“FASHION” + shoes

my friend had an extra ticket and invited me to Vancou ver Fashion week, what, you’ve never heard of it? yeah it’s definitely NOT WORTH hearing about it. So many fashion faux-pas by ‘designers’, and the models? are probably just their friends.

it was boring and weird, but it was an exciting day since it’s the first time i ventured out in these heels! I’m not a heels girl, not at all, please join me while i sing praise to my sneakers.

i walked maybe 30 minutes in total out of 4 hours but it was a lot of uphill and downhill, uncool, so uncool. the ground is not flat, have you realized that they are not flat? pebbles here, people throwing away their damn starbucks cups there, i almost fell at least 6 times..

yeah, going to put these away for a while, until next time of ‘very little walking’ and even more sitting.

even though it was somewhat painful, it was still a lovely and WARM day.

8 thoughts on ““FASHION” + shoes”

  1. I always feel so good about myself when I wear heels, even though on the inside I’m screaming from the pain of the beautiful heels. D:

    Yeah, I had to go to an Ed Hardy fashion show since my friend was modeling. -_- Talk about fashion faux-pas…

  2. At least it was smtg to do :P

    Yea I break my heels in slowly beginning with just wearing around the office, then a short trip to a store, then maybe a day of shopping, hahaahaaaa

  3. It’s always nice to get out :) I don’t wear heels out much, but when I go out in my dorm, I have to walk up flights of stairs, and it’s horrible >_<

    Beauty is pain?

  4. Heels are the worst downhill or uphill. I feel like I’m walking on an orb and I’m going to fall off any second but they dooooo look great on you so it’s worth it!

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