look what i got as a belated birthday present?!?!?!?!?!


i’ve never seen this one before, but it’s a holga fisheye with these color filter thingies

i can’t wait to use it

i love calvin harris


i dont know why i am addicted to a song called “WORST DAY” but that’s the way things are right now

i remember in theory of knowledge class, our teacher said that if one is feeling sad one would want to listen to sad music, i instantly tried to challenge the norm (of course) and said that i’d perfer to cheer myself up by listening to happier upbeat song, but, the next time i was upset or down i took notice, eff yeah i do like sad music when i’m sad

damn, i am a textbook case

way to try to be special eh

either way

calvin harris <3

READY FOR THE WEEKEND is an amazing album, much more mature but equally playful as I CREATED DISCO

Look at that face, how can you not like him

(if you can’t tell, i just had a red bull)

9 thoughts on “SPOILED”

  1. oooo I have never seen that camera before. I instantly thought of the same thing as Jen – fisheye and coloursplash flash in one! Can’t wait to see what you produce with it :)

    I had a listen to Calvin Harris’ Worst Day and love it!

  2. DUDE. I had 3 red bulls the other day. THREE. and part of a fourth. oh maaaan it was trippy. The world was so SHARP and DETAILED. worse than drugs, I swear.

    I love Lomos but aaargh film and its expenses D:

  3. haha you are so cute~
    I love cameras..unfortunately, I don’t have time to develop film ;___; i will during the summer!
    Your holga is so cute though..i love the color~

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