none the less, i went to this club /lounge /restaurant saturday night called OCEAN CLUB for my friend’s birthday

got lost getting there, three times! If you’re wondering how that is possible, it is, when no one knows the way and the printer ran out of ink while printing instructions on google maps!

Since you were in such a hurry you didn’t notice that the map wasn’t fully printed, nor were the instructions…

the DJ was really cute, really cute from far away, when i was getting up to go home i saw him up close, ehhh, not so cute anymore!! =_= you know what i’m talkin about!!

had my first ever, cosmopolitan! only reason i ordered it was because of Sexy and the City, i was wondering what all the fuss was about, wish they served it in a martini glass! but alas, it was a rowdy place, served it in a more sturdy glass..

my friend’s dinner

mine~~ the chicken was really good :D

Sigh, got home around midnight, while everyone else partied on, that’s the life of a student..


Short rant before i go on to study:

bloggers are made famous by the readers! Just like how celebrities are made famous by the people that watch their shows, listen to their music and are interested in their lives!

There’s one fashion blogger that has garnered quite a bit of fans and has landed herself in a lot of magazines and newspapers, im sure she receives free shoes and clothes from certain brands, because if given an occassion she would wear them and blog about them..

now, that’s all fine and dandy, being famous has its perks no?

But this blogger closed off comments and gave a speech about how people in her comments leave negative comments about her weight, i.e. shes too skinny

first of all, she isn’t skinny…! she’s at most, average

And she said she didnt really need to read things like that, and a blog is for her personal memories as well.

i mean why else would you start to take pictures of yourself in certain outfits and post them on the INTERNET?

That’s great, but without your readers, where would you be? Let people leave comments, and be graceful! If people are being extremely rude repeatedly, im sure there are ways that you can ban them!

most blogs dont receive negative comments because the readership isnt very big, and it’s fun to read what people think about what’s happening your life.

that’s why i really enjoy receiving comments.

if by some lightning striked miracle, i became famous because of my blog, and there are haters on it.

it just means i made it! let them hate!

and generate more press for me :D :D

12 thoughts on “YEAH YEAH YEAH LA LA LA”

  1. That food looks sooo good. I’m snacking on Mike & Ikes right now. COLLEGE LIFE

    it just means i made it! let them hate!
    YEAH you tell ‘em girl :D

  2. Oh I know what blog you’re talking about!!! I thought she needs to grow a thicker skin but it’s her blog so if she doesn’t want feedback then that’s her choice. She’s rich and rich ppl don’t care about perks! LULZ

  3. Yeah Cosmo!

    yeah, I think people who post pics of themselves automatically have to deal with it – yes, people need to be nice to an extent – but the internet IS anonymous AND full of crazies… soooo :)

  4. mm cosmo. looks all nice and .. red?

    if i had haters i would do the smart thing.. MONETIZE IT LIKE DOOCE. how awesome is she? she’s my lyfe model, minus the PPD and mormon.

  5. i had a cosmopolitan once, didn’t like it. but the dinners look really good!

    exam period seems like eternity. i remember 2 weeks before our exams, most of the cohort were just over it because we were just so exhausted from the whole year in general.

    i know what blogger you’re talking about to. at first i didn’t agree with you but then you made your point about how she became famous because of her readers. it is a bit rude of her to suddenly shut them off.

  6. Ahhh yes, I know who you’re talking about… I don’t really agree though because another blogger I love shut off her comments after people started calling her, “flat faced, fug bitch”, etc. etc. I guess you don’t know how it effects you until people start calling you that and continuously too. I guess it’s also about enjoyment too… you blog for fun so when it becomes not fun because of comments the only way you can deal with it is to turn it off. She doesn’t need feedback anyway! She’s been in Vogue, it’s approval x5000.


    Hope your exams are still going awesome, dude!

    Also, randomly blogging about our lives is good fun (AGREED) and if people can’t hack it, they can get stuffed! /HIGHFIVE! You can always banstick them /their IP address anyhow and good/bad publicity = PUBLICITY.

    You know, we’re all narcissists here anyhow!


  8. and yet i have never had a cosmopolitan either.. but i have always been curious..

    and its true about the comments on blogs.. i actually just thought about that this morning..

    making your blog a HIT blog! yet.. i could care more or less about mine..

    i was actually contemplating on how people have become popular bloggers.. and well, yes.. comments and networking really makes bloggers famous.

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