I never listen to my mom when she says it’s cold outside! my chosen outfit is for INDOORS ONLY, of course i went out, and hurt my back, and my shoulder. I am here blogging to you at 9 am in the morning having not slept all night long, i decided to just get out of bed, showered, put on many medicine patches (the smelly ones)!

i dont know how i am going to survive the binge fest tonight. but i will! because this is what people do when they’re on break…! or so i think!


I dont know what it is with NIKE and their advertising, makes you wanna get up and run a mile, but my determination goes as far as purchasing a pair of new shoes, never actually running. But as far as nike is concerned, that’s their goal anyway. Their recent one, is pretty amazing! check it out after the cut

Spontaneously decided to go to richmond, luckily OUR LADY PEACE was playing tonight, got to catch them live! They’re a really great Canadian band that i’ve ALWAYS known about but never really knew about. But, seriously, nothing sound as good as it does live. Arkells played as well, i really like their JOHN LENNON song.

made some new friends of the forest?

So this is vancouver, at 1 am in the morning, night of beating switzerland 3 – 2 in men’s hockey after a shoot out, it’s not a great win, but it’s still a win. CONGRATULATIONS! We take our hockey VERY seriously UP HERE!

also congratulations to NESBITT for the unexpected GOLD in 1000 meter women’s LONG TRACK speed skating!

i am avoiding email checking, i am having too much fun, i dont want real life to catch up to me yet.

Human Chain from NikeSportswear on Vimeo.

17 thoughts on “STILL HERE TO SAY HELLO”

  1. I really like the superman’s dead song ;3

    haha the new forest friends look great xD

    i was hoping to go up to Canada for these Olympics to bad I couldn’t it would have been great :/ the women s hockey team has been doing good everybody’s hoping to see them go up against the U.S for the gold :0 lots of pressure apparently since its Canada’s sport & home turf xD

    care to link exchange? : D

  2. hahaha you look super cute with your friends of the forest~~~ ^______________^ I saw only two minutes of the game since I was in school. They were showing it on a big screen in our business building for some reason~! Anyway~ CONGRATULATIONS~

  3. Wow looks like it’s all happening in Canada atm for u guys.

    I’ve taken up a subject called Brand Management this term. And guess what brand I have been researching on the past week!? This post gave me nerd-excitement, woo woo!

    I love all Nike ads.


  4. nike is one of my favorite brands for advertising, closely behind is cocacola lol!
    also pretty much all the advertising tied in with olympics have been pretty amazing esp the recent one with hockey :D

  5. Hello there! I love your sense of style :] You look quite comfy all bundled up. Texas weather doesn’t stay cold long enough to really establish a good winter wardrobe.

    To answer your question, I have a Canon 5D Mark II camera.

  6. Your outfit looks amazing. I’m jealous of your coat.

    And I like your new friends! Hahah seems like you had a really fun night. :)

    I like the Nike advertisement, even though the words don’t really speak to me, I do really like the projection kind of ad.

  7. Nike makes me feel like that too but then I never do anything after I see an ad, haha. I love your coat/jacket! It’s making me excited foe winter. Sorry to hear you guys lost in the hockey :( Is there still chance for gold?

  8. winter is an idealized season i think, everytime i see fashion photos i get so excited but i can never end up wearing stuff like that
    yeah even though we lost today, it’s alright because we still have a chance at gold if we beat germany and russia

    sometimes a slap in the face is good to tell reinforce the idea that nothing comes easy

    good luck w/ ur summer classes! started today right?

  9. I thought I had commented already with smtg snarky about wearing leggings & shorts & freezing your balls off but guess I only “thought” it instead! Ha!

    The cartoon Tigger creeped me out enough…. real life is just a nightmare!


    u know i think i was mainly cold because of my wool coat, it’s not very thick, wool isn’t enough here more than often

    and yeah the tiger and pooh were a bit weird, but their costume is genius, it looks really warm too!

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