MUWAHAHAHAHA! Does any other city have Absolut edition vodkas?

this made me so psyched that I ran out and bought it :D I still have a 1.5L bottle of Smirnoff left in my kitchen, shhh don’t let the Absolut hear (it lives on my desk)

I was sleepy then I thought, yeah it’d be a good idea to sleep Non?

but then i started to read over some notes, then i couldn’t stop and here i am, blogging at 1 am because i dont know what tired means.

oh yeah!

i got quite a few reactions when i posted the 500 Days of Summer trailer and I finally saw the movie a few weeks back.

what can i say, if i met a boy that behaved like Summer, he’d never have kids (if you catch my drift)

Perhaps this isn’t the reaction, or the point of the movie, it is after all a Story about Love and not a Love Story, but no matter what her excuse is.

and yeah i agree perhaps GJL (gordon-joseph-levitt) could have been more agressive; but summer could have been less of a bitch ( i love you zooey! :D)

i just felt like summer lead him on, on and on and on, while clearly knowing how he feels about her, and that’s pure untained love, albeit he was blinded by love and it probably wasn’t what he thought it was..

honestly i dont think fighting for her would have made the problem go away.

it’s not right to treat someone like that, and i know, and I KNOW.

yeah, you know who you are, asshole

and good night :D

P.S. SHOUT OUT to my 2 new subscribers on RSS! I went from sad digits of 22 to 24! Thank you for making me so happy!

8 thoughts on “I AM ABSOLUT”

  1. Uuuuugh, just looking at that vodka bottle makes my stomach turn! Haahaa! Since my vodka overdose on my 21st I’ve been a rum girl (I can’t handle vodka anymore without barfing immediately! Lol!)

    Pretty bottle though!

    I lovedddd that movie for the fact it finally showed just how destructive woman can be in relationships too. Men aren’t born cynics to love, women create them. Oh how I know soooo many girls like Summer~~ and of course they never think it’s THEIR faults when relationships don’t work out. It’s always the guy’s fault or “destiny” loool

  2. lollllllllll that bottle looks awesome~ i can’t drink vodka..im not a big fan of the taste of alcohol…only wine…and not a lot..cause I get a headache…i know…im lame ;___;

    I have yet to see the movie! I love GJL loll from the show Third Rock from the Sun, and I was super excited when I found out he was in this movie~

  3. We don’t have those special edition kinda vodka bottles here that i know of…
    but u just reminded me…as a kid i used to collect the different absolut ads that i’d neatly rip out from magazines…absolut wrath, absolut envy…ahh hehe.

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