to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

i know this movie isn’t new but i’ve seen the trailer at least 50 times.

im waiting for the DVD to come out because when the movie was in theaters i was in a bad bad phase where i didn’t want to go outside.

i am a cross between the boy and the girl. i am more like Summer in that i don’t believe in eternal but like the boy, i want a sweeping romance!


ah chanced encounter in the elevator, i’m waiting for you.

coming out of the closet

i am not ashamed to say it, i am super ashamed of my blogs, actually, my entire internet presence that’s not facebook or MSN.

read the below conversation.

Me: i bought a new leather jacket, it’s reallly nice!

Friend from class: oh yeah the one from zara right?

Me freaking out what? how’d you know it’s from zara? did you find my blog? did you find my TWITTER?!?!

Friend from class shrugs

Me did you? how’d you find it? crazy eyes happening

Friend he’s being coy and shrugs some more

Me trying now to be non-chalant, yeah i have a blog, and a’s not a big deal everyone has one! yeah so what’s going on in class today?

Friend finding the entire situation amusing you told me you were planning to buy a leather jacket from zara last class!

Me now more dumb-founded..

Haha, i’m a lot less protective about it now, more open to using my name and posting pictures, but not of my friends since they might not enjoy it.

either way, i just wanted to link my other blog actually.

the main domain


it’s mostly a blog where i mainly talk about tshirts but i also post other things that i like, material goods, houses, books etc. think of it as a compiled wishlist.

so would i now post my blog URL on facebook or tell people about it? Probably not, but if people found it it wouldn’t be the END of the world, just the near-end..

edit: my FEARS are confirmed

i also had this dream last night, which just further confirmed the truth, which is depressing, to say the least.


finally, mail that isn’t telling me how much money i owe to the government!

My friend and I ordered some LOVELY tshirts from graniph! I’ve been to the graniph store once before when i was in japan. It was really small and cozy with various selections of tshirts.


these are my friend’s, he got control bear =_=; (personally i think rabbits trumps bears!!!)

among a few other designs.

Similar to UT by UNIQLO; there are various collaborations, artists like LENKA, LA ROUX, SNOOPY and even HONDA!! o__o And if you’re an amazing graphic designer, you can apply for the graniph design award

Prices excellent prices, 2500 yen for tshirts and approximately 5000yen or so for button shirts for men. and various cute accessories like LEGGINGS I LOVE THE PRINTS!!!

Shipping It’s shipped for 1000 yen if your order is less than $100 USD and for free if it’s more than $100 USD. Which is pretty good if you ask me. WE ordered 4 tshirts so that hit the mark, on the envelope it said the shipping fees alone were 2220 yen which i didn’t have to pay!

Speed it took about 4 days for it to come out of shipment and 6 days for it to ship from japan to canada, not too bad if you ask me.

Quality great quality shirts! the cotton is very thick !

Sizing I wear a size SS, most asian guys can probably do with a size S. And a lot of designs dont come in sizes, sometimes just S or SS, but if you’re a bit bigger it’s actually better since smaller sizes sell out fASTER!

the japanese site has better items and better sales but you can’t get those =_= so use the english least there is an english site to order from.. must be grateful..!

personal daze say it fast!

nothing in particular is happening with me, i went to this house warming party, got tickled, spilled drink (mojito!) on hostess’ couch but no where as bad as the 33 year old douche bag that spilled RED wine on the beige WALL and beige carpet.

i’ve picked up my reading speed significantly now that i read before bed time. it’s great since you fall asleep faster too, naturally depending on your selection of novels.

i just finished reading (partially finished) PERSONAL DAYS by ED PARK and INAMORTA by JOSEPH GANGEMI

for a while i was pretty obsessed with anything that douglas coupland wrote, and Personal Days is right along the alley of Microserf and Jpod. It is another witty, office, kill-me-now-i-work-in-a-cubicle kind of story. I definitely would have had the will power to finish the Personal Days in its entirety but the last chapter (20? pages) was written without paragraphs in double spacing in all align format. It meant no beginning no end just a slur of words, which would have been fine but i kept re-reading the same page over and over thinking i’ve moved on to the next, and plus i was on a bus. it really wasn not helping the situation.

so i stopped, i got the gist of the story anyway.

Personal Days was well written and definitely funny, but I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters that bounced in and out. Because the reader never ever meets the narrator, it’s confusing (at times) to maintain all the relations in the story. I felt like there were too many characters, current employees, ex-employees, many of which were often mentioned but never played a pivotol role in the continuation of the story.

and like i said; i didn’t finish the entire book but i felt like i got the mood right. it’s a depressing novel, way more depressing than jpod and microserf. because no matter what crazy stunts occur, all the characters in JPOD and MICROSERF move on to better places and lead better lives. While in personal days, everyone gets fired probably at the end. Because someone among them is actually a mole and spies on everyone’s productivity.

also; the amount of wit in the book is misplaced at times because it steers away from the plot. yeah it’s funny and it makes you kind of think, but at times i get distracted and i already have ADD.

and lastly, not that many awesome quotable quotes from this book than any of douglas coupland’s books.

INAMORATA is pure awesomeness! It’s set in the time frame of Persident Coolidge, har har and the apparent prohibition of alchol. The character is a harvard student who’s poor and dislikes privileged people. He and his professor goes on a “witch-hunt” at the expense of Scientific American (i prefer to read New Scientist, more pictures) to find supernatural powers. He inadvertently falls in love with someone that’s trying to prove her supernatural powers.


so this one is highly recommended and i’m getting distracted heavily by winniey’s chat so yeah, READ INAMORATA and MICROSERFS


i bought a leather jacket today!!! i love materials like leather , denim, and canvas because they all age beautifully! The longer you have a leather jacket the better it will look, same goes for denim and canvas which in my head right now, pertains mostly to canvas totes (for some reason).

I wasn’t planning to post the first photo in its entirety, hmm should i crop out my ears? They look HUGE don’t they… they are huge that’s why they look huge in ze photo! Especially after editing it looks even brighter, kind of like a mouse’s ear?

But I kept it, it doesn’t look so huge now does it? Besides, having big ears mean lots of luck in chinese culture..(also the dodge function dodged out my already non-existent eyebrows, by non-existent i mean they are extremely light colored, not dyed, just like that?)

So the jacket is from ZARA! It’s pretty cheap for a REAL leather jacket but it is still enough to make me think twice before purchasing it. I was actually wearing PJ bottoms while taking this photo but I thought this skull tshirt goes well with the idea of the jacket.

So it’s new york fashion week and of course all the fashion blogs have tons of photos of gorgeous models and their off-runway outfits. I think a model isn’t just what she or he wears but their charisma and prescence which we regular folks lack because, we dont think we’re beautiful so we dont have confidence. But we’re all beautiful and we should all walk with confidence. or some other bullshit like that

I sometimes wish I am a guy so I can wear guys clothing, it’s so effortless and I think I know more about men’s than women’s!! Girls can look effortless too, but you’ve gotta look like her..

i’ve been kind of busy and moody so i didn’t want to post. but i really wanted to show off my jacket so!

also will be visiting everyone in the near future.

edit: After looking at the photo again, i realize i can pull off androgyny very well, no wonder i can’t find a boyfriend. people are unsure of my gender!

woke up too early today? if that’s possible

i planned to wake up earlier today (at 7 am given that i slept at 9:30 pm)  to do some admin work which is basically cleaning my room, making sure i throw away the unnecessary notes and keep the important ones.

also maybe type up a few documents and organize my folders.

yeah i got that all done and ate within 1 hour and now i have half an hour to kill before i leave for school.

(listening to the most eerie song ever: postal service – natural anthem)

i bought these at daiso the other day in preparation for school (LoL). From the country that pretty much popularized the idea of cram schools. These are vocabulary flashcards, pre cut, pre-hole punched, in a cute format for $2.

So first day of school, was pretty much, the same, except, that there are a LOT OF PEOPLE?! When did the school get so damn bloated?

Also, i can’t look at cute guys at school anymore, since i am in my supposedly 4th year it’s more than likely that they are younger than me. Which makes me SO SAD! hahaha..

Funny story of the day: i am science student at an okay univeristy. So during class, a TA wrote her email address on the board; informing everyone that we’re free to email her. then someone raised their hand and asked “is this in all caps or all lower case?”




i decided to take a history course as an elective this year. It was a good idea since i am good at history and i like it a lot. The class i chose was reconstruction and Nixon’s era of American history. My favorite eras in history was Cold War and Napoleon. I wanted to study about Nixon all that fun stuff. However it was more than i bargained for, discussion groups and a lot of readings, which would be fine normally but i don’t want it to cut into my neuroscience studies.

so i dropped it, too bad.

Speaking of Neuroscience; my prof’s name is DOC SAVAGE

(Well his last name is Savage and he’s a doctor..)

yeah, that’s right.

Also there’s a good interview featuring the creator of the comme des garcon PLAY logo.

falll falll fallling

if you haven’t already noticed, i really like taking pictures holding cell phones. poor quality due to webcam but the colors are good i think.

i go to work usually with pretty good eye liner and mine isn’t the new fancy kind which doesn’t rub off mine RUBS OFF BAD!

so look at my eyes, it looks like L’s eyes after an 8 hour shift.

i’m starting school tomorrow, if you want to know my mentality it’s more or less like a child kicking and screaming before the first day of school or a cat scratching your face off if you’re trying to give it a bath or take it to the vet…

along those lines, yeah.

tired, ok, follow me on twitter

Saturday People

BLUE RIBBON! –> LOL, it’s cheap..and i like domestic beer. I don’t care if my friends make fun of me *__* I can’t afford heineken!

Drove down to the casino so we could (well i could) take the new train to the airport! I got off at the wrong station and was separated from my friend =_= I had to wait 10 minutes in the dark night ALONE! While everyone on the train laughed.. “HaHA SHE DIDNT MAKE IT!!”

Apparently the train is made in korea~~ now we can re-enact all our favorite korean drama scenes, esp the ones from my sassy girl :D

doesnt it look like the talking tree in Pocahontas??

My friend had a coupon for the new ANGRY WHOPPER!

Ended the night with some kick the can!

outfit if anyone cares: Shoes – Vans. Pants - Vena Cava x GAP Tshirt - Beard & Bangs Cardigan - random Bracelet – present from inner mongolia :D Necklace – Vivienne Westwood

good looking street accessories

i think FASHION SNAP is my favorite japanese street fashion photography website! Because it has less of the usual “weird” and “unique” outfits that you may see murdered by people like gwen stefani and more of the well executed everyday basics that could be fashionable in any city in the world! The site is also great because they actually have links for certain brands instead of just listing them. Very useful if you have a certain brand in mind and might want to see some of their goods.

And Just good looking boys (and well dressed!) :D Here are some of my faves :D

Click on the photo to go to the original page.

i love the jacket and the bike, it says it’s from American Apparel but i’ve never seen anything so non-metro sexual there before. He looks like he is…strong but very sensitive! Probably would catch him reading novels at a bookstore!

Looks like he’s well prepared for the winter! A hippy look without going too far. Ironic that he rolls his pants while wearing such a thick scarf, totally something that I would do! I also really like the accessories he has on his belt. He looks like he is the type that would go to a poetry reading, also probably enjoys napping more than anything else. Only has to go outside if necessary.

yellow shorts are hard to pull off, not to mention SUCH short shorts. He does it with cleanliness and ease! Also like the new balance and the good looking size headphones. He looks like he is … easy to talk to and probably knows a lot of good record stores and indie bands. Or perhaps he likes rap.

Asian people should not dye their hair blonde!! which is the usual case. but it looks natural and effortless here. I also like the extra black shorts which doesn’t make him look stout, but goes well with the batman tshirt. With anything else, the tshirt would have looked too small/tight but it balances well with the longer shorts. He looks like he is..good at basketball!

Cool looking gaijin. He wears a lot of dark colors but without looking bland. Using a lot of diffrent textures and materials (the scarf and the leather jacket) can bring together the over all look. Also love the light mustard yellow bag, something neutral but colorful! He looks like he is ..good at drinking, and will probably challenge you anytime!

Very clean cut! I normally do not agree with the rolled pants x socks showing. But he does it reallllly well here, probably because his socks has a blue and yellow stripe which can be seen right below the cuff of the kakhis. I also like his hair style and glasses. his outfit was probably also the cheapest! Saving money but not style :D He looks like he is … the cool guy everyone wants to befriend, probably also a good listener.