i broke down and bought quite a bit…! but it’s spring, so it’s time for a new wardrobe anyway…! hehe :D


Been eyeing this romper on the F21 website for a while now, finally decided to try it on, and i LOVE IT! I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet but soon, SOON! When I showed what I bought to my friend, she asked me how I am going to go to the washroom; err there are rippable buttons. (The boatneck top didn’t come with it but it seemed so plain without it!) // This is a piece from the H&M garden collection, it’s so gorgeous with 3D chiffon? roses.


this is one of those shirts that’s advertised to be ridiculous cheap, worn by a glamorous looking model telling you that you too can look like her. It was sold out when I got there, but luckily I have friends that work at H&M. :D


was a bit OCD about this jacket since it appeared on the gap website, none of the local stores carried it until i assaulted one of the GAP sales staff when I was working because she mentioned that she bought one. I didn’t manage to grab an XS but while S is a bit loose I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem. alas I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, had to pull out my down jacket today…

Today the second Stella McCartney for GAP collection releases online and in store! I wonder if Stella will do another collection. It’s hugely popular! And I was so kicking myself when I ended up returning the leopard sweater from the fall/ winter collection. From the preview pictures and the website; this is the only thing that I wanted. When i woke up late today, i was in the dilemma of going to the store to grab this pair of sandals or going to class. I chose going to class, but I was worrrrried that it would be sold out in my size by the time I get there after school. So I called in and had it on hold for me since when I checked the web store this morning size 5 was SOLD OUT.

a note about sizing if you’re interested in these: they run small. I can fit in to size 3 children’s converse but I had to get size 4 in these. Also the website is a bit misleading; size 5 in girls seem to be the largest size but when i put both size 4 and 5 on hold, size 5 is a toddler’s size and 4 is the largest size it ran, at least in canada. I didn’t get anything else in the collection, it was pretty much gone anyway.

anyway i think they are adorable and the ties are so whimsical, they are children’s shoes so expect comfort and hopefully durability! Oh yeah, Gap finally sprang for special shopping bags for the event. :D

time to write my article on accelerated evolution of resistance in multi-drug environments, FUN!

15 thoughts on “CLOTHES N’ THINGS”

  1. I love the smock(?), it’s so 70’s! Fits right in with spring. Also, YOUR FEET ARE TINY. The sandals are super cute. I love the colours! Colours! Colours! I’m so sick of black D:

  2. OH MY GOD – is that rosette tank common in H&Ms right now?!?! That looks like a short version of dress I reeeaaalllly wanted to get married in XD Must find….

    Love your shoes!! You have great style, Emma

  3. rawr rawr I always think I comment b/c I read your blog on the train then I came back and I’m like “damnit, no!” :P

    I really like those shoes! I think I’m just edged out of being able to wear kids shoes *I’m 6.5* are you a 5 in womens??

    Hells yes b&w stripes with jean!!

  4. it really depends on the shoe, but i think i could fit into a 6 or 5 but sometimes i need a bit of a padding with women’s sizes..
    really depends though

  5. oooooo i like the new wardrobe!

    omg emma, what has come of us?! buying pink & florals. though i have yet to purchase florals..

    the shoes are awesome!

  6. omg i love those clothes. man, i wish i had money for nice clothes but my mom always tells me i never look good in the stuff i pick out so i spend my money on OTHER things (mainly stuff i dont really need or want xD)

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