the lead for the manvils, nice jean jacket, and they came out personally to do the work of roadies after their show.

It was a really gooooood show, fun, energetic and Martina (the lovely lead) was super fun and cute. I read that the Dragonette always puts on a show, what that meant I wasn’t sure. But she was so adorable, using her minnie mouse voice to tell us she doesn’t get invited to parties, and dancing out each song like she’s acting out a movie.

She also had these amazing tights/ pants, leather in the front but some kind of nylon material in the back. Yeah ok.

But it seems it’s not in my fate to get a good view of a concert EVER. Why are people so tall, why? And there’s usually only two really tall people and they always end up in front of me. the sad part is that the hall was pretty much empty when the manvils played so i could have easily moved to the front but i decided, nah let’s stay here where it’s comfortable.

it became uncomfortable so fast, why do people who text the whole time go to a concert? WHY O_O

And i wish people would stop treating a concert like a rave, it’s not a rave.. ! Other than that, it was a good night.

I had a video too,but upon reviewing it’s ridiculously shaky, due to the dancing and the texting and the jumping of other people.

P.S. Amanda does photography for concerts, they’re reallly good! And lucky her, gets to be in front of the fence, though there were no fences at dragonette. But I literally got 4 good shots, the ones you see here, and good is debatable.

4 thoughts on “STUPID GRIN”

  1. Texting during a concert?! HAHAHA Guess they didn’t really find it all that interesting if they were doing something other then watching the show xD

  2. Hahahaa, I feel like suuuuch a douche – when I read “P.S. Amanda does photography for concerts” I was like, ooh, whut, you know someone else with the same name as me that does that?! Then uhh, realisation kicked in -_- let’s blame the lack of sleep :P But thank you for the utmost generous flattery, tehe.

    Dragonette sound good – do they have a record out? That singer’s voice sounds like a cuter version of the girl from Little Birdy. And her pants look haawwt. I wish i could pull off pants (tights? leggings?) like that. Too tight for me… As for tall people at a concert – how tall are you? If we ever went to the same concert, I’m afraid I might fall into that category for you. I get totally pissed off whenever short chicks rock up and try to tap people on the shoulder and be all “let me through, BECAUSE I’M SHORT”. Sorry, no can do.

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