    I had a lot of fun heheheheheheeeeeee
    I love that lime photo. I remember you holding it, and staring at it, until we told you to eat it.

  4. Sweet camera~ sorry bout your first roll. Toy cameras are bitches like that. My first roll of holga was destroyed so I feel ya.

  5. Happy birthdaaaaaaay again! I used to be like that too about photos but I totally agree! What’s the point of trying to hide it. The funniest ones are usually the ones where people look bad in them anyway, haha!

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