SUPER CUTE KHALIL FONG! :D I actually really like poppy styled songs like this, though his genre is supposedly SOUL. Songs and videos like this make me feel happy and light hearted, no need to take things so seriously. Also the girl featured in the video is super cute ;__; need more short haired girls as object of affection not just long haired beauties with piercing eyes.

yeah i have short hair, how’d you know?

Chinese singer born in Hawaii (aloha!), right now really popular in taiwan and hk and the likes..

for those that are always asking me what type of guy i like, this is the type!! If you know one, let me know okay ;)

If you don’t understand mandarin that’s okay~~ he also sang an adorable english song (which he wrote, what a talented guy)

I’m in a weird / dreamy mood lately, i think it’s all the not-sleeping and studying and reading manga between breaks that’s getting to my head….

FALALALA study time

edit: i think i wanna marry this man, he actually reminds me of this loser I liked in high school,very similar hair style. And let me tell you I had quite a crush on this guy, but since I’m shallow I really just liked him because he had these really nice nikes. Anyways the story continues, at our graduation dinner and dance thing, I asked him to dance. Yeah I’m bad ass, but it didn’t work out well since he’s kind of not that nice! and his friends spread rumors about me throughout the land…


edit 2: F has been a Khalil fan for a while but I dont bother to notice these things! boo me!

3 thoughts on “SINGALONGSONG”

  1. BOO HIGH SCHOOL. :| People are twats.

    I’ve been listening to Khalil Fong since his second album… HE IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Moon River is one of my absolute, absolute favorites but “????” makes me cry happy tears (not really, but it moves me). SO SOULFUL/LOVELY/FLAWLESS/ETC ♥

  2. you should just go stalk him, it makes things easier rather than hoping the khalil lookalikes will start a conversation with you :P

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