SUPER CUTE KHALIL FONG! :D I actually really like poppy styled songs like this, though his genre is supposedly SOUL. Songs and videos like this make me feel happy and light hearted, no need to take things so seriously. Also the girl featured in the video is super cute ;__; need more short haired girls as object of affection not just long haired beauties with piercing eyes.

yeah i have short hair, how’d you know?

Chinese singer born in Hawaii (aloha!), right now really popular in taiwan and hk and the likes..

for those that are always asking me what type of guy i like, this is the type!! If you know one, let me know okay ;)

If you don’t understand mandarin that’s okay~~ he also sang an adorable english song (which he wrote, what a talented guy)

I’m in a weird / dreamy mood lately, i think it’s all the not-sleeping and studying and reading manga between breaks that’s getting to my head….

FALALALA study time

edit: i think i wanna marry this man, he actually reminds me of this loser I liked in high school,very similar hair style. And let me tell you I had quite a crush on this guy, but since I’m shallow I really just liked him because he had these really nice nikes. Anyways the story continues, at our graduation dinner and dance thing, I asked him to dance. Yeah I’m bad ass, but it didn’t work out well since he’s kind of not that nice! and his friends spread rumors about me throughout the land…


edit 2: F has been a Khalil fan for a while but I dont bother to notice these things! boo me!


at the beginning of an exam period, i always think, yeah let’s do this! i put on an imaginary Japanese headband that says ‘succeed’ (i use to have a real one but it got lost during the move) and I think, i have x days before the first exam and x more days after the first, i can do this! i can do this!!!!

so in the beginning, it’s not so bad, things are moving swimmingly and you think, hey it’s okay, i may be able to do this after all.

then after the 3rd day, it gets bad, it gets real bad, i have self-induced headaches thinking about the exams. i start wearing sweatpants, EVEN WHEN I GO OUTSIDE!! I put on headbands that keep hair out of my face, even though i have effing short hair.

but hopefully, i’ll stay sane.

because i smile when i see this :D



(snorlax via MFIF)


P.S. did you know there is this ridiculously expansive and extensive pokemon wikipedia?

“FASHION” + shoes

my friend had an extra ticket and invited me to Vancou ver Fashion week, what, you’ve never heard of it? yeah it’s definitely NOT WORTH hearing about it. So many fashion faux-pas by ‘designers’, and the models? are probably just their friends.

it was boring and weird, but it was an exciting day since it’s the first time i ventured out in these heels! I’m not a heels girl, not at all, please join me while i sing praise to my sneakers.

i walked maybe 30 minutes in total out of 4 hours but it was a lot of uphill and downhill, uncool, so uncool. the ground is not flat, have you realized that they are not flat? pebbles here, people throwing away their damn starbucks cups there, i almost fell at least 6 times..

yeah, going to put these away for a while, until next time of ‘very little walking’ and even more sitting.

even though it was somewhat painful, it was still a lovely and WARM day.


today i had lunch with friends of friends, very casual, we ate at a bread garden.

they are VERY nice people, and it’s all me, ALL ME.

im USUALLY pretty good at making new friends, instigating conversations, making everyone feel at ease. For the most part, but today, it went horribly horribly wrong.

When I arrived late (i was being flakey) everyone had already gotten their drinks, so I grabbed my wallet and went to buy a drink, oh yes I remembered, I HAVE TO PAY WITH CASH since of the recent fraud and what not on my credit card. I’m so unstylish with cash, a wad of bills I am okay with, but coins? coins drive me crazy.

The lady at the counter looked at me funny while I decided what I wanted, I am a slow decider, especially when it comes to drinks and food, and I RARELY go to a new restaurant unless i’m feeling particularly adventurous that day. It slows down my whole day, and more than likely, new places disappoint. I ended up choosing freshly squeezed orange juice, lovely! Paid with my awkward canadian coins and went to sit down.

everyone chatted while I sat there drinking my juice, like i was 5.

suddenly, everything halted and it was suddenly time to get food, im out of cash and my friend had to pay for me, yes i only had enough money for juice. I got a grilled chicken sandwich this time. the lovely people were attempting to make conversation with me, but I dont know why but today i just buckled down and ate, and ate and ate some more, while of course, drinking my juice.

at the end of my sandwich, i got up and thanked everyone for lunch and left.

soon after i went to the washroom and washed my hands, noticing that yes, there are spinach on my teeth, so not only was i not charming, i was not charming with spinach. i stared at myself in the mirror with horror, but what can i do, it’s over and so I took the bus home.

i’m definitely not one of those people that impress the shoes off of you, but i’m not boring either. i don’t smell bad (occasionally i smell like gucci !) and i have some interesting stories to tell. But, being awkward in front of friends of friends? that’s something i always manage to do.


“did i just read about someones awkward lunch experience?”

why yes you did, to make you not hate me i’ve provided the link to the marc jacobs & louis vuitton documentary on youtube!


part 1 is here and you can find the following part in ‘related video’s or on the sidebar :D it’s such a cute and whimsical documentary! there’s a lot of un-subtitled french but we all know we need to practice in case we bump into uncle Karl one day.