some worldly events are happening around us, winter olympics is dawning upon us sooner and sooner! im not that excited but it’s hard not to get into all the festivities! My family were planning to go to Hawaii for the break but the plan fell through, AS USUAL!

went downtown to look at this mural thing…by a chinese artist

it’s pretty amazing actually

the colors are GORGEOUS!

and this is my new friend! cute cactus from ikea! XD it’s suppose to bloom in the spring if you dont give it water all winter long! which is my specialty, ignoring plants.

inantimate objects make really good friends! they can’t hurt you…

unless you decide to hug a cactus…

i keep telling myself that these memories are enough, but it’s not, i want more
let’s not play ball, let’s not throw my heart



So last night, we went to see an artist called Utada Hikaru, dont know if you’ve heard of her…

gee, i don’t know, only the best selling artist in JAPAN! LOL!!!

Well this is the UTADA in the flesh 2010 TOUR. A promotional tour for her “this is the one” album. Which after hearing live, i like it more…

anyways, so the trip is full of bumps and turns, but it was so much damn fun. The actual concert was in Seattle so yes we got off our canadian ass and drove down to the states.

WE had to go inside (in to the immigration room) when we were cross the boarder, I am canadian and I have a valid passport but one of my friend DIDNT! He had the new driver’s license which everyone claimed that you could use to cross the boarder with.. anyways, after a few questions like “Any criminal records in US or Canada?” We were allowed to go…(he got off with a warning)

so we went to eat at the cheesecake factory and it was my first time and i had a lemon raspberry creme cheesecake…oh wait you don’t want to hear what i ate? Damn

anyways..continuing on!

I have been to a few general seating concerts and i know the lines are bad, so while my friends slowly ate their food, i kept urging them to get there faster. But luckily, while we were at the back of the line I ran into some friends! And they indeed had a better spot than we did…so we did what anyone else would have done.

And the following photo is the ONLY PHOTO that I have of the entire trip. We are holding up a sign that says “FANS VANCOUVER” And yes we did hold it up a gazillion times during the concert, she read off some of the other signs and didnt acknowledge ours =(, which reflected because it was made from tin foil!!!

So about an hour before the concert, this scary loooking security guy came by and said we HAVE to put away our cameras, no cameras are allowed in the concert due to the artist’s request. So we thought this was one of those things that they say but aren’t going to really enforce…

yes we were wrong

i, like a good fan, put away my camera back in the car but two of my friends snuck in cameras in this girl’s boots. BUT! When she was being frisked they found them =_=;;; Yes I got frisked too, it was super fun!!!

She didn’t come on till after nine and sang till about 11. I wish I could show you the dress she was wearing and her funky looking hair. The whole time I was thinking, nooo, my readers, i have failed them!!!!!!

She sang quite a few Japanese songs, a few note worthy ones being, FIRST LOVE, Sakura Drops, AUTOMATIC, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET, and among the english ones, most of the new album and Kremlin Dusk, You make me want to be a man and Devil Inside from Exodus. I don’t remember all the songs it went by like a blur..I really wanted to listen to Prisoner of Love and I screamed it outloud quite a few times..

i was about 10 m away from the stage and i didnt get that good of a view because Seattle people are damn tall! But it was amazing, and she is amazing live. I didn’t think her vocals would be super good because I’ve heard her do arena shows and it wasn’t amazing. But it was good, really good. And yeah she’s pretty cute and nice! Quirky and awkward (but not the bad kind), exactly like how she is in interviews~~

The songs that were sang were rearranged to be more rock, and she HEAD-BANGED! haahhahaha..a bit anyway

my ears were still ringing this morning..

speaking of mornings, i had 4 hours of sleep and ran to school to do a presentation on evolution, now here I am still without sleep, writing this..


If you aren’t familiar with her, there are a few of my favorite Utada Hikaru music videos following the jump.

edit: a few more pics from my friends camera and very secretive camera phone..!

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im really obsessed with denim shirts, and CHAMBRAY shirts, that’s a fancy term for light cotton or smthn like that.

i even bothered to make this mini montage of images fro magazines and what not

(also obsessed w/ VAMPIRE WEEKEND’s new album CONTRA)

(click to view enlarged versions)

yeah i had a few rough days, since something not so good happened so i was emo-ing away at school, the weather was being cooperative and raining (but then again it rains everyday)

then i read this awesome story! (that i had to read for my folklore class)

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some kind of 50s house wife

was kind of obsessed with the ALEXA by MULBERRY and naturally started googling alexa chung like a mad woman!

I commented to Rebecca about how i adore her messy hair, i remember watching her in a INstyle UK shoot and her hair stylist mentioned that Alexa really likes messy hair. And yes, it really is her signature, she goes to meet Uncle Karl with fly aways, and Uncle Karl compliments her on being a modern girl..

I want to be a modern girl tooo!

So Rebecca said I should get some curlers! wtf r those o___o; After she showed me what they are, the first thing i thought of was this song

So, i went and bought some curlers!


anyways this is how they turned out, not exactly ALEXA yet, but im always anxcious and take out the curlers too early, maybe i’ll leave them in all night next time, but none the less, i LOVE the result and i’m going to do it more often, im not really going for curls, more like hair that looks like dried grass..!

yes, that means i sit in front of my computer with curlers on SOMETIMES

messy hair no good for real life

this morning i rolled out of bed with bad BAD bed head! it was so bad that i was late for school!!

the schexy messy hair often seen in photoshoots dO NOT work in real life, they are no good, people will look at you weird, and you’ll have one of those “do i smell?” moments.

but this is the first post in the new year + i haven’t posted in the longest time, or what felt like the longest time

here are some of my recent favorite things (oh yeah, readership on this blog has been decreasing everyday, probably should do a post with some emo looking pix to perk it right up)

i love these pastel colored thermals(??) by GAP, and my new LOVE ring by F21, and of course my adorable diana mini, for which i still dont have a finished roll!

school blows, the end, i am so sick of talking/thinking about how my courses suck, so we’ll leave it at that. but instead move onto something much more appealing to the eye

and that’s Mulberry’s highly anticipated bag, the ALEXA named after the always stylish ALEXA CHUNG!

i’m not that into high end handbags, but this has been the first one that i want really badly, it’s priced for about $1600 USD for the oversized. it’s great for school or work, it’s huge, it’s stylish, and it looks perfect. (Btw, the creative director of Mulberry is Emma hill, so emma please hook emma up with one of these?!)

look how well it sits, ahh im in love! (actualy i like the one that alexa is carrying in the right picture more, i think that is the original men’s mulberry briefcase which the ALEXA is based on, but either one is fine with me!)

pics of alexa via nitrolicious