HOT HOT HEAT - who is the young sid second from the left, SO HOT i dont think he’s in the band? i’ve been listening to them for a while now but i dont really know who the members are =(


i’ve always wanted to be an american teenager, but i think it’s too late for me now. for one thing, im not a teenager anymore. i want the life, i want the abuse! I WANT THE MUSIC i want it ALL! if you dont live in north america, canada and the US doesn’t seem that different, but the way that we grow up is a lot different. for one thing, we’re calm over here.. or so i thought, until tonight.

i saw HOT HOT HEAT tonight along with RYAN DAHLE and BEND SINISTER

The previous night, alexisonfire played a show, and yes people got hurt, NINETEEN of them. And they rebuilt the fence that would hold “even metallica fans” was what the news announcer said.

well tonight, it was all good and cool until HOT HOT HEAT came on stage, then people got rowdy, very rowdy and yes the whole push and shove thing started. it got kind of scary, so i some how got out alive and watched from the side and GOOD THING I DID. I know i’m lame, but i think i’m at an age when i can’t pull stunts like that no more.

I wish people would stop crowd surfing, security guards pulled them down anyways…

Then i smelled pot, i think if i was feeling drunker and more energetic i would have felt more okay about all the damn people crowd surfing, taking off their clothes and throwing at the band.

But hot hot heat, you were amazing, i hope you come back soon! without all these underage kids. but kudos to all the uncles and grandpas standing behind us singing along with every single song!

8 thoughts on “AMERICAN TEENAGER”

  1. don’t want to angst / mood swing anymore so no more teen life for me~ (I do enough of that anyway?)

    i don’t think I’ll be able to tell it was pot if i smelled it…

  2. Sounds like you had a ~wild~ time! But eurgh, pot. :( I can’t stand cigarette smoke, let alone pot — whatever that smells like.

    but kudos to all the uncles and grandpas standing behind us singing along with every single song!
    lol aww

  3. The photos look great! I’m glad they were amazing!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyy~

    i go to many concerts here in la and it’s exactly as you described it. We usually would run up to the front of the stage, but then people would start mosh pits right behind us, and it would get really dangerous. It’s hard to enjoy the music when people behind you are about to slam into you haha. But there are many that have been just perfect…no violence and just great people~

  4. yeah my mom was scared i’d get trampled lol! because that’s what happened the previous night at another concert, but the one of the guitarist was super nice and helped a lady out!! that’s insane lol

  5. I think hating crowd surfing is a sign you’re getting older, LOL. B/c seriously crowd surfing is quite the rude act, hahaha!

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