So last night, we went to see an artist called Utada Hikaru, dont know if you’ve heard of her…

gee, i don’t know, only the best selling artist in JAPAN! LOL!!!

Well this is the UTADA in the flesh 2010 TOUR. A promotional tour for her “this is the one” album. Which after hearing live, i like it more…

anyways, so the trip is full of bumps and turns, but it was so much damn fun. The actual concert was in Seattle so yes we got off our canadian ass and drove down to the states.

WE had to go inside (in to the immigration room) when we were cross the boarder, I am canadian and I have a valid passport but one of my friend DIDNT! He had the new driver’s license which everyone claimed that you could use to cross the boarder with.. anyways, after a few questions like “Any criminal records in US or Canada?” We were allowed to go…(he got off with a warning)

so we went to eat at the cheesecake factory and it was my first time and i had a lemon raspberry creme cheesecake…oh wait you don’t want to hear what i ate? Damn

anyways..continuing on!

I have been to a few general seating concerts and i know the lines are bad, so while my friends slowly ate their food, i kept urging them to get there faster. But luckily, while we were at the back of the line I ran into some friends! And they indeed had a better spot than we did…so we did what anyone else would have done.

And the following photo is the ONLY PHOTO that I have of the entire trip. We are holding up a sign that says “FANS VANCOUVER” And yes we did hold it up a gazillion times during the concert, she read off some of the other signs and didnt acknowledge ours =(, which reflected because it was made from tin foil!!!

So about an hour before the concert, this scary loooking security guy came by and said we HAVE to put away our cameras, no cameras are allowed in the concert due to the artist’s request. So we thought this was one of those things that they say but aren’t going to really enforce…

yes we were wrong

i, like a good fan, put away my camera back in the car but two of my friends snuck in cameras in this girl’s boots. BUT! When she was being frisked they found them =_=;;; Yes I got frisked too, it was super fun!!!

She didn’t come on till after nine and sang till about 11. I wish I could show you the dress she was wearing and her funky looking hair. The whole time I was thinking, nooo, my readers, i have failed them!!!!!!

She sang quite a few Japanese songs, a few note worthy ones being, FIRST LOVE, Sakura Drops, AUTOMATIC, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET, and among the english ones, most of the new album and Kremlin Dusk, You make me want to be a man and Devil Inside from Exodus. I don’t remember all the songs it went by like a blur..I really wanted to listen to Prisoner of Love and I screamed it outloud quite a few times..

i was about 10 m away from the stage and i didnt get that good of a view because Seattle people are damn tall! But it was amazing, and she is amazing live. I didn’t think her vocals would be super good because I’ve heard her do arena shows and it wasn’t amazing. But it was good, really good. And yeah she’s pretty cute and nice! Quirky and awkward (but not the bad kind), exactly like how she is in interviews~~

The songs that were sang were rearranged to be more rock, and she HEAD-BANGED! haahhahaha..a bit anyway

my ears were still ringing this morning..

speaking of mornings, i had 4 hours of sleep and ran to school to do a presentation on evolution, now here I am still without sleep, writing this..


If you aren’t familiar with her, there are a few of my favorite Utada Hikaru music videos following the jump.

edit: a few more pics from my friends camera and very secretive camera phone..!

(note how this video makes many references to previous videos..!)

9 thoughts on “UP IN HEAVEN”

  1. SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I really did need that many exclamation marks. I’m glad that she sang of her (best) Japanese material! Would have been a little bit boring without it, imo (but I would have been freaking out anyway to be honest). My friend said the same thing about people being tall haha (but she’s from Seattle). Sakura DROPS & traveling are my favorite videos ever.

    You’re so lucky, I’m glad you had fun! :3 ♥

  2. yeah! I dig her earlier songs, except first love is WAY over played..but its way awesome she still sings them to non-japanese speaking crowds.

    You’re so lucky to have seen her!!

    ergg!! and you got to go to seattle!! I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO SEATTLE!! KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE!!!

    However, I WOULD LOVE to go to canada one day as well!! damn midwest and strict parental rules!

  3. I knew her since I was like in highschool.. lol She was the one who sang-flavors of life right?? seems like you really really like her..

  4. Auuugghh!

    So much jealousy! I was totally in love with Utada in High school!

    Shame about not being able to bring in the cameras D; That would of been so awesome!

  5. Oh, I saw Hikki in San Fransisco! She was amazing. Utada is my favorite musician, so I loved the show and I cried. Beautiful, beautiful. :D

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